[gasp] No way! And the cape Master Croc used for... for... Well I don't know what he used it for, but let me tell you something: it made him look really cool.
  Po while exploring the new Masters' Council exhibit, Secrets of the Masters  

Croc's cape is a fashionable cape once worn by Croc. It was briefly seen in Secrets of the Masters as part of the new Masters' Council exhibit in the Jade Palace's Hall of Warriors.


The cape is dark purple with a white Chinese emblem as its only detail.[1]



There is nothing else known about the cape other than that its only known owner was Croc, who presumably wore it as a fashion statement.

In Secrets of the Masters


Po admiring the cape

The cape was one of the artifacts which Po marveled over when he and Tigress infiltrated the Masters' Council exhibit one night. Though Po didn't know exactly what Croc had used the cape for, he stated that it "made him look really cool".

During Po's story of the younger Masters Thundering Rhino, Storming Ox and Croc, Croc was wearing the cape during his entrance, in a manner similar to that of a modern day wrestler. He removed the cape before the three-way battle with Rhino and Ox, but was seen wearing it again during their meeting with Oogway almost immediately after. The cape was not seen again from that point onwards, though at one point while gathered around a campfire, Croc told his companions of his plans to use his reward from the journey to buy a castle with a rooftop balcony, where he could wave to his fans while wearing all his capes, implying that the purple cape was not the only one he owned.



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