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• 8/20/2018

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• 6/6/2018

Wiki Anniversary Avatars

Happy 10th Anniversary, everyone! As a special anniversary present to all the awesome Kung Fu Panda fans/followers here on the wiki and its social media accounts, I've prepared a batch of Kung Fu Panda-themed avatars (, featuring the main and supporting characters of the first film. Feel free to use them on your wiki and social media profiles to celebrate 10 years of Kung Fu Panda!
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• 4/23/2018

Staff Openings

Hi all, just a heads-up that I'll be on the lookout for some new wiki staff. The former staff were all inactive for too long, so they were recently removed and now some spots have opened up.
Currently I'm prioritizing rollbacks and thread moderators. (Not looking for chat moderators because I never see the chat box being used. Still a nice feature to have though, which is why I haven't simply disabled it yet.) Criteria for each has been detailed below. I've also recently updated the "How to be promoted" section of the wiki administration page with more general criteria.
Not doing anything too formal about this - no applications, eliminations, time frames or the like. Just brief background & activity checks, and then just going by my best judgment in my own time.
If anyone is interested and meets good standards of the criteria, please let me know (either in this thread or on my wall). Again, no apps, but you'll be put on a short list. After that, I'll discern when the appropriate time to appoint people will be. Let me also know if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks! --§ρøττεδςταrღ(talk)
Looking for at least 2 people
Edits actively on the wiki (quality mainspace edits, not spamming user page edits and the like) for at least a couple of weeks
No history of spam/vandalism on this or any other wiki
No history of previous staff termination a plus
Basic understanding of how the rollback button works, especially:
Knowing the difference between a troll edit and a good-faith edit
Rollback experience on other wikis not required, but a plus
Rollback troll edits - basically keep any spam/vandalism at bay
Thread moderators
Looking for at least 1 person
Edits actively on the wiki (quality mainspace edits, not spamming user page edits and the like) for at least a month
No history of spam/vandalism on this or any other wiki
No history of previous staff termination a plus
Knows how the wiki forums work as far as functions and content
Gets along well with other users; i.e. doesn't start heated arguments, knows how to maturely conduct (or possibly intervene in) a conversation/debate
Moderating experience on other wikis not required, but a plus
Remove comments that break any forum rules (off-topic, short "Yes I agree" posts, etc.)
Edit comments for formatting purposes, stating somewhere (on the comment itself or in the thread's first post) that you made edits
Move threads that have been posted in the wrong board
Close threads that have finished conversations, no activity, or are being moved elsewhere
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• 6/30/2016

Wikia's 4th Annual Battle of the Fantasy Foods

Hi everyone. In case you don't follow Wikia's blog, they're going to be hosting their annual "Battle of the Fantasy Foods" competition again. I was thinking Kung Fu Panda, being about a food-loving panda, might be a good contender for it. :)
I've previously considered having this wiki participate in past years, but I had my doubts on our fandom's foods going up against big ones like SpongeBob's krabby patties, Steven Universe's cookie cats, and Harry Potter's butterbeer. But if enough people here want to do it, I'd be happy to sign this wiki up for it. Win or lose, I think it'll be fun!
If we're going to enter, we also need some ideas on what food to submit. We can submit as many as we'd like, but only one can be kept per wiki community. It also needs to be something that's defining for our fandom, so I was thinking Po's "Dragon Warrior Dumplings" or Mr. Ping's "Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup". Any other ideas?
Please leave your vote, ideas, and any other comments below. The deadline for signing up I believe is July 14, so I'll wait 'til sometime that week (or sooner, depending on how much feedback is submitted) to decide on whether or not this wiki will participate.

APPROVE WIKI PARTICIPATION IN COMMUNITY EVENTCast your vote on this topic by copy-pasting into your comment one of the code options from the list below. You are granted only one vote, but you may change your vote at any time during the voting period, as well as submit any questions or comments you may have on the topic. Please remember to adhere to all discussion rules.
OPENS: June 30, 2016
CLOSES: July 11-13, 2016
Voting Options

You are voting in favor of the proposed topic.

You are voting against the proposed topic.

You wish to remain neutral and abstain from voting on the topic.

You wish to make a comment on the proposed topic.

