The Gong Lu Medallion is a magical medallion seen in the episode "Master and the Panda" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. It has the power to corrupt and derange those who possess it by calling on their inner darkness.


The Gong Lu Medallion is a golden circular amulet which grants the wearer increased power. However, the amulet comes with a curse, calling upon the wearer's inner darkness and rendering them corrupt and deranged. When this happens, the wearer's eyes glow fiery red.


In Legends of Awesomeness

A long time ago, the medallion was hidden in a chest and buried in an unknown location. In "Master and the Panda", Temutai and his warriors located and dug up the chest, and Temutai claimed the medallion. Eager for revenge on Po for defeating him, Temutai put on the medallion and made his way to the Jade Palace. It wasn't long before Temutai became corrupted, and he easily defeated Shifu and the Furious Five. While Shifu and the Five were chained up, Po escaped and enlisted Peng's help in defeating the empowered buffalo.

While Temutai sat in a throne next to the captive masters, Shifu attempted to warn him of the medallion's sinister effects. Temutai accused him of wanting the medallion for himself and was on the brink of becoming violent when Po and Peng arrived. After a long battle, Temutai lost the medallion and was flung out of the palace in defeat. However, Peng picked up the medallion, and its evil power consumed him, making him turn on Po and the others. He attacked Po, and a battle ensued that eventually brought them down to the village. After Po disappeared, Peng was then met by a sudden appearance of his uncle, Tai Lung.

Claiming that the power of the medallion brought him back to life, Tai Lung offered that he and Peng destroy the Jade Palace together. Under the medallion's influence, Peng agreed, but when Tai Lung added that they would destroy the entire Valley as well, the young leopard became reluctant and eventually regained his senses enough to remove the medallion and free himself of its power. Moments later, Tai Lung was revealed to be Po in disguise; the panda had used a shift stone to pose as Tai Lung in order to get Peng to remove the medallion.

The medallion was afterward safely placed in a box and stored away to prevent any further misuse. After the experience, Peng was cautious about any remaining darkness in him even after the medallion was removed, and chose to depart the Valley and quit Kung Fu for good.



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