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Episode title card

Written here is the full transcript of the episode "Enter the Dragon" from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. This transcript has been separated into six segments, indicated accordingly to the episode's commercial breaks.

Character dialogue lines were originally written by the episode's screenwriters, Scott Kreamer and Peter Hastings. Descriptions shown between italicized brackets were written by contributors of this article.

Act 1

[The episode opens up to a 2-D animation sequence of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom overlooking the Valley of Peace with the sun shining in the background.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): The Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom has overlooked the Valley of Peace for centuries, but for much of that time, the valley was anything but peaceful.

[The peach blossoms fly into the foreground, obstructing the view, and then move revealing the Valley of Peace in a dark landscape with large demons towering over it.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): Demons of the underworld ruled. [The demons lunge into the valley.] And anyone who dared enter their valley was driven off, [The demons attack villagers, villagers run through the burning village in panic being chased by demons.] or worse...

[A villager runs face to face with a demon, the demon consumes the villager in it's black smokey body and the villager vanishes. Demons corner two bunny villagers against a wall.A green glowing staff crashes down between the demons and the villagers. Oogway balances on top of the staff in his shell.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): Until the day came when someone dared to stand against the demons, [Oogway comes out of his shell while meditating with his eyes closed, the demons back-off.] a young tortoise, named Oogway.

[Oogway extends his neck and opens his eyes, the demons soar towards Oogway.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): What none of us knew, was that within Oogway, burned a powerful life force. [A Yin-Yang symbol rotates on Oogway.] A gift from the universe, bestowed once every generation... The Hero's Chi.

[Oogway encircles his hands around the Yin-Yang symbol and launches a ray of energy into the demons, the demons are thrown away, Oogway launches another ray of energy, into more demons, with the same effect. Oogway jumps into the air and shines brightly.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): Oogway was able to drive the demons back to the underworld and use his Hero's Chi to seal the way behind.

[The demons fly into a hole in a mountain and the hole is capped by Oogway, Fireworks go off. The Valley of Peace is no longer a dark landscape as the camera views Peach Tree Hill from afar.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): But one demon remained, stronger, smarter, and faster than the others. [A large shadow starts encroaching over the valley, a large black figure with glowing red eyes pops up behind Oogway.] His name... Ke-Pa.

[Ke-Pa catches Oogway off guard and smacks him around.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): Thirsting for vengeance, Ke-Pa relentlessly attacked exhausted Oogway. [Oogway plummets to Peach Tree Hill, Ke-Pa comes up behind Oogway.] At last the demon was ready to strike the final fatal blow.

[A peach blossom lands in front Oogway, Oogway opens his eyes.]

NARRATOR (KE-PA): At that moment however, something magical happened. [The Peach Tree starts glowing gold.] As Oogway had protected the Valley of Peace, the Peach Tree now protected Oogway. [Golden rays shoot out of the tree out toward the sky and into the ground.] The powers of Heaven and Earth blasted forth from the tree overcoming Ke-Pa's power.

[The golden rays disappear and a golden explosion ends the 2-D narration. Ke-Pa in his pig form tells the story to some crocs and water buffaloes.]

KE-PA: Stripped of his might, Ke-Pa swore revenge and fled, [His audience looks at him with looks of disbelief.] the power of the peach tree keeping him trapped a mortal body, the body... of a pig.

WATER BUFFALO: Whoa hold on a sec, you're Ke-Pa.

KE-PA: That's right.

[Ke-Pa drinks from his cup, there's a moment of silence and his audience laughs at him. The camera zooms in on Ke-Pa's face as he scorns the small audience.

Meanwhile Po is walking through the Valley of Peace while scatting and dancing]

PIG VILLAGER: You're the best, Dragon Warrior.

[Po continues singing. A goose villager loses control of his cart full of pottery, the pottery falls out and starts rolling toward Mrs. Yoon. Po, while still scatting, grabs Mrs. Yoon and does a flip through the air to avoid the pottery.]

MRS. YOON: Ooh, thank you Po.

PO: [flips through the air and continues scatting.] Woo zoot bah bam bam! [Po walks over to a stand.] Are they here yet?

BUNNY VILLAGER: [He nods from side to side.] Mm mmm.

[Po is disappointed, Po continues scatting and dancing, Po's three fans, Lam, Chen, and Yang, run up to him.]

CHEN: Po, test us!

PO: Okay, I'll give you a hard one this time. "I didn't cross the Hinterlands of Jhao Dzuh..."

YANG: [Cutting off Po, Yang answers quickly.] Ooh, that's you beating Temutai with an improvised fighting style based on your tempestuous friendship with Princess Mei Li.

PO: Oddly specific, but yes!

DISTANT SCREAM: Help, somebody, help!

PO: Later guys, gots to do what I does.

[Po runs towards the cry for help while scatting. Apple cart duck gets robbed by Fung and the Croc Bandits, Fung dangles the duck upside-down, a bag of money falls out of the duck.]

FUNG: See guys that's how you do a robbery, quick and painless haha.

[The expressions on the croc bandits faces change.]

PO: I wouldn't be too sure about the painless part. [Po sits on top of the apple cart.]

FUNG: [Fung scorns Po, Fung throws his helmet on the ground.] Darn it! Gah waa.

[Po jumps into the air and comes down on Fung, Po beats the croc bandits, Po lands next to a stand with a bunny in it.]

PO: Are they here now?

BUNNY VILLAGER: [He nods from side to side.] Mm mmm.

[Po jumps back into the fight, Po jumps from head to head of the crocs before landing on top of the apple cart and kicking an apple at a croc bandit, Po and Fung charge each other, Po punches Fung, picks him up by the and swings him around hurling him at the other bandits. Po jumps in the air he grabs a rope as well as the bag of money, and he ties up the croc bandits and lands doing the splits on an apple and still holding one end of the rope, a look of pain stays on Po's face.]

APPLE CART DUCK: You're the panda Po. [He takes back his bag of money.] You okay?

PO: [weakly] Fine. [Po's gets up and starts scatting weakly, he recovers from his pain and starts scatting lively again. Po walks up to another stand with a bunny villager behind it.] They've gotta be here now.

BUNNY VILLAGER: Sorry Dragon Warrior.

[Po yells and walks off, an elderly pig, holding a brush, walks up to Po.]