You wish to pose a question on the proposed topic.
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• 10/9/2015

NEW Board: Kung Fu Panda News

I've recently created a new discussion board in the Wiki Forums called Kung Fu Panda News. This board is specifically for posting about any recent news related to the Kung Fu Panda franchise. In light of recent KFP media, this board will likely fill up with topics related to Kung Fu Panda 3, Secrets of the Scroll, "Panda Paws", and Showdown of Legendary Legends, but more new KFP stuff is sure to come in the future (comics, promo merchandise, maybe LoA or potential future KFP series episodes, etc.).
In the past, we've been "reporting" this new information by updating our articles, maybe mentioning it in the article comments, and making one or two threads about it in the General Discussion board. We've also been posting about it on the wiki's social media, which can be viewed from the feeds we keep on the wiki's homepage and Recent Activity page. However, in the hopes of increasing/enhancing discussion here on the wiki itself, I think it'll be much more convenient and useful to have it all in its own spot in the Forums.
So from now on, if anyone (not just staff) finds any recent KFP news and wants to share it with the community (and it hasn't been posted yet), feel free to post about it in the new board! :)
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• 8/10/2015

JavaScript Temporarily Disabled

Due to recent security issues at Wikia and a few select wikis (ours not included), this wiki (and all other wikis) has its JavaScript switched off. This action is temporary, though there has been no specified time frame yet. I'll be updating this thread if anything shows up, but for now, some of the wiki's extra functions will be unable to work.
These specific JavaScript functions are currently disabled:

KFP3 countdown (it should now say "Countdown currently unavailable")
Spoiler banner functions (the banners themselves are still there, but by default are now permanently open and uncloseable)
Page spoiler warning
Main Page slider functions (it'll now open each slide's template page when clicked upon)
Header clock
"Edit summary" auto-filler box
Auto-refresh on Wiki Activity, new files lists, logs, watchlists, contribution lists, etc.
The show/hide button on some infoboxes and tables
Reference popups
Wiki staff tags
The "Back to Top" button in the bottom toolbar
A few others that shouldn't affect wiki activity here too much
EDIT: I also recently noticed that "verbatim" tags have also been disabled, which is the tag that converts extra code for widgets and modules, like our Twitter feed. These will also be disabled until further notice.

More info
Official Wikia announcement
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• 7/24/2015

6 Months to Go + KFP Invasion!

(Note: This is a message mainly directed to our social media followers, though it's also relevant to our active wiki editors as well.)
Hey fans! Dropping in for a super-awesome announcement today addressed to all of our readers and followers!
We're now almost 6 months away from Kung Fu Panda 3's January 29 release! Wahoo! :D As both a celebratory treat and a tool to help everyone with the wait, we're going to be sharing some awesome stuff from now until the film release--and maybe even after that, too!

What exactly are we talking about?
As we're sure you all know, we have a lot of information about the Kung Fu Panda franchise on our wiki; we essentially have our own palace-sized library of everything related to KFP. ;) With the upcoming release of the new film, we've been getting lots of new visitors here on the site itself, as well as on our social media. Some of these visitors are returning hardcore fans; some are hardcore fans that are new to our online community; some are fans that are new to both the franchise and our community; and some, fan or not, are just simply browsing our content.
We want to share our vast knowledge of the KFP franchise with all of these diverse visitors, while at the same time increasing hype for the upcoming film and the franchise in general. But just having a website full of information may be a bit too much to handle at once. So instead, we're breaking it apart and featuring it as small, fun-sized pieces (i.e. graphics), and then sharing it through the epic web of social media!

So how is this going to work?
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we'll be posting a graphic on our social media accounts that will feature content from our wiki. This will be anything from character info, film trivia, awesome quotes, and tons more. Our KFP library has so much to share, so there really are no limits for us!
We'll be starting out with one particular theme (which we'll be announcing via social media on Monday and then officially launching on Wednesday the 29th, the official 6-month mark for KFP3), and then gradually introduce others as time passes. We'll keep going until the new film's January 29 release, where hopefully our efforts have done well to accomplish our goals of increasing hype, expanding knowledge, and helping our fellow fans with the wait.

How can you help out?
Spread the word! We'll have hashtags featured on each of our graphics that you can use to help get the word out about Kung Fu Panda. Use these wherever available!
Share it with your friends and family! Show everyone you know that you're a die-hard KFP fan that loves all the amazing content that's been featured from the franchise.
Got questions? Feel free to ask us! We'll also be open to suggestions if you would like to submit any. What would you like to see in the next few months while we wait for Kung Fu Panda 3?
We can't wait to do this with all of you; it's going to be bodacious!
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• 6/13/2015

(UPDATED) Chinese KFP3 Teaser Trailer Leaked Online

UPDATE: Now that the English trailer has been released, all Chinese trailer related content is now permitted on this wiki. We will be continuing the use of the spoiler markers for Kung Fu Panda 3 related text for both trailers, but all images and videos will be unmarked.

