Feng is a pig who works at the Jade Palace as the official portrait artist in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. He is in essence an equivalent to a photographer in his time. He does not speak in the special, and therefore has no assigned voice actor.


Feng is able to, within seconds, paint a simple picture of a subject, similar to how a photographer can snapshot a photo. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, he is given the task of creating an official portrait of Po for the Winter Feast. Po is displeased by Feng's first portrayals of him, which capture Po in awkward or embarrassing moments. However, in the end, Feng makes a fine painting of not only Po, but the Furious Five, Shifu, Mr. Ping, and Wo Hop celebrating the Winter Festival together at the noodle shop.

There is nothing else known about Feng other than the events seen in Kung Fu Panda Holiday.


Gallery of Feng's Portraits

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