ELDERLY PIG: Will you sign my chest?

[The camera pans to a green chest, Po signs the chest. At the Jade Palace, Shifu views Po through a spyglass as he gets up onto the chest and starts showing-off and spectators gather around him.]

SHIFU: Just look at him making a fool of himself.

Monkey and Tigress spar in the background with the rest of the Furious Five watching them.]

MONKEY: Po's just having fun. [Monkey dodges one of Tigress' kicks.] Why shouldn't he enjoy the attention? [Tigress punches Monkey.]

SHIFU: [Still looking through the spyglass.] By getting caught up in being the Dragon Warrior Po is losing sight of what made him the Dragon Warrior. [The view switches to Shifu's view through the spyglass, a peach tree leaf starts falling in front of the spyglass and lands on the lens, Shifu picks up the leaf and examines it, an animation the dead branches of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom flickers. Shifu falls to the ground grunting. The Furious Five run over to Shifu.]

TIGRESS: Master Shifu.

SHIFU: I thought we'd have more time. The tree.

[The group looks at the Peach Tree as it's last leaves fall off. Meanwhile Ke-Pa, in his mortal form, gets pushed around and beat by the crocs and buffaloes who were once his audience. Ke-Pa falls to the ground and is surrounded by the crocs and buffaloes.]

BUFFALO: Looks like the king of the demons isn't so tough.

KE-PA: [The animation of the dying tree flickers again. Ke-Pa's eyes widen as he gets the feeling of the tree's impending death, he sits up.] The tree, it's dying. [He speaks in a deep voice and puts a look of worry on the face of one of the buffaloes.]

[Back in the Valley of Peace, Po shows-off some moves to a crowd of spectators in front of his large statue.]

PO: And I call this one, "The Two Buns of Granite."

[Po squeezes his butt-cheeks together, creating a hard clacking sound, the crowd awes, the spectacle is so great to Po's fan club that they faint. The bunny villager runs up with a box of what Po's been waiting for.]

BUNNY VILLAGER: Po they're here.

PO: [Po gasps and wags hiss tail, he gets up.] Sweet! [He gasps again as he goes to retrieve the box. Po opens the box, the crowd wonders what Po has.]. I've worked my life for this one moment, and now, [Po holds up the item.] it's finally here, [The camera pans up to the item revealing that it is an action figure of Po.] My own, officially licensed, factory-made, mint-condition, Dragon Warrior action figures with seam. Look at me, I'm awesome.

[Po poses in front of his statue identical to it, he throws the action figures into the air for the spectators to catch, one lands by the previously tied up croc bandits.]

GAHRI: He is pretty awesome.

FUNG: Then why don't you marry him? Gah!

PO: I gotta go show these to Shifu and the guys.

[Po runs off as the crowd cheers. Po walks up peach tree hill while scatting, Shifu talks to the Furious Five on top of Peach Tree Hill, the peach tree loses leaves rapidly.]

SHIFU: ...I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

[The five have looks of concern on their faces. Po runs up to the group while holding his box of action figures.]

PO: Guys! Guys! You gotta see these and... [Po notices the Peach Tree's condition.] Hey what happened to the peach tree?

SHIFU: It's dying, but I assume you already knew that what with all the meditating you said you've been doing up here.

PO: Uhh, may have slightly exaggerated the amount of said meditation-age.

SHIFU: I guess you've been pretty busy catering to your adoring fans.

PO: Well people loves themselves some Dragon Warrior so... Oh, oh, oh! Totally forgot, I finally achieved my number one dream.

[Po holds out the box.]

SHIFU: Humility?

PO: It's me! [Po holds out an action figure which Shifu slaps to the ground with his staff.] Hey! I mean, sure it's not an exact likeness but I mean...

[Shifu turns his attention to the five.]

SHIFU: Leave us, you all know what you have to do.

[The five bow to Shifu and set off.]

PO: Guys? Uh, Where are they goin'?

SHIFU: To prepare the antiquities of the Jade Palace for transport.

PO: Wh--why?

SHIFU: The knowledge and wisdom within must endure, in case we are unable to stop him.

PO: Stop who?

[Meanwhile Ke-Pa beats up the crocs and buffaloes who were previously laughing at him.]

KE-PA: I feel, good. It's starting to return to me. When the tree dies I'll be back to my full power. [Ke-Pa tosses a coin at a buffalo who he just beat, Ke-Pa begins walking outside.] Keep the change. The demons shall reclaim the land that was stolen from us. We shall conquer the Valley of Peace, then all of China, and finally, the world.

BUFFALO: Who are you talking to?

[The view switches to first person from the buffalo as Ke-Pa stomps on the face of the buffalo.]

[End of Act 1]

Act 2

[Shifu and Po walk up the stairs to the Jade Palace, the stairs are crowded due to many servants taking the antiques from the palace.]

PO: Shifu, [Po maneuvers his way through the crowds.] Whoa, wait, excuse me there. [Po bumps into a pig causing him to drop Urn of Whispering Warriors.] Hang on!

SHIFU: What is it?

PO: [Po makes it to the top of the stairs.] Since when do we run away from a fight?

SHIFU: We've never encountered a foe as powerful as Ke-Pa, but I assume you already knew that what with all the studying of the sacred scrolls you've said you've been doing.

PO: Okay maybe I've been slacking off on my meditating and my studying and my training, but there's more to being the Dragon Warrior than all that stuff.

SHIFU: Like what?

PO: You saw the action figures right? [Po holds up an action figure of himself, Shifu turns away and walks into the Hall of Warriors, Po follows Shifu inside.] Aw! Don't you think you're overreacting a smidge. We've never fought anyone like Ke-Pa, well Ke-Pa's never fought anyone like me, I'll be all WAAAAA [Po moves his action figure around as if it were himself fighting Ke-Pa.] And he'll be all whoauuuauu [Po backs away from the action figure cowardly as if it were attacking him.]


PO: I'll be like WHATATATATATATATA [Po continues playing with his action figure.] And he'll be all like ow ahh ooh ow ow ow owowowow. [Po throws back his head as if getting punched.]


[Shifu smacks the action figure from Po's hand with his cane, the action figure falls in front of Tigress and she picks it up.]

