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Fu-xi (pronounced "foo-SHEE"), regarded by snakes as Lord Fu-xi, is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a cobra descended from the Dragon Gods who fought nobly to defend China of evildoers. He then turned renegade when he was betrayed by others (the "two-leggers") who feared his power and slew his snake family. He serves as the main antagonist in the episode "Serpent's Tooth".


In Legends of Awesomeness

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Once, Fu-xi was a brave and noble warrior, regarded by many snakes as a hero and treated like a lord. Fu-xi defended others with his incredible skills and fear-inducing venom. But when others regarded him and his kind with paranoia and hate, Fu-xi changed for the worst, taking on a racist hatred towards "two-leggers" in retaliation for their violence and persecution.

He came to view himself as a defender of serpents, considering the ones that went along with him as his brethren, but having expectations of his kind, saying they should be strike fear into "two-leggers", and to be prepared to strike at them by any means necessary.

Fighting style

Fu-xi fights with a very similar style to Master Viper, with lightning fast moves, but he also incorporates biting to deliver his fear-inducing venom into his opponents/victims.


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Fu-xi saved Viper from some paranoid villagers who attacked her simply for being a snake, and revealed he'd heard of her, the "Great Master Viper of the Jade Palace", addressing her as "little sister", for in her he saw a potential ally/apprentice.

He subtly demeaned her a few times for fighting for "two-leggers", trying to convince her she should fight against them and side with him. However, trusting Viper just for being a fellow snake proved to be his downfall.


Fu-xi regarded Po as just another "two-legger" to get rid of, and used his unfavorable comments about snakes in efforts to sway Viper to his side, and he violently tried many times to kill him.


  • Fu-xi was most likely based off of the deity of the same name from Chinese mythology, who was the first member of the Three Sovereigns, a group of god kings who ruled over China five thousand years ago. He is typically described to be snake-like in appearance, with a human head and a reptilian body.




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