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This page is about the former Furious Five members referenced in Legends of Awesomeness. For the current film-canonical members, see Furious Five.

The Former Furious Five (also inaccurately titled the "First Furious Five") is the unofficial title given to the previous incarnation of the Furious Five. They were first referred to in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and consist of members Shifu, Fenghuang the owl, Rooster, Elephant, and Snow Leopard,[2] who were all trained by Oogway in various individual kung fu styles.

According to the series, the Furious Five are the ancient protectors of the Valley of Peace whose roles have been in existence for hundreds of years.[1] Members of the quintet have come and gone with each passing generation, all presumably residing at the Jade Palace. The current group featured in the franchise was trained by Former Furious Five member Shifu.[1]




Noted in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, a different group called the "Furious Five" had been the protectors of the Valley of Peace for many years.[1] It is presumed they were first trained and organized by Master Oogway, the founder of the Valley and creator of kung fu.

The previous set-up of the Furious Five consisted of members Shifu, Fenghuang, Rooster, Elephant, and Snow Leopard.[2] It is unknown how these members first came to be organized, but they were all trained by Oogway in various individual styles.

A flashback of the Former Furious Five facing Xi'an

In their time as the Furious Five, they fought alongside each other against numerous foes and on countless missions. Though most of these accomplishments are unknown, two were specifically mentioned in the series:

  • Ding and his spirit orbs - The Furious Five and Oogway engaged Ding and trapped his spirit in the monastery he had conquered with his dark powers.[3]
  • Xi'an and his sword - The group's final mission as a united team, which drove a wedge between the members due to Shifu dropping the sword into a volcano.[2]


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Through the years that the Furious Five have existed, it had become known that each group had one thing in common: the most powerful member always turned evil. Fenghuang was the one to eventually become the most powerful of her group, and one day challenged Oogway for rights as master of the Jade Palace. Fenghuang lost and fled from the palace, never to return peacefully as the former Furious Five eventually broke apart.[1]


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For unknown reasons, Oogway retired as master of the Furious Five and handed the responsibility over to Shifu. Shifu trained the current set-up of the Furious Five, which consists of the members Tigress, Viper, Crane, Monkey, and Mantis.

In Legends of Awesomeness

The Former Furious Five at Shifu's party

The Former Furious Five were unexpectedly reunited in a bid to complete their last mission as a team after the Sword of Xi'an reappeared, with Shifu's former teammates recruiting a restrained Fenghuang from Chorh-Gom Prison before inviting him to join them as well. Shifu refused, and their belief that he he had become a coward resulted in a short-lived conflict between the former Five and their successors. However, the two teams eventually worked together to save Elephant from Xi'an's evil spirit, with Po being accepted as an honorary member of the former Five.[2]

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The current Furious Five

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