The bell tower is a tall hill near the Jade Palace with a bell structure on top.


The bell structure consists of two studded bells held opposite each other in a wooden frame. A wooden beam is hung between them, and is used to ring the bells when swung by two pigs.



Though unconfirmed, it is assumed that the bell tower was created alongside the construction of the Jade Palace nine hundred years ago by the grateful citizens of the Valley of Peace. Like a common bell tower, it was most likely built to signify the time, demonstrated in the original movie by being rung in the morning.

In Kung Fu Panda

The bell atop the bell tower is only shown to ring one time throughout the film, in which the Furious Five displayed their formed habit of being prepared for the day's training by appearing out of their rooms simultaneously and reciting to Master Shifu, "Good morning, Master!"


  • While it doesn't appear in Kung Fu Panda 2, the bells can briefly be heard when word of invaders infiltrating the nearby Artisan Village reaches the Jade Palace.
  • The bell tower was once a playable location in the virtual online game Kung Fu Panda World. The bell atop the steep hill rang every one hour, notifying a celebration going on at the Jade Palace. It also could be manually rung by the player—once clicked on, it would ring loud enough to release strong vibrations that made the player's character and everyone else around them shake.



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