From Kung Fu Panda

Crane: “Look, you don't belong here.
Po: “I know. I know. You're right. I just—my whole life I've dreamed of--
Crane: “No no no, I meant you don't belong here—I mean, in this room. This is my room. Property of Crane.
—Crane sharing a conversation with Po

Shifu: “[Sees Po stuck in a split and gestures to Crane.] Help him.
Crane: “Oh dear. [He moves behind Po and grabs the edge of his pants.]
Po: “Okay, move me on three. One, two-- [He is yanked out of the split.] Ah. Thank you.
Crane: “Don't mention it.
Po: “No really, I appreciate--
Crane: “Ever.
—In the Training Hall courtyard

From Legends of Awesomeness

Master Shifu, can we take five so I can go sterilize my beak with hot coals?
—Crane after being sneezed by Tigress, "Scorpion's Sting"

From Art of Balance

Stop flapping your mouth and start flapping your wings.
—Crane's quote from the bio

From Kung Fu Panda 2

Crane: “So that was 'stealth mode', huh?
Po: “To be honest, not one of my stronger modes.
—While infiltrating Gongmen City

Monkey: “At the first sight of trouble, I'll give you a signal. Ka-kaw! Kee-kee!
Po: “You mean like Crane does?
Monkey: “Yeah.
Crane: “Excuse me, when have I ever made that noise?
—While breaking into Gongmen Jail

Tigress: “ [to Po] The hardcore do understand, but I can't watch my friend be killed. [She pauses, then turns to the other Five.] We're going.
Crane: “Hey, uh, maybe you can't watch me be killed?
Tigress: “Stop being a wimp.
—In Gongmen Jail

Wings of Justice— KA-KAW!
—During the Gongmen Harbor battle

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