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The Chinese Pangolin is a pangolin who appears in the story "Let the Fur Fly" from comic Kung Fu Panda Issue 4. He is the guardian of the Forest of Isolation.


In Kung Fu Panda Issue 4

When Tigress falls seriously ill as the result of a bandit's poisoned blade, Po is enlisted to retrieve the botongy plant which can only be found in the Forest of Isolation. After a hazardous journey, Po reaches the Forest of Isolation, and quickly locates the plant. However, before he can take it, the Chinese Pangolin leaps down from a tree and confronts the panda. Refusing to let Po leave with the plant, the pangolin challenges Po to fight, which for Po proves easier said than done due to the pangolin's body being covered in plates, rendering melee attacks useless.

Fortunately Po notes the sticky mushrooms growing all over the forest, and using the guise of continuously attempting to physically attack the pangolin began spreading mushroom goop all over the pangolin's body. Arrogant, the pangolin did not move during the entire battle, and eventually questioned Po as to why he persisted. After explaining that he had a friend who was counting on him and that he didn't plan on letting her down, Po revealed his true intentions: he used his 'attacks' to fill the pangolin's plate with the mushrooms to immobilize him, which the pangolin discovered to his horror when he tried to move. Because he would have to wait for the rain (which only fell once every seven days in the forest) to wash the goop away, the pangolin was rendered completely helpless as Po claimed the botongy plant. After explaining that the greatest defence was not a greater defence, but rather the ability to problem solve, Po left with the plant.


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