The Golden Lotus Clap is an advanced Kung Fu technique used in the episode "Sight for Sore Eyes" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. It was used by Junjie during the Masters' Ceremonial Sparring, which resulted in Po, who had been secretly watching, becoming blind. Shifu later reversed the effect on Po, allowing him to see, and later Po himself was able to learn the technique.


The Golden Lotus Clap involves the user announcing the words "Golden Lotus Clap", and then clapping their hands together. A golden mist erupts from the hands and then causes blindness to the target, which the move can also reverse. The move is possibly linked to the Wuxi Finger Hold, another hand-orientated technique that has a similar mist appear when it is performed. It also has a breaking property, as Po used it to destroy the chains Junjie put on him. However, for such an advanced move it can easily be countered or avoided; since the user must speak the words "Golden Lotus Clap", intended victims with a knowledge of the move can simply cover their eyes, which negates the blindness.


In Legends of Awesomeness

In "Sight for Sore Eyes", it is presumed that the Golden Lotus Clap is an advanced and dangerous technique, as Master Chao scolded Junjie when he used it during the Masters' Ceremonial Sparring. When the Clap was performed, a powerful blast spread through the Jade Palace, and Po, who has been spying on the ceremony, was blinded. After Shifu and the others Masters found he was blind, Shifu performed the Golden Lotus Clap, curing Po's eyesight.

Po later used the same technique to free himself of his restraints, when he, Chao and Shifu were imprisoned by Junjie in an underground cell. Chao was impressed that Po had learned this technique after only seeing it once, but Po had unfortunately forgotten to close his eyes, and was blinded once again. Despite this handicap, Po was able to free the other prisoners and defeat Junjie. At the end of the episode, Po's boasts over teaching Shifu a "lesson" provoked the red panda into walking away rather than undoing the technique, meaning that Po was left to wander around blind.



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