TIGRESS: Great time to be playing with dolls, [Tigress tosses the action figure away.] What's next Master Shifu?

SHIFU: Since Ke-Pa is most likely on his way to free the other demons we have to...

PO: [Po cuts off Shifu.] Hang on, if this guy wants to free the demons, won't he go to that mountain Oogway sealed up?

MONKEY: Don't you study at all?

CRANE: Oogway built the Jade Palace on top of the seal to keep it safe.

PO: What? The demons are here?

SHIFU: [Shifu scorns Po and his ear twitches.] You'll all head out in different directions. Our only hope is that one of you intercepts Ke-Pa before the peach tree dies and he reaches his full strength.

[Po looks around frantically after having learned about where the demons were.]

PO: Uh.

SHIFU: But under no circumstances are you to fight him alone, [Shifu walks up to a box and takes out several horns.] Only as a group will we have a chance. [Shifu tosses a tosses a horn to Po and each of the Furious Five.] Sound your horn should you find him, and the rest of us will come running.

[Po glances at Crane and mimics a flying motion.]

SHIFU: Or flying.

[Po glances at Viper and at makes a slithering motion with his arm.]

SHIFU: ah, they know what I mean, now go.

[Po and the five bow to Shifu and begin running off.]

SHIFU: Panda!

[Po stops dead in his tracks.]

SHIFU: Not you, I need you to go tell the villagers to pack up and run for their lives, make them understand even the Dragon Warrior is no match for Ke-Pa.

PO: Uhh, isn't that kinda bad for my image? I mean...

SHIFU: [Shifu scorns Po, Shifu jumps up on his cane to get closer to Po's face.] This isn't a joke panda! Do you think I give a flying fig about your precious image?!

PO: [Po looks around with a stunned expression.] Fig? [Po, along with his action figure, proceeds to walk down Jade Mountain to go warn the villagers about Ke-Pa.] This Ke-Pa can't be all that tough, otherwise Shifu would have sent me with the others. [Po reaches the bottom of the stairs, Po puts his action figure in his pocket.]

MR. PING: [Mr. Ping approaches Po.] Uh Po, oh Po. You haven't been around the Noodle Shop lately, be great if you could come by and shake some hooves.

PO: May have to put that on hold dad. [Po projects his voice with his hands.] Everybody I've got something to tell you. [A group of villagers, with Po action figures, roaming around at the foot of Jade Mountain crowd up in front of Po.]

SMALL BUNNY VILLAGER: Yeah! Ooh is it the story of how you beat Tai Lung?

GOAT VILLAGER: Oh No! Tell them about when you defeated Lord Shen!

PO: No no no, those are pretty cool but... [Po tries to get on topic.]

SMALL BUNNY VILLAGER: Pretty cool? You never lose Po: You beat Hundun! [The crowd cheers.] Scorpion! [The crowd cheers again.]

[Fung (tied up nearby) yells out.]

FUNG: Fung and the Croc Bandits!

[The crowd cheers half heartedly much to Fung's dismay.]

PO: Huh I guess I kinda haven't ever lost, to anyone! That is so cool!

MR. PING: Ooh very cool. So, what did you want to tell us Po?

PO: Oh, uh, you all have to know. [Po stops himself for not wanting to ruin his image.]

MR. PING: Yes?

[The crowds stare at Po with smiles on their faces embracing their Po action figures.]

PO: You, have to know, um, [Po decides to not tell them about Ke-Pa.] that... whenever evil should rear its ugly evily head your unbeatable Dragon Warrior will never let you down!

CROWD: Yeah!

[The cheering is interrupted when Ke-Pa arrives behind the crowd.]

KE-PA: Isn't anyone going to welcome Ke-Pa?

PO: Ke-Pa.

[Po's eyes widen as he hears the voice behind the crowd. He puts his hand on his horn. The crowds part revealing Ke-Pa. Po prepares to blow on the horn, but after seeing the weak-looking pig he begins to lower the horn and puts it away.]

PO: Wait, you're Ke-Pa?

KE-PA: In the flesh, such as it is.

PO: [Po stares at Ke-Pa and begins laughing out loud.] That's a good one. [Continues laughing.] I really thought tha-- HAAA [Po faces the crowd.] Get this guy, he says he's Ke-Pa.

[The crowd and the captured croc bandits begin laughing.]

FUNG: Who's Ke-Pa?

PO: You know, for a second I thought...

[Ke-Pa picks up Po by one arm and swings him around. The crowd gasps as Ke-Pa stands triumphant.]

PO: Okay, [Po gets up and dusts himself off.] wasn't quite ready there but uh, now it's my turn.

[The crowd cheers as Po charges the pig punching him and kicking him to the ground. Po turns around and Ke-Pa starts getting back up. Po stands triumphant as his fans cheer him on when suddenly Ke-Pa reaches over Po's head, grabs his eyelids and slams him to the ground. The crowd is stunned by the Dragon Warriors defeat and stops cheering.]

KE-PA: What? No more titers? No Tee Hees, guffaws? Not a chortle to be had?

[Fung breaks the silence of the crowd with a loud laugh, everyone looks at Fung.]

FUNG: Sorry, sometimes I laugh when I get nervous. [Fung laughs.]

PO: [Po's gets up and begins talking weakly.] Okay, this is your last chance to surrender.

KE-PA: I appreciate the offer, but I'm going to have to pass. [Ke-Pa strikes Po with a force of energy from his hand, Po flies through the air screaming, Po slams into his statue and falls to the ground, Ke-Pa moves Po to read the letters at the base of the statue.] Dragon Warrior, kinda catchy, must remember that. [Ke-Pa begins walking off.] If you'll all excuse me I'm just going to run upstairs and see some ol' friends.

FUNG: Take your time guy.

KE-PA: Oh I'll be back, and then we can get down to the real fun.

FUNG: Seriously guy, take your time.

[Ke-Pa walks off towards the Jade Palace. Mr. Ping runs over to Po to help him up.]

MR. PING: Son, are you okay? Wake up! [He struggles to lift up Po, Po gets up.]

PO: Where's Ke-Pa?

MR. PING: He said he had to run upstairs.

PO: (gasp) The tree!

[Meanwhile Shifu stands under the tree while watching as the few remaining blossoms slowly fall off of it. Shifu catches a blossom.]

