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Featured fanon series

Elements of Life is a collection of one-shots written by Sjabloon:User, using characters and places in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The stories are to be read leisurely and in no particular order, although they are arranged chronologically to make navigation easier. There is no concrete plot, but each story is inspired by a particular experience in the author's life. Regarding the actual content, some stories stand alone with no ties to the canon story, while others explore the thoughts of characters in scenes from the show. Each one-shot varies in genre from drama to humor to romance; some are dark, others are light.

Already nominated twice for featured fanon series, Elements of Life has achieved strong, consistent scores in every Sjabloon:AW review, and also achieved its first Sjabloon:F award in the middle of September 2012. The author, Typhoonmaster always get props from other users for the amazingly poetic and unique style that he has.


Featured fanon article

Deck the Halls! is a comedy one-shot written by Sjabloon:User, following Team Avatar as they celebrate Christmas. Full of comedy and pop culture references, it is also amazingly well-written, understandable, and very unique, just a few of the reasons it was nominated to be the featured fanon article. If you can't wait to read it, what's stopping you? Just make sure nobody is around or they will think something is wrong because you will be laughing so hard!


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