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The Emperor, or the female equivalent Empress, is the title given to the ruler and leader of China. Various characters who held the title have appeared in Legends of Awesomeness, The Paws of Destiny, The Emperor's Quest, and Tales of Po, most of which were the character's only appearance. The Emperor or Empress is also the head of the Imperial family.





In Legends of Awesomeness

The Emperor was mainly an unseen character who was first mentioned in Kung Fu Day Care as the brother of Princess Zu Chunhua which makes him Zan’s uncle. He was mainly mentioned in Royal Pain and had a brief cameo as a silhouette in Emperors Rule, which was his first and only appearance. He was the grandfather of Lu Kang and he needed him to master Kung fu and train under The Furious Five and Po in order to claim his royal birth right. He gave them a month, if they did not successfully train him, he would be sent to the Mongolian wastelands and the five would all be executed. Meng Tao, The emissary hatched evil schemes by trying to have Lu Kang assassinated, but failed. Lu Kang eventually became the heir to the throne. In Emperors Rule, The Emperor eventually stepped down so Lu Kang can succeed him and become Emperor of China. He wanted Po to become head of the Imperial army.

In The Paws of Destiny

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In The Emperor's Quest

The Emperor was a minor character who appeared at the end of the show. He appeared to have a jolly personality upon meeting Po and welcomed him to his palace, Even though he failed to return the Emperor’s rare expensive vase.

In Tales of Po

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