This is a special announcement to all of our wiki community members, as well as any passers-by that will be browsing our content:

The news
It has been recently reported that the Chinese version of the Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer has already been released online. Because this release conflicts with DreamWorks Animation's recent countdown promos to the English version, the Chinese trailer is being considered as "leaked" information. According to our Spoiler Policy, any content from qualifying spoilers that has been considered "leaked" is automatically marked as spoilers on this wiki.

To keep our online community a spoiler-free environment, we will be implementing the following procedures to any spoiler content related to the Chinese trailer:

Ignoring all trailer-related content on social media, so everyone is welcome to safely keep following us on our accounts.
Deleting any non-masked images related to the trailer. For instructions on how to upload a masked image onto this wiki, see here.
Removing from articles any videos related to the trailer, primarily videos of the trailer itself. The trailer video will remain on this wiki, but because videos cannot be masked by default like images, we won't have them directly viewable on articles.
Marking spoiler text as usual via the spoiler markers. For instructions on how to use these, see here.
These changes will remain in effect until June 18, when the English teaser trailer is scheduled for debut.

If you have any comments/questions/suggestions/etc. about this news or these changes, please submit them below.
Thanks everyone! :)
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• 7/24/2014

NEW Feature: Wikia Maps

Hi, KFP fans! :) I'd like to take a brief moment to inform you all about a new feature Wikia has recently released in Wikia Labs called Maps.

Contents[show]What is it?
Maps is simply a special wiki feature with its own namespace (like "Thread:" or "File:", etc.) that allows the community to create and edit an image into an interactive map! This is accomplished by "pinning" information onto an image: from characters and locations, to items and events and more! I'm not sure if there will be a list of default categories to choose from, but we can also create our categories own with its own map symbol (which I'll be more than happy to design, if needed).
Though I haven't tried all of the features out myself yet, I've looked at them through Wikia's videos and examples and it seems to be in good shape for us to use here. If we do happen to run into a bug, however, we'll be able to help Wikia out with the feature by reporting bugs to them. :)

More info
Wikia's blog post announcement
An introductory wiki about the feature
The new Help page for the feature, which includes instructions to what kind of images we'll need, how they will be stored, etc.
Post your ideas!
The reason I posted about this was not just to let everyone know about it, but also to create a thread that everyone can share and talk about their ideas for this feature. There's a lot of stuff we could map for the KFP franchise: locations, important characters, objects of significant value, movie posters, etc. The categories for the maps are also endless in possibilities. Just from the few I listed above, we'll be able to get our maps filled up with tons of info!
Also, FYI: I haven't enabled the Maps feature on this wiki yet. I would like us to form a good list of ideas first before we jump into it.

To get the ideas rolling, here's how we can do this...
In a post, include the following:

An image that you think would make a good map. It doesn't have to be in full size now, though we should try and get a full-sized one in the future if we want to use it. Feel free to also give it a title if you want, though we can work out all of those details later if we need to.
A list of map categories (with one or two examples each). This will especially be useful in deciding what kind of icons we should have with our maps. I'll be able to determine which ones are popular, and then get started on making them.
From there, we can use the Forum's "Karma" feature to determine which ones the community likes. I don't think we should have a limit (yet) on how many maps we'll use for the Maps feature; as long as there's a good image with a good list of categories, then we should definitely use it.

Feel free to leave any questions about the Maps feature here in this thread. Let's get started! :D
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• 6/25/2013

Wikia's Upcoming Policy Changes

Hey everyone. Thought I would use the Forums for this so everyone is notified about it. (I'm also trying to work on migrating myself and everyone else away from blogs and into the forums. Let's see how it works out!)
This is important, and I believe we might be directly involved/affected/impacted sometime soon in the not-so-distant future. So hang tight and please continue reading... :)

Contents[show] Basic run-down
So, in case none of you stay updated on Wikia's blogs @ Community Central (I try and stay updated because I run a ton of stuff here), they recently made an announcement about some new changes being made to COPPA - the U.S. federal law Wikia (as a U.S. based company) is under that requires them to limit use of their website to those at least 13 years of age.
What is the change? I didn't read into all of the details, but basically, there's a new addition to what websites/operators are not allowed to collect or share publicly: IP addresses. For those of you familiar with wikis, you'll know that that's exactly how Wikia, Wikipedia, and anything else that uses MediaWiki software identifies anonymous contributors.