SHIFU: Just hold on for a little while longer. [Shifu pats the tree.]

KE-PA: Talking to a tree. You need serious help.

SHIFU: [He quickly turns around.] Ke-Pa! [He gets into a fighting stance but Ke-Pa raises one hand lifting Shifu without touching him.]

KE-PA: Finally, someone recognizes me. [Ke-Pa throws Shifu to the ground.] So tree, you really are dying.

[Shifu blows on his horn. Each of the Furious Five stop where they're searching and turn back to see who's blowing on the horn. Ke-Pa raises one hand taking the horn from Shifu and crushing it. Shifu gets into a fighting stance, but Ke-Pa lifts Shifu into the air, Ke-Pa floats up to the same level as Shifu and makes his hand into a fist which chokes Shifu.]

KE-PA: Don't any of you know when to give up.

PO: Not really our thing. [The camera pans to Po who is looking up at Ke-Pa.] Now put my master down before you make me mad.

KE-PA: (sarcastically) Oh, wouldn't want that to happen. [Ke-Pa drops Shifu and floats down, Po doesn't let his guard down as Ke-Pa approaches him.] I think you and I got off on the wrong foot, I' tell you what: take your best shot, and we'll call it even. [Ke-Pa lets his guard down.]

SHIFU: Po! [Po charges Ke-Pa, letting out a battle cry.] Don't!

[Po kicks Ke-Pa throwing him into the tree, Ke-Pa looks up to the tree with a grin on his face as he watches the last leaf fall off. Shifu and Po both gasp as the leaf falls, Ke-Pa growls lowly as he realizes that the tree is now dead.]

KE-PA: Oopsy, now you've done it.

PO: Uh oh.

[The bark on the tree begins blackening, Ke-Pa looks up at the tree with his eyes widened. The entire tree turns black including the dead leaves surrounding it. Ke-Pa begins laughing and walking backwards clumsily. He nears the edge of the cliff as red energy begins busting out of his face, Ke-Pa falls off of peach tree hill laughing insanely. Po and Shifu look over the cliff into the mist, a beam of red light shoots out of the mist into the sky. Po and Shifu brace up until the light goes away. Po backs up.]

PO: Wow! We beat him! [Po begins scatting.]

SHIFU: Panda.

PO: I mean, yeah technically he fell off a cliff but, we still won.

SHIFU: Panda.

PO: Another big victory for the Dragon Warrior.

SHIFU: Po, it isn't over.

[Po stops celebrating. Flashes of red light can be seen under the mist. Po and Shifu watch in horror at the spectacle. A large red hand reaches on top of the cliff. A long spiked shadow rises to the top of peach tree hill, a large dragon (Ke-Pa's true form) comes up behind Po and Shifu, they turn around and see the dragon. Po blows on his horn and it makes a weak sound.]

KE-PA: Behold the real Dragon Warrior. [Ke-Pa blows fire.]

[End of Act 2.]

Act 3

[Po and Shifu narrowly dodge Ke-Pa's fire breath. Po and Shifu lay on the ground to avoid the flames.]

KE-PA: Now this is more like it. [Ke-Pa flies into the air.]

[Po and Shifu peek up from the ground. Po turns around and sees his tail smoking.]

PO: Owww hot butt, hot butt, hot butt! [Po slides across the ground to put out the flames on his tail. Po stops next to Shifu.] Where'd he go?

SHIFU: [Shifu thinks for a second and realizes Ke-Pa's whereabouts.] The Jade Palace! No! [Shifu watches in horror as the Furious Five arrive at the Jade Palace.]

[The camera zooms in on the five at the top of Jade Mountain.]

TIGRESS: Who blew their horn?

CRANE: No blow here.

MONKEY: Wasn't me.

MANTIS: Not me.

CRANE: [Crane looks around.] Where are Shifu and Po.

PO: [Po waves from the distant peach tree hill.] Get outta there!

SHIFU: [Shifu waves.] Hey!

MANTIS: Look, by the peach tree.

[Indistinct, Po can be heard saying "Get outta there!" and "He's coming!". Indistinct, Shifu can be heard saying "Ke-Pa's coming!" and "Hey!". The Furious Five cannot here Po and Shifu and are confused by what they are saying.]

MONKEY: [Monkey waves.] Hi, good to see you too! [Monkey stops waving.] They're in a chipper mood.

[Tigress listens closer and can now hear what Po and Shifu are saying.]

PO: Get outta there! He-He's coming!

SHIFU: Hey! Ke-Pa's coming! Ke-Pa's coming!

TIGRESS: Ke-Pa is here!

[Ke-Pa flies out of flashes of lightning in the sky and blows fire at the Furious Five.]


[The five jump off of Jade Mountain. Ke-Pa's fire breath causes a large explosion. The blast blows back Po and Shifu and causes the villagers to shade their eyes. When the explosion clears up, the Jade Palace is completely destroyed, all that's left is a burning crater. Po and Shifu get back up.]


PO: NO! Guys, where are they? Can you see them?

SHIFU: [Shifu looks down in despair, then he hears the five yelling.] There they are!

[The five are all thrown halfway down the stairs and are injured. Po and Shifu run down Peach Tree Hill. Ke-Pa wanders around in the ruined crater that was once the Jade Palace. He then moves some debris exposing the seal that's trapping the demons.]

KE-PA: And now, it's time to unleash the demons fury upon the world. [Ke-Pa attempts to pull the cap off of the seal.] Oogway really got this on tight. [After a failed attempt at breaking the seal, Ke-Pa flies into the air and blows fire at the seal. A large green shock wave, shaped like a Yin and Yang, bursts from the seal, which remains unbroken.] Hmm, of course, Oogway sealed it with his Hero's Chi, so, I must need the Hero's Chi to unseal it.

[Meanwhile, Po and Shifu reach the injured five on the stairs.]

PO: Guys!

[The five begin getting up.]

SHIFU: Are you alright?

MANTIS: Not for long!

[They all glance up and see Ke-Pa staring them down.]

KE-PA: Where is the Hero's Chi?! [The word 'chi' echoes.]

[Villagers panic at the base of Jade Mountain. Mr. Ping stands at the top of some stairs to talk to everyone.]

MR. PING: Remain calm! [Villagers stop panicking.] My son, the Dragon Warrior, will know what to do.


