The Chih Kuan Crane Clan is a clan of cranes from Mongol Daguur in Mongolia. They are credited as the constructors and guardians of the Thread of Hope.[1]


Seven hundred years prior to the events of the first film, the Chih Kuan Crane Clan was in constant conflict with the Black Steel Flying Lizards from the Cliffs of Anguish. They requested the assistance of Master Oogway, and with his help, they were finally able to defeat their enemies (noted as the Battle of Burning Sky at the Hour of the Rat). Feeling indebted to him, the grateful Crane Clan helped make Oogway's dream of providing a safe haven for the soft and weak come true by creating a thousand-mile rope bridge, which guaranteed safe passage into the Valley of Peace.


The Crane Clan's design of the Thread of Hope

The Chih Kuan Crane Clan designed the bridge so that it can only permit single-file traffic, and to be quickly and easily destroyed if a threat were detected by cutting the support ropes. These designs being, armies cannot easily get into the Valley but would instead be spotted miles away by the Clan's ever-vigilant scouts.[1]

There is nothing else known about this Clan or what became of them after the events in Kung Fu Panda with the partial destruction of the bridge as a result of the Furious Five's battle with Tai Lung. It is assumed, being the original constructors and consistent scouts of the bridge, that they eventually came to help rebuild it.


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The Black Steel Flying Lizards

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  • The Chih Kuan Crane Clan likely consists of white-naped cranes, which are one of many globally endangered species that host their breeding grounds on the wetlands of the Mongol Daguur steppe.[2]


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