The Golden Ladle is an antique cooking tool that was first seen in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. The one given this honorary utensil is tasked to prepare for the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace.[1]


The Golden Ladle appears to be made of silver, with various small jewels studded onto the handle and a decorative golden dragon entwined around it.


In Kung Fu Panda Holiday

Po awarding Wo Hop with the Golden Ladle

 Po was placed in charge of selecting a chef who will receive the Golden Ladle and cook for the Palace's formal Winter Feast dinner. After dismissing the chefs trying out, Po presented the ladle to his father, Mr. Ping, who ultimately refused it and the job to be available at his own restaurant on the holiday. In the end, Wo Hop was given the Golden Ladle by Po in gratitude for his culinary assistance in preparing for the feast. The delighted rabbit chef declared that his honor and the honor of his village had been restored after accepting the prestigious gift.



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  1. Revealed in DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2010). Written by Jonathan Groff, Jon Pollack & directed by Tim Johnson.
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