[Po, Shifu, and the five come running down the long staircase to the Jade Palace. Po grabs Mr. Ping and everyone goes running away from the mountain. Ke-Pa's fire breath destroys a small structure. Po runs through the fiery village grabbing Mrs. Yoon, who was right in the path of Ke-Pa's rampage. Po stops in Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop as fire runs through the street. Fung and the croc bandits struggle to get away due to being tied up still.]

FUNG: Work together will ya!

[Fire hits the roof of a house causing debris to fall on the bandits. The bandits panic as the debris fall, but Shifu pushes them out of the way and unties them.]

FUNG: Alright! Now I can... [A barrel falls on Fung trapping him again.] Darn it!

[The five stand in the middle of the chaos.]

TIGRESS: Monkey, shore up that wall.

[Villagers scramble for safety. Ke-Pa flies past Po laughing.]


[Ke-Pa blows fire at the statue of Po and it explodes. The head of the statue lands next to Po. Ke-Pa lands on the base that once held the statue. Po, Shifu, the five, and villagers crowd up by Ke-Pa.]

KE-PA: How exciting was that? We'll get right to business; I need the Hero's Chi [Shifu looks at Ke-Pa in horror.] and from what I know about chi and balance and harmony bla bla bla, is that when Oogway left, the universe passed the Hero's Chi, to one of you. [Ke-Pa gets closer to the masters of the Jade Palace.]

TIGRESS: Even if we knew, we'd never tell you!

KE-PA: Ooh I think you will, because otherwise I'm going to start gobbling up villagers by the claw-full.

[The villagers gasp with fear.]

SHIFU: [Shifu turns his attention to Po.] Panda, you were supposed to evacuate the village.

PO: Uh, yeah um, when I saw Ke-Pa get to the village I...

MANTIS: You saw him here? Why didn't you blow the warning horn?

PO: [Po nervously talks.] Oh well uh he was a pig, so I just thought I... I thought I... I could handle it.

KE-PA: Obscene, one of our heroes isn't sounding all that heroic.

SHIFU: He's no hero, he's a self-centered lout, who puts his own ego ahead of those that depend on him.

[The five listen to Shifu with expressions of sorrow.]

MONKEY: Hey that's not... [Tigress stops Monkey.]

KE-PA: Really hate getting into the middle of a family squabble here, but I am losing my patience!

SHIFU: I am the master of the Jade Palace; I have what you seek.

[Po and the five watch in horror as Shifu approaches Ke-Pa. Shifu struggles and moans as Ke-Pa floats him up to his eye level.]

PO: Shifu!

SHIFU: I don't want to hear anything you have to say. The lives of everyone here are in danger because of you!

PO: But...

SHIFU: LEAVE! You are of no use to any of us.

KE-PA: Oh, a chance to watch you flee your own village, drenched in shame. I love it.

[Po turns and starts leaving, the five watch sadly as Po passes them, the crowd of villagers parts as Po's passes through, the villagers stare at Po disappointed by his actions. Po's three young fans drop their Dragon Warrior action figures. Fung scorns Po from his barrel prison. Mr. Ping approaches his son.]

MR. PING: Po! [He starts running after Po.] Son, son, wait for me, wait, wait.

KE-PA: All now bow down to me, your new Dragon Warrior. [Ke-Pa begins laughing and blowing fire into the air.]

[End of Act 3.]

Act 4

[Po and Mr. Ping leave the Valley of Peace with the mobile noodle cart. Po looks back at the village.]

MR. PING: Po, Po?

[Po sighs and they continue walking. Po stares at the ground as he walks. They walk many miles before they finally stop in the middle of a clearing in the forest.]

PO: I gotta sit down for a second. [Po slumps over a rock.]

MR. PING: Fine 'cause we're here. Wow, great location for the new noodle shop huh son. Lucky this spot isn't taken.

PO: Noodle Shop?

MR. PING: You know Po, [Mr. Ping begins sweeping the ground.] this could really be good, just you, me, and noodles, like the old days before you got... [He stops sweeping.] Well, y-you know. [Mr. Ping starts sweeping and walks away.]

[Po pulls out his action figure of himself and has a flashback of why he left the valley.]

[Begin Flashback]

[Ke-Pa is holding Shifu in the air.]

SHIFU: The lives of everyone here are in danger because of you, get out of my sight.

KE-PA: ...Flee your own village, drenched in shame and disgrace. ["and disgrace" echoes.]

[Po leaves the valley and Mr. Ping follows.]

[End of Flashback]

[Po looks at his action figure and looks up at the sky. The camera looks up at the sky and ends up back in the valley. Ke-Pa is still keeping Shifu in the air.]

KE-PA: And now to get the Hero's Chi and release my demon brethren. [Ke-Pa drops Shifu.] My family is trapped!

[The five gather around Shifu.]


[Ke-Pa throws the five in all directions with a flick of his hand. Ke-Pa then throws Shifu and flies toward him. Shifu slams into a building and Ke-Pa pushes him through it and out the other side. Shifu skids across the road and hits a building.]

SHIFU: That's it, keep it up, smash me to bits and the Hero's Chi will just dissipate and flyaway. You'll never be able to free the other demons, you can't get it without...

[Ke-Pa lifts Shifu again.]

KE-PA: Without what? [Ke-Pa squeezes Shifu when he doesn't answer.] Without what?!

SHIFU: Without... Zhuangzi's Funnel.

KE-PA: Zhuangzi's Funnel, of course!

[Fung and the bandits begin running away, but Ke-Pa blocks their path.]

KE-PA: You there. Now would you like to help or would you like to die?

FUNG: Um, well we were thinking maybe we could just um, leave. [Ke-Pa scorns the bandits, Fung and Gahri hug out of fright.] After helping.

[Ke-Pa drops Shifu's limp body in front of the bandits.]

KE-PA: Lock him up until I'm ready for him. [Ke-Pa flies away leaving the bandits helpless.]

[Later that night, at the noodle shop, the Furious Five meet.]

VIPER: I'm worried about Shifu.

MONKEY: We have got to rescue him.

VIPER: Not just that I mean the way he treated Po.

MANTIS: Po blew it, he had his head so far up his action figure he couldn't see straight.

CRANE: But sending him away? It doesn't seem like the right thing to do now.

