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This article is about the pandas who healed Oogway in a flashback in Kung Fu Panda 3. For more uses, see Pandas.

The ancient pandas are the giant pandas that once resided in Panda Village five hundred years prior to Kung Fu Panda 3. They used their knowledge of chi to heal Oogway, as well as teach him about chi.


Though none of the ancient pandas' names were mentioned, there were at least eleven present when Oogway and Kai visited the village.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda 3

When the two powerful warlords and brother-in-arms Oogway and Kai were ambushed and Oogway was badly wounded, Kai carried Oogway for days through many harsh conditions seeking for help and eventually managed to discover the hidden village of pandas. The ancient pandas agreed to use the power of chi to save Oogway from the brink of death and fascinated by the power, the ancient pandas taught both Oogway and Kai but Kai wanted the power all to himself and discovering the technique to steal chi from others, stole some of the ancient pandas chi but was stopped by Oogway, who battled and defeated him, presumably returning any panda who lost their chi back to normal.


It is unknown what happened to the ancient pandas after the battle between Oogway and Kai, though it is presumed they continued to live peacefully in their village.

At some point, their knowledge of chi was failed to be carried down through their generations, resulting in the newest generation of pandas not knowing about it.


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Oogway was saved by the ancient pandas using chi and the ancient pandas trusted him enough to teach him how to harness the power of chi. Unlike Kai, Oogway truly cared for the ancient pandas to the point that he was willing to battle Kai despite how close their brotherly bond were when he attacked and stole the chi of some of the pandas. It was the experience that eventually turned Oogway into the benevolent but mighty Kung Fu Master that would be beloved and respected and admired by all in China.


Although the ancient pandas trusted Kai enough to train him along with Oogway in the ways of Chi, Kai apparently felt no loyalty or care for them. While it is possible he was grateful for them saving Oogway, who he saw as a brother, such feelings had clearly vanished and was overcome by his desire for more power and he had no qualms stealing their chi for himself. This ultimately led to Oogway banishing Kai into the spirit realm.


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