The Cliffs of the Great Awakening are a set of cliffs that mark the end of the Valley of Peace. They overlook the mist-choked depths of the bottomless chasm in the Mountain Pass, spanned only by the Thread of Hope.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda


The cliffs overhead

When Tai Lung escaped from prison and began his journey back to the Valley of Peace, the Furious Five took it upon themselves to defeat the snow leopard. After days of traveling, they eventually intercepted Tai Lung at the Cliffs of Great Awakening and fought to keep him from reaching the Valley.

They attempted to cut the bridge ropes to prevent Tai Lung from approaching, but when this failed, Tigress ended up battling Tai Lung alone for a time while her comrades held up the severed ropes. Tai Lung soon gained the upper hand, and Viper and Crane ended up charging forward to aid their friend. They were soon joined by Monkey, while Mantis struggled to hold up the bridge and its occupants by himself. The Furious Five worked together to beat Tai Lung, and eventually wrapped him up in one of the ropes and sent him tumbling down into the abyss. Mantis then pulled his friends back on the cliff side to safety.

Just when it seemed that they were victorious, Tai Lung swung back up on one of the ropes and landed behind the Five, taking them by surprise. Tai Lung then paralyzed them all with a nerve attack, leaving Crane to carry his friends back to the Jade Palace in order to strike fear into the hearts of the current residents.





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