MONKEY: Agreed. I don't want to go against Shifu, but Po is the Dragon Warrior.

TIGRESS: And to have any chance against Ke-Pa we'll need all the help we can get, we need to get Po back.

[Back in the middle of nowhere, Mr. Ping stirs a pot, in his cardboard noodle restaurant, while singing.]

MR. PING: [He stops stirring.] Son, is something wrong?

PO: [Po is handling some bowls by a table.] Is something wrong? Really dad? Is something wrong?! [He puts the bowls on table.] You know what's wrong! [Mr. Ping approaches Po.] I lived at the Jade Palace, I had adoring fans, I had factory made action figures of me, I hung out with Kung Fung masters and now it's all gone, and my friends and the whole village and maybe China are in serious danger.

MR. PING: So, go save them.

PO: What? Dad, i-it's impossible, you're crazy. I can't beat Ke-Pa, Shifu doesn't even want me there, I lost everything. [Po walks away and sits next to the cardboard noodle restaurant with his action figure.]

MR. PING: Lost everything? Haha what are you talking about? Oh me crazy huh? Well tell me, what did you have the day you pulled a noodle cart up to the Jade Palace and became the Dragon Warrior? Fans? Action figurine thingies huh? Uh fancy pants friends?

PO: No.

MR. PING: [Mr. Ping approaches Po.] Yeah uh and I'm pretty sure Shifu didn't want you there huh? Talk about impossible. But it turned out... It turned out you had everything you needed son. And... And here's the thing son, everything you had then, you still got here. Love took you up there, you loved Kung Fu. What do you love now Po?

[Po looks at his action figure. Meanwhile back in the Valley of Peace, the Furious Five sneak across the roof tops of the village to rescue Shifu. Shifu meditates in his prison cell which is double gated and is guarded by Fung and Gahri. Crane, Monkey, Mantis, and Viper land behind the two bandits. The bandits double take before they there are warriors behind them, the warriors then attack pushing the bandits away.]

FUNG: Come on, quit it.

[Tigress then arrives while the bandits are distracted.]

TIGRESS: Master, are you alright? I'm getting you out.

SHIFU: [Shifu stops meditating.] No.

TIGRESS: [Tigress breaks the first barred gate to the cell room.] No?

SHIFU: I have a plan; there's a chance to take Ke-Pa down, as a group I think you and the five can defeat him.

TIGRESS: Shifu I know you're angry with him, but we need Po. I'm sending Monkey and Crane to bring him back.

SHIFU: What? No.

TIGRESS: But he's valuable.

SHIFU: He's too valuable.

TIGRESS: I don't understand.

SHIFU: I didn't send him away because I'm angry. Tigress listen to me I don't have the Hero's Chi, Po does.

[Tigress gasps.]

[End of Act 4]

Act 5

TIGRESS: What? Po has the Hero's Chi. Really? [Tigress asks as if Shifu was joking.]

SHIFU: I sent him away to protect him, and to protect us all. If he returns and Ke-Pa gets his Chi, all is lost.

TIGRESS: What do we do?

SHIFU: Ke-Pa must surround me with Zhuangzi's funnel and crush me to try to extract the Hero's Chi, the funnel's energy will make him weak, that's the moment you attack.

TIGRESS: [Tigress bows.] Very well I'll… [Tigress stops bowing.] wait, how will you survive that?

SHIFU: I won't. [Tigress is stunned by Shifu's answer.] As long as Ke-Pa believes that I have the Hero's Chi, he will be unable to release the demons. We must keep Po away, and then take advantage of our… opportunities.

TIGRESS: An opportunity that will kill you. [Tigress kneels down to eye level with Shifu and grasps the bars.] Master I-I…

SHIFU: I know you are not one for emotional words Tigress. I also know you above all [Shifu places his hand on Tigress' hand.] understand the need for sacrifice. [Tigress closes her eyes and then stands up.] Now go and get everyone ready.

[Tigress takes one last look at Shifu and runs off. Tigress regroups with the five on a rooftop.]

MANTIS: Where's Shifu?

TIGRESS: He's staying there.

CRANE: What? Why?

MONKEY: Shifu's lost it lets go find Po. [They begin to set off but Tigress stops them.]

TIGRESS: No! Po coming back here is the worst thing that could happen.

[The five glance at each other confused. Meanwhile back at the flat cheaply made noodle shop, Po lays down staring at his action figure.]

PO: What've I done? [Po begins running through the woods homeward.]

MR. PING: [Mr. Ping is startled awake.] Po? [Mr. Ping looks to where Po was laying only to find Po's action figure. He picks it up and smiles.] That's my boy.

[Back atop Jade Mountain, the next morning, Ke-Pa has villagers slave away at constructing Zhuangzi's Funnel where the Jade Palace once sat, Shifu is suspended in midair by a rope above the funnel. Ke-Pa flies amongst the slaves before flying away. The five peak over the edge of the crater.]

MANTIS: Whoa, that's some barbecue.

TIGRESS: They're building Zhuangzi's Funnel. Ke-Pa is going to use it to free the demons.

[The final piece to the funnel is slowly raised. Ke-Pa flies past the five.]

VIPER: By crushing Shifu, really?

TIGRESS: I'm afraid so. Now when Ke-Pa is weak, we attack.

MANTIS: This whole thing is a big circle of stink.

TIGRESS: We have to do it, understand. We have to.

[Ke-Pa watches the villagers raise the last piece of the funnel.]

KE-PA: I'm sort of enjoying this excellent effort, like I'm earning it. It should make the release of my fellow demons that much more enjoyable. [Shifu stares at Ke-Pa with a blank expression.] What? Nothing to say? No pithy wisdom? No lofty moral judgments?

SHIFU: What should happen, will.

KE-PA: Oh I see. Zen-like acceptance. Very mastery of you. Well Shifu, I couldn't agree more.

[Fung and Gahri approach Ke-Pa.]

FUNG: Your Ke-Pa-ishness sir.


FUNG: Whoa that's like… that is a big, big sound. One last piece and the funnel is ready.

[The five exchange glances, Ke-Pa begins laughing evily and insanely before flying up into the air. The last piece of the funnel is put in place. Shifu looks blankly at Ke-Pa.]

KE-PA: Release him!