The sitch
Because of this change, Wikia is currently reviewing the way they handle communities that are (or possibly) directed to people 12 years of age or younger. They will be using a variety of criteria to look at wiki communities within this category (those they consider "high risk" to the new law change). If a wiki is considered high risk, Wikia will (in order to comply to federal law) be switching off anonymous editing and commenting for that wiki.
This wiki, I'm sure you'd all agree, is one such community with a topic and target audience directed primarily towards children, so there is a chance that we're going to be reviewed by Wikia at some point. My guess is that it'll be soon, but it seems like right now they're busy with reviewing larger communities (and are therefore at higher risk).
But, we don't need to panic over all of this. All it basically means is that contributors will need to have an account and login. Yes, it's contrary to the whole idea of a wiki being a website that "anyone can edit", but it's also important that laws are obeyed so we can actually have something to edit in the first place, right?
The law change will be going into effect July 1st, 2013, so I'm sure Wikia is currently going full-speed-ahead with this. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

In case it went over your head
Yes, this went over my head a little bit, too. But this comment, I believe, sums it all up:

If a website's "primary target audience is children", then the website operator may not collect identifying information from them.
IP addresses are regarded as identifying information.
Therefore, Wikia may not collect and share IP addresses from users of websites whose "primary target audience is children".
Since IP addresses are recorded as shared if you edit while logged out, wikis whose "primary target audience is children" trigger COPPA.
So, "Basically they disabled anon editing for all major wikias whose primary target audience is children." - as is necessary to comply with the law.
-- 452

More info
Here are some helpful links if you want know more:

The Wikia announcement
Wikia's Privacy Policy
Full PDF of the COPPA law
I'll also be posting updates here if I (or Wikia staff, or other users, or any of you) find out more. I'll be attending Wikia's upcoming webinar on Friday that will cover this topic, and I'll be sure to take notes on that.
And if you'd like, share your thoughts/opinions/questions here. That is all - thanks, everyone! :)
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• 5/27/2013

A Special Wiki Event

This thread documents archived material from a user blog.
The title, content, and some comments of this thread were copied over from a user blog as part of a community archiving project (more info). Some of its content may be outdated.You are welcome to continue posting comments on this topic.
Hello, my fellow KFP Wikians! :D So with today being the 2-year anniversary of Kung Fu Panda 2—Yeah, I know, it's already been two years. Time really does fly!—I thought I'd take the opportunity to announce another upcoming anniversary: the entire Kung Fu Panda franchise.
That's right—it's been nearly 5 years since the release of the first Kung Fu Panda film. 5 years of having a chubby, clumsy, kung-fu-fighting panda bounce all over the world on the big screen, television, in breathtaking art (both concept and fan-made), across the Web through fanon, videos, social networking sites, and a whole lot more. And, in this case most importantly, it's the reason we're all here as a community on this wiki. This, most definitely, calls for a celebration.
I've been technically planning out this celebration ever since the beginning of the year—the moment I realized that this summer would be the 5th anniversary. School and work kept getting in the way and I wasn't able to sort out the details, but then after finishing up the semester and rearranging my work schedule, I eventually got everything organized and (nearly) all-the-way planned out. Now I'm super excited to finally share it with everyone and put it into action! :)

Contents[show]Why is this even happening here?
Not only was the world exposed to the awesomeness of Po and his epic Kung Fu five years ago, but the fandom has also been in existence ever since. I feel like we, as fellow fans of the franchise and editors of the wiki dedicated to it, are almost obligated to celebrate. Although this is first and foremost a wiki and not a "fan club" (not in primary purpose, at least), we're still a community of people who love Kung Fu Panda; that's the reason I assume most (if not all) of you are here (and, for those who've been here for more than a year and contribute daily, are still here). I'm exactly the same way—I didn't just stick around this wiki for nearly 3 years volunteering all of those hours of my own life because I felt like I had to. I'm still here because I still love the franchise and still consider myself a hardcore fan.
And so, because of that, I want to join together with the rest of you in celebrating 5 awesome years of having this amazing franchise around!
On that same note, I also know for a fact that we're not the only ones celebrating. I lurk just about anywhere and everywhere on the web populated with KFP fans, and I've already seen fans talking about the 5-year anniversary and planning out what to do to celebrate. I invite everyone within those web communities to share with us your celebration plans, and to also consider joining us in ours! Whether you're a browser, a new user, or an active user who's been here for years; whether you've been a fan of the franchise since yesterday or since the very beginning; everyone is welcome to join us in this momentous occasion. :)

