Demon Mountain is a large, shadowy mountain that is home to ten-thousand demons. The mountain itself appears steep and dark with tall, narrow staircases leading up it. Tall gate-like structures are located on the path up. The mountain was featured in Po's dream during the opening sequence of Kung Fu Panda.


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In Kung Fu Panda


The Legendary Warrior with the Sword of Heroes facing the demons of Demon Mountain

The mountain's first and only appearance to date was during Po's dream in the beginning of the first film. The Legendary Warrior met up with the Furious Five and agreed to Monkey's proposal to "hang out". Before they had the chance though, they were confronted by the "Ten Thousand Demons of Demon Mountain". Po's dream ended almost immediately however, and the mountain is not seen again.

It is possible that the mountain was only a fragment of Po's imagination during the dream and that it does not really exist.



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