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Great General Ox is a villain in Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors.


In Legendary Warriors

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Great General Ox is the leader of the Hoof Clan who was hired by Tai Lung to help him capture the Furious Five. Having done so with Monkey, his defeat was required in order for the player to save Monkey in the Wu Dan Mountains. Nothing else is known about him.


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Fighting style

Great General Ox is shown with the ability to absorb heat and flames and blast them.


With the Hoof Clan

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Tai Lung

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Great General Ox wears a black kilt armor around his waist held by a black belt with small sliver spikes. He also wears black studded shoulder blades, black markings on his upper left arm and some light grey strips of fabric around his legs.


  • This character's name was revealed in the DS version of the game.




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