[Fung raises his axe, Shifu's expression remains blank, the five can't help but look away. Fung slams the axe down on the rope causing Shifu to fall into the funnel. The five watch in horror as their master falls into Zhuangzi's Funnel. Shifu's expression still remains blank as he falls slamming into the hard ground. Ke-Pa wraps himself around the base of the funnel to squeeze it tight. He goes into a trance and his eyes glow bright red. Shifu stands up inside the funnel, as it encloses around him he finally starts struggling. Bright bursts of blue light burst from the funnel as Shifu is squeezed. Tigress watches horrified but still knowing there is a mission to be done.]

TIGRESS: Almost time.

PO: Shifu!

[The five realize things have gotten worse when they see Po in the distance.]

TIGRESS: No, it's Po.

MANTIS: What done we do?

TIGRESS: You all do as we planned. I'll get him away from here.

MANTIS: If this is gonna work we need you too.

TIGRESS: Just go!

[The four warrior lunge at Ke-Pa while Tigress runs over to Po.]

TIGRESS: Listen to me.

PO: Tigress, we gotta save Shifu.

TIGRESS: No, we don't. [Tigress hits Po.]

[The other members of the five arrange Ke-Pa before tying him up with a thin rope.]

PO: Shifu! [Tigress hits Po back.] Tigress, I have to get through.

[The fight escalates as Tigress desperately tries to keep Po away.]

TIGRESS: No Po you don't…

PO: Tigress he's going to kill Shifu.

TIGRESS: I know.

PO: Are you completely nuts?

TIGRESS: Po listen. [Tigress gets on top of Po.]

PO: [Po pushes Tigress off himself.] No you listen, I gotta save Shifu, this is my fault.

MONKEY: Tigress we need you.

[Tigress then is distracted when she sees the other five struggling, Tigress jumps all the to Ke-Pa's face, she then repeatedly kicks Ke-Pa in the face.]

SHIFU: Keep attacking!

[The five all attack Ke-Pa all over. They crowd up at his face and hit him repeatedly eventually knocking him out of his trance. Ke-Pa regains focus and breaks out of the ropes. Ke-Pa then suspends the five in midair.]

KE-PA: Oh sure, attack a guy while he's in a trance why don't ya. Well you failed. [Ke-Pa then pushes the funnel tighter.] And now that you're down I can't finally takes you out.

[Ke-Pa clenches the five and throws them. Shifu is raised out of the funnel by Po.]

SHIFU: Panda no!

[Ke-Pa smashes the five against the ground without touching them.]

PO: I'm getting you out of here.

SHIFU: It's you.

PO: Yeah Shifu it's me.

SHIFU: No panda, it's you.

[Ke-Pa continues throwing the five around.]

PO: What do you mean?

SHIFU: It's you, you have the Hero's Chi.

PO: [Po's eyes widen.] I...

KE-PA: The panda.

[Ke-Pa throws Shifu and drops Po into the funnel. Tigress catches Shifu. Ke-Pa wraps around the funnel and squeezes Po. A bright blue light emanates from the funnel. The funnel explodes. Shifu gasps when he sees Po's arm behind the rubble. The warriors run over to Po and gasp when they see him laying with his eyes closed.]


[End of Act 5]

Act 6

[Shifu walks up to Po and lifts rubble of of his body, Shifu feels Po and looks at the Furious Five with a look of horror, the five are shocked when their friend Po is presumed to be dead. Ke-Pa flies up to the seal, laughing insanely, and throws the cap off of it. Narrowly missing the Kung Fu masters. The seal is now open.]

KE-PA: [Ke-Pa yells into the deep hole.] Now, now my demon brethren you are free!

[Shifu remains mourning over Po, the five watch terrified as a black being slowly raises itself out of the hole, the demon shrieks loudly, moments later hundreds of shrieking demons fly out of the hole. Ke-Pa laughs as the demons cloud the sky.]

KE-PA: [Ke-Pa points at the group of terrified onlookers.] Destroy them! Destroy them all!

TIGRESS: Everyone, clear out! [The villagers run away as demons fly by, snatching some villagers.] Master Shifu we have to get out of here.

SHIFU: I'm not leaving him.

TIGRESS: [Tigress jumps over to Po's side.] Get the villagers to safety, whatever it's takes.

MANTIS: But what about...


[The other members of the five leave. Po suddenly begins coughing.]


SHIFU: He's alive.

TIGRESS: For now, with his Hero's Chi drained he can't have much time. What can we do?

SHIFU: I don't know I... [Shifu's expression lightens up.] The peach tree, the Peach Tree!

[Shifu and Tigress both grab one of Po's arms and carry him away. Down in the village, demons attack everyone. Crane snatches a bunny child from a demon. Monkey runs into the Noodle Shop and helps some villagers avoid danger by slamming them to the ground. Crane and Monkey run inside a building to hide with some villagers. The building flies into the air and everyone falls to the ground and Ke-Pa nearly steps on them.]

KE-PA: This is just the beginning soon we'll have all of China, and then; the world. We'll wipe all mortals right off this planet. [Ke-Pa advances through the streets of the village.]

[Shifu and Tigress take Po to the top of Peach Tree Hill and lay him down.]

PO: Ow.

TIGRESS: [Tigress walks up to the tree.] Master look at it, the tree, the tree is dead.

SHIFU: Looks can be deceiving Tigress. The Peach Tree saved Oogway in his time of need, and now it will save Po.

[Tigress runs over to help Shifu sit Po up. Po reaches his hand out to touch the tree. Shifu and Tigress watch anxiously to see what will happen when Po touches it. Po opens his eyes and lays his hand on the tree. The tree turns into dust and blows away in the wind.]

SHIFU: [Shifu gasps.] I'm sorry, panda.

PO: I'm the one who's sorry.

TIGRESS: Don't speak Po, save your strength. [Tigress grabs Po's arm.]

PO: I have to say this. This is all my fault. If I would've listened to you instead of... [Po flinches with pain.]

SHIFU: It's all right panda. [Shifu pats Po's arm.]

PO: No, it's not, I got confused, I thought it was more important to be treated like a hero then, to act like one. [Shifu and Tigress smile softly, realizing that Po learned a lesson.] I just wish…[Po's eyes start rolling back.] I had… [Po begins falling back.] another… chance.

