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This page is about the Emperor briefly seen in Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po. For other uses, see Emperor (disambiguation).

The Emperor is the ruler and leader of China, he appeared as a partially seen character in the opening of The Tale of the Mystically Awesome Coin.


In Tales of Po

As the absolute ruler of China, the emperor was peacefully sitting in his throne room with the mystical coin before his adviser coveted his ruler's mystical coin. His adviser was Fai Suan.

After the coin was stolen, the emperor noticed the mystical coin is gone. The mystical coin can change one's fate. The emperor enlisted Po to help and retrieve the coin back to his possession. After Fai Suan was defeated, the coin regained and was turned back into the emperor's possession.


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Fai Suan

Though Fai Suan was once the emperor's adviser, he no longer trusted him after Fai Suan stole his coin as the emperor called on Po to retrieve it and defeat him.


He wears a robe and a hat similar to a Han dynasty Emperor.


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