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The Crocodile Sergeant (also known as the King Crocodile) is one of the minor antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: The Game. He is married to the Queen Crocodile and serves as her sergeant.


In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

Po was sent to a large lake to rescue the local tortoise villagers and their hatchling eggs from invading crocodiles. The Crocodile Sergeant and two of his minions spot him and sends them after him.

After Po fights off the crocodiles and succeeds in rescuing the tortoises and the eggs, he is sent to rescue one last one from the Queen Crocodile. Being accidentally awakened by Po, the Queen sends the Sergeant to stop him. Master Crane swoops in to rescue Po and the hatchling, while the Sergeant chases after them and throws vicious attacks at them. At the end of the river, Po, Crane, and the young turtle all pass over a waterfall and are able to fly to safety, while the Sergeant falls and disappears into the mist. His fate is unknown, though it can be assumed that he was killed.


Not much is known about the sergeant's personality, other than that he is loyal to the queen. However, he appeared to be quite relentless and manipulative in his pursuit of Po and Crane.


Crocodile Queen

Since the two were married, they probably had some kind of affection for one another, even though both were cruel and heartless. Other than that, not much is known, for the two were only in one level.

Fighting style

The sergeant did not show much kung fu in his fighting style, preferring to leap out of the water and lunge at the fleeing warriors with his jaws and tail.


The Sergeant wears similar armor to his subordinates.


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