The Cloud Hammer is a large, sledgehammer-like weapon with curly cloud designs etched into the handle and head. Its previous and only known wielder was Master Thundering Rhino.[1]


The Cloud Hammer is a large hammer consisting of a large stone block attached to a thick pole, and earns its name from the swirling cloud patterns carved into its surface. After Thundering Rhino's death, the hammer had a corner broken off by the cannon that killed him, and Shen had a red ribbon tied to the pole upon making it a trophy.



The Cloud Hammer is said to be "legendary", although the legend behind the hammer is currently unknown. It is also unknown how its previous wielder, Master Thundering Rhino, acquired it in the first place. Since then, however, Thundering Rhino had used this weapon on multiple occasions when engaged in battle. One such occasion was his single-handed victory against the Ten Thousand Serpents of the Valley of Woe.

The hammer is described to have an "unbeatable attack" that allows its wielder to take on large groups of attackers and emerge victorious. Thundering Rhino had done so many times and had built his own legend upon it.[2]

In Kung Fu Panda 2


The Hammer mounted in the palace courtyard

Thundering Rhino was carrying the hammer the day Lord Shen returned to the palace after decades of exile. After defeating Masters Storming Ox and Croc, Shen attacked Rhino, who was able to deflect all of the peacock's throwing knives with his hammer and horn. Rhino was eventually able to knock Shen back several feet with a powerful thrust of his hammer, destroying the remainder of his knives in the process.

Sadly, the hammer, despite its might and legendary power, was not enough to spare its wielder from a tragic fate. When Shen unveiled his cannon, Thundering Rhino prepared for further combat, but was killed by the first cannonball. After its owner's death, the hammer (which was somewhat chipped and scorched from the cannon) was mounted in the palace courtyard as both a trophy and a warning to those who dared to defy him.

It is unknown about the hammer's current location, though the hammer may have been moved to a more honorable place as a memorial after Shen's defeat.

In Showdown of Legendary Legends

The hammer appears as a gameplay object, where once picked up, it gives the player temporary use of the weapon. The hammer possesses a high amount of attack power.





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