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The Gauntlet of Wooden Warriors is a collection of rotating, steel-studded wooden posts that serves as one of the Training Hall's kung fu training mechanisms.


This piece of training equipment is perhaps the most challenging to overcome without injury. Taking the shape of crocodile warriors, each section of the mannequin moves independently of each other, requiring quick reflexes to avoid or counter. According to Po, they are very hard.



Inspired by the legendary fighters of the Ngoh Wan Crocodile Clan whose armored hides were said to be able to withstand the iron arrows of the Shaanxi Spirit Archers and the black stone clubs of the mountain giants from Hengshan, the gauntlet of steel-studded wooden warriors is a formidable test for any kung fu master. You need the speed of a striking cobra, the reflexes of a hunting panther, and the courage of a dragon warlord to run the gauntlet and emerge unscathed.

It is Master Mantis' favorite piece of training equipment.[2]

In Kung Fu Panda


Mantis training in the Gauntlet

The Wooden Warriors first appear when the Five are shown training, where Master Mantis effortlessly runs the Gauntlet. Po has a harder time and is whacked numerous times in numerous areas before stumbling onto the Field of Fiery Death for the coup de grace.

In Legends of Awesomeness

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