Template:Character Fenghuang (also spelled Phang Huang) is a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. She is an owl who was once part of the former Furious Five. After being dubbed the most powerful of the Five, she challenged Oogway and lost, fleeing to the Northern Mountains for refuge. She made her first and so far only appearance in "Owl Be Back", where she attempted and failed to take vengeance upon the Jade Palace.


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Fenghuang being mentored by Oogway

Fenghuang was once one of Oogway's students at the Jade Palace and part of the former Furious Five. Oogway had recognized special skills within Fenghuang, which he then refined in his mentoring sessions with her. As she trained, she gradually grew stronger and stronger until she was the most powerful of the Five. It was most likely this recognition that caused her heart to grow dark and change.

Fenghuang fighting Oogway

One day, Fenghuang approached Oogway and challenged him to a fight, believing that she deserved to be the new master of the Jade Palace. Oogway had anticipated this (having built an inescapable owl-shaped cage just for her), but he still had to fight and defeat her in order to get her inside it. After a long battle, Fenghuang found that she couldn't defeat Oogway. But before he could contain her, she fled away from the palace.

A rumor eventually sparked that she had made refuge in the Northern Mountains, too afraid of Oogway to return to the Jade Palace.

In Legends of Awesomeness


One day, Po's unexpected use of one of the Seven Impossible Moves during a battle unnerved Shifu and the Five. When Po inquired why they were afraid, Shifu took him to the library and showed him a picture of the past Furious Five. Fenghuang was shown as one of them, but was crossed out, and Shifu explained to Po that she had become "twisted and dark", as all of the most powerful members of the Five had before her. During a talk with Monkey, Po learned more about Fenghuang's past, and grew worried that he would become evil as well, as he was the most powerful.

Po eventually left the Valley of Peace in order to protect his friends, who feared that he would become evil, and he traveled into the Northern Mountains. When he nearly fell to his death, Fenghuang unexpectedly appeared, grabbed him and carried him to her lair. She correctly guessed that he was from the Jade Palace, recognizing the scent of the saddlewood incense she disliked. Upon meeting her, Po asked the owl what it was like being evil. Curious, Fenghuang asked Po who told him she was evil, and mentioned Oogway. Po told her Oogway was gone, news which excited Fenghuang, who was convinced that with Oogway out of the way, nothing could stop her from conquering the Valley of Peace. She attempted to entice Po to join her, but the panda refused and they two briefly fought before Fenghuang took off and left Po in her lair, promising that he would eventually come around to her way of thinking.

Returning to the Jade Palace, she first confronted Shifu (who at the moment held the same incense she was noted she disliked), and the two engaged in combat. Fenghuang's sharp and swift Kung Fu skills overwhelmed both Shifu and the Furious Five, and just as she had Shifu at her mercy, Po came crashing in on a hang-glider made out of Fenghaung's feathers, collected from her lair. As they fought, Fenghuang asked Po why would he fight for friends who had wanted him gone. Though this effected Po momentarily, he used the Thundering Wind Hammer technique to attack the owl, but surprisingly she blocked the move, slyly commenting that "What you cannot absorb, you deflect."

Once again, Fenghuang tried to sway Po to her side, and offered to show him another of the Seven Impossible Moves, and Po displayed more and more interest in joining her. After she taught him the Mongolian Fireball, Fenghuang ordered Po to kill Shifu. Po, seeming willing to do so, took a sword and struck, and Shifu gasped and closed his eyes. While put off guard in her supposed triumph, Fenghuang was trapped in the owl-shaped cage Oogway had designed for her by Po, who had only been pretending to be evil, and had stabbed Shifu with a fake sword he had gotten earlier from Tang the Toy Vender. Outraged, she was then towed away to Chorh-Gom Prison, swearing that she would have her revenge on Po.

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Fenghuang was once a diligent student in the art of Kung Fu, beholding natural talent that enabled her to quickly grasp the teachings of martial arts. It was this devotion and talent that prompted Oogway into mentoring the owl personally, until she blossomed as the most powerful member of the Furious Five of her generation.

This made Fenghuang's heart turn dark, believing that as the strongest, she deserved to rule, leading to her corruption. She also has a cowardly side, as she was too afraid to face Oogway a second time after he defeated her; she only returned for a second attempt of takeover after learning that Oogway was dead, and she is a self-admitting cheater, not above making snarky comments to others.

Despite her dishonorable and self-absorbed nature, it is possible that Fenghuang has a merciful side to her, as she saved Po from falling to uncertain depths in the cold mountains by her own free will. Fenghuang also seemed to see Po as a potential disciple, as she tried again and again to persuade him into joining her with promises of power and glory.

Fighting Style

Fenghuang with feather blades (much like Shen)

Fenghuang demonstrates a swift and graceful fighting style, some of which involved the use of several secret Kung Fu techniques to overpower her opponents, such as the Thundering Wind Hammer and the Mongolian Fireball. She has even claimed she could teach Po all the Seven Impossible Moves. She also utilizes the sharp blades on the tips of her wing feathers, sharp enough to cut cleanly through hard rock.

Another testament to her strength is that during her time at the Jade Palace, she was able to put up a decent battle against Oogway, who was regarded as the greatest Kung Fu Master ever.



Fenghuang was once a protégée of Oogway, who mentored the owl to become a most powerful warrior. But Fenghuang let the praise, skill and power corrupt her into desiring to rule the Jade Palace. Oogway had suspected Fenghuang's fall from grace, having prepared an inescapable cage for her. After he defeated her, Fenghuang fled the Jade Palace, too afraid to face Oogway again.

The former Furious Five


Though it is unknown what exact kind of relationship Fenghuang had with her former comrades, she was claimed to be the most skilled fighter out of them all.


Once, Fenghuang and Shifu were members of their generation of the Furious Five, and they may have been friends and comrades. But that changed when Fenghuang's heart turned dark and she left the Jade Palace after losing a battle to Oogway, after which they became enemies. Fenghuang met Shifu again at the palace, and the red panda was carrying the incense she loathed, making her frown. The two fought, and Fenghuang defeated him and told Po to stab Shifu, wanting him dead so that she could replace him.


Fenghuang first met Po when she saved him from falling to his death, and it was from him that she learned of Oogway's passing. When he tried to stop her, she tried to seduce him to join her side, presumably wanting him to be her apprentice, and she promised him power, glory, and mastery of advanced Kung Fu techniques, and tried to dazzle him by performing impressive Kung Fu moves that seemed to awe him.

However, Po proved to be too virtuous of a warrior to fall for Fenghuang's offer, and he tricked her, pretending to be on her side before he managed to imprison her. Fenghuang declared she would have vengeance upon the panda as she was taken away to Chorh-Gom Prison.


Fenghuang wears a purplish blue robe with gold trimming.



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Po: “You... You must be Fenghuang!
Fenghuang: “Yes, and you must be 300 pounds.
Po: “No. 290, tops.
—Between Fenghuang and Po, Owl Be Back

Fenghuang: “You're good, Panda. But you can't win.
Po: “Why not?
Fenghuang: “Because I cheat.
—While battling, Owl Be Back


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