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I fought by his side. I loved him like a brother, and he... betrayed me. Well, now I will destroy everything he has created!
  Kai before attacking, Kung Fu Panda 3  

The Destruction of the Jade Palace was the confrontation between Kai and Jade Palace masters Shifu, Monkey, Tigress, and Viper in Kung Fu Panda 3 that resulted in the destruction of the palace, as well as Oogway's statue in the Master Garden. It was part of Kai's conquest in getting revenge from Oogway for "betraying" him in their past, and since then wanting to destroy the master's legacy and steal all the chi of his students.



Shifu, Monkey, Viper and Tigress had been receiving messages from other villages across China saying that their kung fu masters had vanished while they were guarding the Jade Palace. Monkey caught one sent from the Eastern Province and brought it to Shifu, informing them that Masters Lizard, Ox, and Eagle had vanished. Shifu came to the conclusion that every master in China had vanished, and that the reason was that Kai had taken their chi. As they walked to the Master Garden, Shifu being informed that the villagers had safely been evacuated and that they still hadn't heard from Crane and Mantis, Viper spotted them in the air. Unfortunately, they had both been jaded by Kai, much to Shifu's horror. The jombified Crane and Mantis landed on rocks on either side of the walkway as Kai entered, scraping his blades on the ground. Shifu verbally expressed his displeasure with Kai's presence in the area, and he responded by saying them grovelling at the feet of "Oogway the Magnificent" made them pathetic. Tigress told him he wasn't fit to speak his name, and he asked if that was true as he wrapped his chains around his arms, insulting Tigress by calling her a "little kitten" in the process. He pointed out that they were once great friends until he was betrayed, leading him to where he was in the present. He then said he would destroy everything Oogway created as he sent his blades flying forward.

The battle

The four masters leaped out of the way as Kai's blades stabbed the ground around the stairs, where he instantly pulled them back. Monkey attacked from above, and Kai sent him flying off to the side, his right blade slicing through the ground. Tigress ran toward him from the front, but he dodged her attempted blows by jumping over her. Viper moved through the chains of his blade and attempted a whip attack as Tigress re-entered the fray and jumped over Kai. Kai's blades got stuck in the ground as Tigress ran towards him, but he fended her off with a kick to the chest. Kai freed his blades and spun the right one in a circle to fend off Shifu as Monkey came back. Kai swung his left blade at him, but he missed and Monkey jumped into the air and attempted a face kick before Kai smacked him away with his other blade. He saw Shifu come back and he swung his blades at him, slicing up more of the ground as he dodged them. Kai threw his blades forward at Tigress, where they stabbed the rocks on either side of her. She jumped high into the air, ready to kick. Kai raised his blade over his head to try to block her, but Tigress's kick still hit him really hard, sending out a blast of chi across the area as Kai dropped his blades and fell to his knees.

The masters regrouped, ready for round two. Knowing that he couldn't defeat all of them at once, Kai sent jombie Crane forward, tackling Tigress and sending her crashing in front of the Oogway statue. Jombie Mantis broke the blade part of a stone axe off and sent it hurling towards Viper. Viper used her tail to smash it on the ground. As Kai got back on his feet and re-armed himself, Shifu ran forward and kicked him in the face. He threw one of his blades at him, but Shifu kicked it to the ground and pulled most of the chain away from Kai, leading to a tug-of-war between them. Shifu declared that he wouldn't let him destroy Oogway's legacy, but Kai asked why since he destroyed his.

As Tigress fought Jombie Crane, Monkey grabbed Jombie Mantis and attempted to reach out to his bestie, but all it did was get him beaten up by the jombified bug. Attempting to contain him with both his hands, he was sent toward the rest of the furious five, where Jombie Crane returned to a neutral stance as Mantis made Monkey punch Viper and Tigress.

Shifu jumped over Kai's blades as he swung them at him, one slicing across a stone wall. Shifu then punched them away, much to Kai's annoyance. Kai threw one of them at the Oogway statue, where Shifu jumped on it, making it stab the ground. He then ran across the chain and jumped into the air, ready to land another blow. As Kai swung his blades, preparing to attack again, he exposed the chi amulet of Oogway, which caught Shifu off gaurd. Kai noticed it before Shifu could regain his focus, and he struck Shifu in the chest with his blade, knocking him out of the air and sending him crashing against the base of the Oogway statue.

Seeing everyone distracted, Kai ordered Jombie Crane and Mantis to bring Monkey and Viper closer to him. They both complied, and Kai stole both of their chis while simultaneously retracting Crane and Mantis, laughing as he added them to his chain belt. Tigress attempted to re-engage, but Shifu ordered her to warn Po instead. Kai sent his blade at them before they could continue any further, separating them. Kai then wrapped his chains around the Oogway statue, with the blades acting as anchors to keep them in place. Filling the chains with power, Kai broke the statue off its foundation and flung it through the air. Shifu could only watch as Kai sent the statue crashing through the Jade Palace, destroying it. His chain blades unwrapped themselves from the statue as it went out the other side, where it broke into pieces and crashed into the valley below.


As countless torn pages of wisdom rained down around the area, Shifu accepted his failure and asked that Oogway forgive him. Kai slowly approached, taunting Shifu by asking Oogway's amulet if he forgave him. Shifu boldly told Kai that despite the Jade Palace's destruction, he would not be victorious and that someone would stop him. Kai thought he was talking about Po, so he informed Shifu that while his chi was strong, it wouldn't be enough and that he and all pandas would meet the same fate as him as he took his chi. Tigress watched from a distance as Kai finished absorbing her master and grew stronger than ever. Seeing the scroll about Kai and the panda village in front of her, she grabbed it and set out to find and warn Po.


  • The destruction of the Jade Palace is noted by Kung Fu Panda 3 visual effects supervisor Mark Edwards to be "one of the most complex destruction shots ever done at the studio, based on the number of assets. Plus, emotionally, it's just huge."[3]
  • Due to the vast number of technical demands of the destruction sequence, the Jade Palace had to be completely rebuilt from scratch. Upgrades to the new palace include its model pieces and surfacing, using twenty assets for its exterior; four main rigid body simulations excluding debris, grit, and dust; and 216,989 dynamic rigid bodies, with a total of 1.98 million constraints in between them.[4]
  • Exactly 6,837 fractured pieces were broken off of the palace in its destruction.[4]



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