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Big Fun is a resident of the secret panda village in Kung Fu Panda 3. He is voiced by Wayne Knight.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda 3

Big Fun was one of the panda villagers who met Po when he first arrived at the village. Though not knowing Po at all, he immediately greeted him with a hearty hug as if they were life-long friends. Throughout the film, Big Fun continued to show this hugging tendency, even randomly joining a hug between Po and Li during a quiet moment in Li's hut.

When news of Kai's threat came, Big Fun was trained by Po to turn his hugging "talent" into fighting prowess, and Big Fun managed to fight off some of Kai's jombies. When Po was fighting Kai in the Spirit Realm, Big Fun was among those who used their chi to help him defeat Kai and return to the mortal world.

Later, Big Fun was shown training under Po at the Jade Palace arena with the other pandas.


Big Fun is a definite hugger, and seems prone to spontaneously hug others with a childlike joy, including strangers and enemies. He also seems oblivious to situations, cheerfully hugging in extreme danger or during somber moments between others.

At the end of the third film however, he displayed rather unprecedented flaunting smile as he practiced kung fu at the Jade Palace.

Fighting style and abilities

Big Fun uses his hugging "skills" to fight much like a wrestler. Being a presumably strong panda, he is capable of gripping enemies and overpowering them in his hold.



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