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Boss Wolf: “It's almost done, Lord Shen, but we've run out of metal.
Lord Shen: “Search the farthest villages. Find more metal! China will be mine...
—While manufacturing Shen's cannons

Bunny Child: “The Dragon Warrior!
Boss Wolf: “The panda? That's impossible!
—After Po and the Five's rescue entrance

Chew on that, tubby!
—Boss Wolf to Po after hammering him in the face

Boss Wolf: “Lord Shen! I saw a panda!
Lord Shen: “A panda?!
Boss Wolf: “A kung fu warrior. It fought like a demon! Big and furry, soft and squishy, kinda plush and cuddly.
—In Shen's throne room after the village raid

Po: “You! You're mine!
Boss Wolf: “I'll tell you what's gonna be yours: my fist in your plush, cuddly, super-soft face!
—Confronting each other in Gongmen Jail

Boss Wolf: “Is that all you got? 'Cause it feels like I'm fighting a big, old, fluffy cloud!
Po: “Well, this cloud is about to bring the thunder!
—While fighting on a rickshaw cart

Boss Wolf: “Spread out! Search everywhere!
Wolf Guard: “What about over there?
Boss Wolf: “Is there a part of everywhere?
Wolf Guard: “Uh, yeah?
Boss Wolf: “Then search there!
—After losing Po and the Five

Guess nobody told you: If you mess with the wolf, you get the fangs.
—Boss Wolf to Po

Shen: “Call in the wolves! All of them! I want them ready to move! The Year of the Peacock begins now!
Boss Wolf: “Right now? 'Cause its the middle of the year, so you'd only get, like, a half of the Year of the Peacock.
[Shen brandishes a blade.]
Boss Wolf: “And this is the Year, of course, of the Peacock. Happy New Year, sir!
—While planning on moving the army

Shen: “Fire! Fire at them!
Boss Wolf: “But sir, we'll kill our own!
Shen: “I said fire at them! FIRE!
[He pauses, then throws his torch down.]
Boss Wolf: “No.
—Boss Wolf protesting Shen before being cast off the boat

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From Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game

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