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The Dragon Grotto is a large cavern located at the top of a set of falls near the Jade Palace. It is here that Master Shifu often comes to meditate.[1] In the center of the cavern is a large statue of a Chinese dragon.



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In Legends of Awesomeness

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In Kung Fu Panda 2


Shifu demonstrating inner peace

Shifu was seen practicing his inner peace by literally carrying a tiny water droplet and placing it on a plant. Here he introduced Po to inner peace and told him that all masters needed to accomplish this goal. Just as Po readied up to learn this skill, he was interrupted by Tigress who informed him of a bandit attack on the Artisan Village.

The grotto made another appearance several days later, when during a stormy night, Shifu suddenly had a vision of Po being blasted by a cannon. Realizing that something terrible had happened, Shifu traveled to Gongmen City himself where he partook in a tremendous battle with the other Kung Fu masters.


  • Atmospheric effects such as mist and other water effects were purposely used for the grotto to "[give the] location a misty and mystical aura [and create] a serene space to reinforce Shifu's sea of calm as a good balance to the crashing waves of Po's uncertainty as he begins his journey of discovery."[2]
  • Inside the grotto, random Chinese characters can be seen: 龍 (Lóng); an uncommon form of the word "dragon", 英雄 (Yīngxióng); "hero", and a third unknown character partly distorted by the grotto's uneven surface.



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