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Po: What's chi?
Shifu: The energy that flows through all living things.
  —Shifu teaching Po about chi, Kung Fu Panda 3  

Chi (pronounced "CHEE") refers to a spiritual energy found in living things in the Kung Fu Panda universe.[1] It is presumably a power associated with kung fu. Though it resides in all living things, those who have exhibited the closest connection and the largest concentration of chi are the giant pandas of the secret panda village.


Chi comes in numerous colors in the series, but in general "good chi" is depicted as being golden while "dark chi" appears green (as demonstrated by Kai and Jindiao).[1]


In Kung Fu Panda

Oogway using chi against Tai Lung

In a flashback, when Tai Lung was raging against the town (from not being chosen to be the dragon warrior) he tried to take the dragon scroll Oogway had to stop him with a Chi-based nerve attack.

When the Furious Five thought they could take down Tai Lung and fought him when he finished them he used the same ability but in a different style.

In Kung Fu Panda 3

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As shown in a scroll detailing the past, when Oogway was badly injured, a medicinal Panda village used Chi to bring him back from the brink of death. After healing, Oogway stayed with the Pandas to learn this new power, but his brother-in-arms, Kai, grew envious and wanted the power all to himself for darker machinations. Oogway did not let this come to pass, and remorsefully banished his former friend to the Spirit Realm.

500 years later, Kai returns and Po and Li both go to the hidden Panda village so that Po may learn this gift and use it to defeat Kai. However, Li Shan reveals that he lied -- over the centuries, the Pandas have forgotten how to use the technique.

Tigress and the panda villagers using their chi

During the final battle with Kai in the Spirit Realm, Li Shan, the Pandas, the Furious Five and even Mr. Ping tap into their Chi and assist Po from the outside, giving him the ability to release his inner dragon. After a short battle, Po projects it into Kai, who happily accepts it. However the sheer influx of the massively ​powerful chi spirit, combined with the chi he had stolen from the other masters, begins to overwhelm him, freeing the imprisoned Kung Fu masters and destroying the yak in a burst of golden energy.

Upon his return from the Spirit Realm, Po began teaching the secret of chi to his friends, family, fellow masters, and the Valley citizens. Their combined chi resonated in a golden wave that made the flowers around the Valley bloom.

In The Paws of Destiny

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