Cower now, old snake! Your town will soon tremble beneath my iron fist!
—Gorilla bandit to Great Master Viper, Secrets of the Furious Five

The gorilla bandit is a gorilla who makes a single appearance in Secrets of the Furious Five as a villain. His name was never specified.


In Secrets of the Furious Five


Young Viper battling the gorilla bandit

On the night of the Moon Festival, the gorilla appeared in Great Master Viper's village and challenged the old master. Great Master Viper complied and struck first, hoping his Poison Fang Technique would put a quick end to him. However, the bandit's poison-proof armor protected him and shattered the old snake's fabled fangs. With the master's greatest weapon neutralized, he proceeded to brutalize Great Master Viper and terrorize the village. It wasn't until the master's young daughter appeared that he was stopped. At first, he taunted the "little snake with pretty ribbons", but soon discovered that there was more to snakes than their fangs. Try as he might, he couldn't keep up with Viper's speed and deceptive movements as she danced between his limbs and tied him up with her ribbon, leaving him completely helpless.


The gorilla bandit acts like any other one of his kind. He is (presumably) very strong and rather cunning, seeing as he thought up the idea of making poison-proof armor. However, he can underestimate his opponent at times, and was told by Viper, after she tied him up, "Too bad your fists aren't as fast as your mouth.".

Fighting style

Like most gorillas, the gorilla bandit relies on brute strength to accomplish his misdeeds. He doesn't know any kung fu, and was easily defeated by Viper.


In preparation for his battle with Great Master Viper, the gorilla bandit bore a suit of armor that protected him from Master Viper's venomous fangs. Though the armor was successful in defeating Great Master Viper, it was useless against young Viper's ribbon dancing skills.





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