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Po: “My fist hungers for justice! (stomach belches) That was my... fist.
Boss Wolf: “Get 'em!
—The beginning of the battle, Kung Fu Panda 2

The Battle of Artisan Village was the struggle between Po and the Furious Five and the invading pack of wolves, who were being led by Boss Wolf in stealing all of the Artisan Village's metal.


Boss Wolf and his pack were robbing the metal of Musicians' Village to use for Lord Shen's cannons. When he heard that Po was the Dragon Warrior, he said, "The panda? That's impossible!" because he and his wolves had supposedly neutralized the threat of the pandas. Mocking Po's fat body and his fluffiness, he was surprised by Po's agility. After the rest of his pack had been defeated, he charged at Po with his hammer and struck a hard blow to his face when the panda was distracted by the symbol on his arm. Boss Wolf escaped, laughing.


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