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"Good Croc, Bad Croc" is the sixth episode from season one of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. It was the fourth of five to air during the show's official worldwide premiere event on Nickelodeon.



After the leader of the Croc Bandits helps Po out, Po agrees to return the favor. But he quickly learns that repaying a favor to a Croc Bandit might be more difficult than he imagined.[1]


In the noodle shop after Monkey had played a joke on Po with his "joy luck buzzer" which he intended for Tigress, the panda left after being called "gullible" and came into a nearby of the Bamboo Forest, where he accidentally fell in a deep hole. All his attempts to pull himself out of the hole were useless. However, Fung arrived and pulled him out with a rope. Once out Po suspiciously thought that the Croc bandit wanted to rob him, but the latter said he just wanted to help, and the two departed from each other.

Later, Po returned to the Jade Palace and met Tigress and Monkey. He told them about his encounter with Fung, after which they let him know how they wouldn't have been so sympathetic with the outlaw. Shortly after, Fung arrived at the Palace and sought help from Po, without the others knowing, and begged him to help in the search of his brother, kidnapped by Jong.

Po eventually accepted, and they began their search from the bamboo forest. After they walked for a while, they found Jong's territory and, while they were irrupting through the guards' station in the border of the area, Fung was immediately very reluctant to fight, letting Po fight for him. After the latter had finished fighting, he discussed with Fung about why he let him do all the fighting. The crocodile, with the excuse of being the leader of the expedition, convinced Po that he was under pressure due to his role.

Later they reached the fortress of Jong, they burs into the cell where Po thought Fung's kidnapped brother was held. The latter grabbed a box, saying that his brother would have fitted inside it, and fled. Once out, they escaped from the prison. However, what Po didn't know was that Fung had tricked him, and they hadn't gone to save his brother, but to kidnap Jong's son, whom Fung planned to use to blackmail his father. Once returned to the Jade Palace, Po was approached by some of Jong's guards, who arrested him for the crime of kidnapping.

Po was brought back to Jong's fortress and chained in the prison. There he explained to Jong himself about what had happened and that Fung had fooled him. Jong was unconvinced, and was about to torture the panda with a weapon when Fung arrived to rescue Po. He explained that he had organized the kidnapping, not Po, and he gave Jong his son back. However, Jong merely wanted both him and Po to pay for the incident, and attempted to have them captured. Po and Fung managed to escape from the dungeon and then from the palace.

After they had run a great distance, Po told Fung that he had to bring him in jail for the kidnapping. The crocodile, though outraged at first, acted out that he would comply before Po fell in the same pit from before. Fung then said his farewell and ran off, this time leaving Po trapped.

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  • The episode title references the "good cop/bad cop" tactic used for interrogation.




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Fung: “I had to become a bandit. It's the only thing I'm good at.
Po: “So you're good at it?
Fung: “Not really... [groans] 
—At the end of Fung's explanation of his mood to Po

Po: “I wouldn't knowingly take your son.
Jong: “Got anyone to back you up on that story?
Po: “Well, I... no... not here. Fung sorta left me in the lurch. [He nervously laughs.] Yeah, I got no one.
Jong: “I'm beginning to think you are not my friend, my friend.
—Po in Jong's dungeons while trying to justify himself
Po: “I made so many mistakes that Shifu actually tried to drum me out of the Jade Palace.
Fung: “Really?
Po: “Yeah.
Fung: “Loser!
Po: “Good-for-nothing!
Fung: “Doofus!
Po: “Lame-brain!
Fung: “Dimwit panda!
Po: “Moron alligator!
Fung: “ [laughs] Crocodile. I'm a crocodile. Totally different snout.
Po: “Oh, okay, sorry...
—Fung and Po throwing insults

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