Tell me more about the event
Haha, yeah, it's about time I got around to that. :)

So what is it?
As the title indicates, this celebration is going to be "a special wiki event," meaning we're going to host it right here on the wiki. Honestly, if this was a real-life event (meaning this community actually was a fan club that regularly meets with each other in person), I would personally throw the biggest house party and go all-out on everything Kung Fu Panda and party related—and of course all KFP fans would be invited! Unfortunately, this is not the reality of things. There's only so much a website (and even more so a wiki) can do to celebrate something, but I still would like to do everything we possibly can!
This event is also going to be month-long. Yep, that means the entire month of June is going to be Panda Month! Why? While planning this event, I discovered there was going to be a lot happening this June—not just with the celebration, but other events like birthdays and holidays that we normally spotlight on our social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter. So because of this (and because this is a celebration of the entire franchise and its fanbase), I figured we'd do it justice to have something new happening each day of the entire month.
Having the event last so long also gave me inspiration for its name. Why have a name? Because it'll help get word out about the event easier (which is a key component that I explain in the last section). And so, I hereby officially dub this event:

30 Days of Kung Fu Panda
I know, it's like the cleverest name in the history of named events. But it's somewhat catchy and gets to the point, right? ;)
Basically the whole event is like a huge, online birthday party. We won't have some of the pleasures of a real-life party (like food), but we can still have decorations (through some of the graphics I made for the event—view an example of the event's theme on the wiki's Twitter page header), music (through the featured tracks from the films), and even activities! See the next section for more info...

What's in store?
I'm saving most of the specific details for when it's actually time to start the event on June the 1st, but I'll try to give a basic run-down of it:
The plan is to use the wiki's communication tools (user blogs, forums, the poll generator, etc.) and our social networking accounts to get everyone involved in a variety of online activities. ("Ooh, what kind of activities?") Well, like I mentioned in the previous section, there's only so much a website can do. So unfortunately that means there won't be any piñata-bashing, "Spin the Bottle" or "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". But here's some of the stuff we can do and what's currently on the event's itinerary:

Daily polls
Daily updates to interactive blogs ("interactive" meaning some kind of central question or request involving your opinion)
Daily article spotlights
A televised event (the Daytime Emmys)
Chinese holidays
Some other random stuff
(Got an idea for something else? Share it in the comments!)
The whole point of having any kind of celebration (in most cases, at least) is to get people involved and to have a good time—that's precisely my goal with this event. I want everyone to have fun with this celebration, and to also share that fun with those who haven't yet experienced the awesomeness of Kung Fu Panda yet.

What can I do to help?
I would still like this celebration to be the biggest "house party" Kung Fu Panda celebration on the web, but the only way we can do that is with people. Here are three basic ways to help out with this event:

Get the word out. This event is exclusively online; therefore, we are dependent on getting word out through social networking and other technological means. We live in such an age where we are surrounded by technology and information; we can communicate with people all around the world in a matter of seconds, and whatever we put on the Internet can spread like wildfire. Post/share/like/tweet/retweet/tag/blog/reblog/comment/rate/etc. anything about Kung Fu Panda, this event, the celebration, and word will definitely get out there.
Give feedback. Also part of the reason for making this entire announcement is to see what your thoughts and ideas are about it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or input or whatever else about this, or if you have any ideas about what else we could do during the event.
Participate. This is self-explanatory. When we officially start, show your support for the franchise and/or for the wiki by participating in our activities. :)
Those three will just about cover it, but if there's anything else you think you'd like to help out with, just let me know!

Whew! Hopefully you survived through all of that. Didn't mean for this blogpost to be a novel, but that's how it turned out. :P
More details on the event will come on the 1st day of the event (June 1). And again, any questions/comments/ideas/etc. about this, leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to look over them.
I hope you're all excited about this event—I know I am! Long live Kung Fu Panda! :D
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