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This article is about the villain from Secrets of the Scroll. You may be looking for the character from Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Master Boar.
I am Boar! I am unstoppable! I am invis... insiv... I AM BOAR!
  —Boar, Secrets of the Scroll  

Boar is the main antagonist of Secrets of the Scroll who set his sights on the Valley of Peace wanting to battle Shifu.


In Secrets of the Scroll

The Boar's imminent arrival in the Valley was made known to Shifu and Oogway some time beforehand, and Shifu was preparing to battle him. However, after becoming ill due to eating improperly prepared food, he assigned Tigress to recruit four warriors to help fight the threat. However, due to a mixup, Tigress came to believe that Mantis, Monkey, Crane, and Viper were the warriors Shifu had sent her to collect. As such, he prepared to face the Boar himself, only for the five young warriors to unexpectedly prove themselves by defeating the Boar. With the villain's defeat, his conquerors became the Furious Five.


Boar is a scary, violent, heartless, destructive, and temperamental individual, taking delight in facing and defeating Kung fu masters with no apparent motive beyond his own amusement. He is also highly egotistical, self-centered, and manipulative, being very fond of yelling his own name out loud, but not very intelligent, as demonstrated by his difficulty in pronouncing long words and apparent inability to adapt his fighting style.

Fighting style

From what little is seen of him, Boar's fighting style seems to be based heavily on brute strength and solid defense. Despite lacking the apparent discipline of a Kung Fu Master, his raw power and durability compensated for this as evident by his ability to not only defeat several masters, but also take a significantly powerful punch from Tigress without any apparent injury.

However, as evident from his fight with the Five, he is unable to deal with faster and more agile fighters, whose speed rendered his strength effectively useless.


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