TIGRESS: [Po's arm slips from Tigress' grasp.] Po, Po!

[Shifu lays Po's body down softly as he passes away. Shifu and Tigress look at Po's body with sorrowful expressions.]

SHIFU: It's over. Po is gone, and Ke-Pa has won.

[Tigress looks into the distance and then looks down slouching with sorrow. The camera views Peach Tree Hill from afar shortly and goes back to the normal view. Tigress stands up with her eyes closed, she sighs and mumbles. Suddenly a flashing gold light starts shining. Tigress opens her eyes. Shifu and Tigress now see a small plant, near Po, that's flashing and making a ringing sound.]

SHIFU: It's a peach tree sapling! [The sapling then touches Po's finger and his whole body lights up gold, Po floats into the air. Shifu and Tigress watch in amazement.] It's restoring his lifeforce, restoring his Hero's Chi!

[A burst of light shoots out of the sapling, a gold light bursts out of Po. A shape of a peach tree form in the light and then enters Po, Po floats to the ground and scratches his belly.]

PO: What I miss?

TIGRESS: [Tigress lunges forward and hugs Po.] You're alive! [Tigress then realizes how out of conduct her actions were and backs away.] And I'm um… pleased, about that.

PO: (sighs) Thanks, [Po grabs his chest.] I feel weird.

[A demon floats up to the group.]

TIGRESS: Look out!

[They all get into defensive positions, when Po gets ready a beam of light shoots from his hands and vanquishes the demon.]

PO: (gasps) Awesome!

[Shifu and Tigress run up to Po. Shifu examines Po's hands.]

SHIFU: The peach tree not only restored your chi, it greatly enhanced it.

PO: Whoa! What do I do with it?

SHIFU: Save the world.

PO: Cool.

[Down in the village, villagers are chased around by the demons. A family of pigs is cornered by Ke-Pa, Po jumps between the pigs and Ke-Pa.]

PO: Hey, how you doin'?

KE-PA: The panda, alive, how?!

PO: Uh, not sure, some kind of weird magicky, mystical thing, anyway, check this out.

[Po charges a ball of light in his hands and shoots it at two demons around Ke-Pa, destroying them.]

KE-PA: The Hero's Chi, attack him, devour him, destroy him!

[All nearby demons stop what they're doing and attack Po. Po jumps into the air. Po kicks and a beam of light shoots out of his foot. A demon grabs Po from behind. Po breaks free, but gets swarmed by demons.]

PO: Too many! [Po falls out of the group, towards the ground.]

MONKEY: [Monkey spots Po falling.] Po, They're following you.

[Po sees the demons following him.]

PO: Then let 'em follow.

[Po lands on the ground and runs up the steps to the top of Jade Mountain in a matter of seconds. Po jumps to the rim of the seal. Po charges a ball of light and holds it in his hand. Swarms of demons approach him. Shifu and the five arrive.]

TIGRESS: He needs help.

SHIFU: Wait.

[A closer look at the ball of light reveals that it resembles a yin and yang.]

PO: You hungry? [Po puts the light in himself.] Come and get it.

[Po jumps into the hole and the demons follow. The ground begins shaking.]

SHIFU: This might be a good time to take cover.

[Shifu and the five prepare for the worst. Po flies out of the hole screaming. Po lands on the ground. Po kicks the cap back onto the the seal. A green shock wave resembling a Yin and Yang bursts out of the seal when it closes. Po lands on top of the seal. Shifu and the five look up to Po on top of the seal.]

PO: (panting) Defeating a demon hoard, really takes it out of ya.

[Shifu and the five smile at Po, Po smiles back. Suddenly Po is thrown when Ke-Pa whips him with his tail.]

KE-PA: NO! [Po is thrown into the side of the crater and crushed by a rock and a column from the Hall of Warriors. Ke-Pa stands tall over Po.] I swear by all that's dark and vile, this day will see the end of the Dragon Warrior.

[Po attempts to charge a ball of light but fails.]


SHIFU: His Hero's Chi, he's drained it.

[Ke-Pa shoots electricity from his eyes and into Po. Ke-Pa grabs Po and slams him into the scaffolding where Zhuangzi's Funnel was. Ke-Pa hurdles Po across the ground, then he flies over to him. Po screams as Ke-Pa uses his powers to crush him. Shifu and the five watch in horror as Ke-Pa flies above the clouds with Po. Lightning strikes above the clouds. Po screams as he is electrocuted by Ke-Pa. Shifu and the five worry as they hear Po screaming. Ke-Pa drops Po and lets him fall, Ke-Pa goes after Po towards then ground. Shifu and the five watch in shock as Po falls. Ke-Pa opens his mouth and roars. Po charges a ball of light, hitting Ke-Pa in the face, but with little effect.]

KE-PA: No, this can't happen, you're a worm, an ant, A MORTAL!

PO: [Po looks at his hands.] You got that right, and on behalf of all mortals I say to you, skadoosh!

[Po's belly shines gold as Ke-Pa approaches him with his mouth open. A bright gold light engulfs then valley and Ke-Pa is vanquished. A scroll of Po defeating Ke-Pa is shown with Po standing above then sapling.]

SHIFU: And so, as Po had protected the Valley of Peace, the peach tree, now protected Po. [Shifu rolls up the scroll.]

[Po and Shifu stand at Peach Tree Hill.]

PO: Don't know that I really need a legend and all that Shifu. Hehe, [Po takes the scroll.] We're safe again, thanks to the peach tree. [Po bows to the sapling.]

SHIFU: No, thanks to you Po, it was your selfless act that saved us.

[Po smiles. Mr. Ping comes flying over.]

PO: Dad? Dad!

MR. PING: Oh son. [He hugs Po, then walks over to Shifu.] I brought what you asked me to. [Mr. Ping hands Shifu a case.]

SHIFU: Excellent, Po I have something I wanna show you. [Shifu opens the box and takes out Po's Dragon Warrior action figure.]

PO: Thanks but uh, not sure I really want that, doesn't seem all that important anymore.

SHIFU: Who said it was for you? This one, is mine.

[Po smiles. Po, Shifu, and Mr. Ping look at the view from atop Peach Tree Hill standing next to one another.]

[End of Act 6]

[End of Transcript]

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