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Gongmen Harbor is the unofficial name given to a large harbor located on the southeastern coast of Gongmen City. It is one of many that the city controls, since the city is located on China's coast and is almost entirely surrounded by water. It was here that Po and the Furious Five first arrived at Gongmen City, and where Po later used his newly gained mastery over inner peace to defeat Lord Shen and his cannon-wielding fleet in Kung Fu Panda 2.



Early concept artwork of the harbor by Tang Kheng Heng

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In Kung Fu Panda 2


Po facing Lord Shen's fleet

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  • The harbor and city canals contain more than 60 million gallons of water.[1]
  • When a cannonball hit the water in the final battle, 10 million particles were rendered for the powerful splash.[1]
  • When the harbor gate is destroyed, 18,705 splinters and small pieces of debris fly through the air.[2]



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