Gorilla bandit: Cower now, old snake! Your town will soon tremble beneath my mighty fist!
Great Master Viper: Not if I defeat you now with the awe-inspiring awesomeness of my Poison Fang Technique!
  —At the village's Moon Festival, Secrets of the Furious Five  

Great Master Viper is the father of Viper, husband to Viper's mother, and the leader of the Viper Clan. He has appeared in Secrets of the Furious Five and Secrets of the Scroll.


Earlier years


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According to Po, Great Master Viper is the greatest known leader and warrior of the Viper Clan, as well as the sole protector of their home village. He is highly dependent on his "Poison Fang Technique", with which he used his venomous fangs to fell his enemies. Given that his venom was deadly enough to fell fifteen gorilla warriors and a mid-sized crocodile, he quickly built up his legacy and became greatly feared by his enemies.[2]

In Secrets of the Furious Five


Great Master Viper and his wife with their newborn daughter

The Great Master was overjoyed at the news of a daughter his wife bore to carry on his legacy, but when he looked into young Viper's mouth and saw that she had no fangs, and therefore no venom, his hopes were shattered. He continued to protect the village, but was never truly happy as Viper grew without ever developing fangs. However, when young Viper performed a ribbon dance for him in an attempt to make him smile, he did indeed manage to smile. Doing so made him feel better, but only just a little.


Great Master Viper cheering for his daughter

When the Moon Festival came around, Great Master Viper was heading over to the wonton booth to get something to eat when he encountered an armored gorilla bandit. When the bandit challenged him, Great Master Viper didn't hesitate as he sunk his teeth into the bandit's arm, shattering his fangs against the armor. Seeing her father in distress, Viper defeated the warrior by tying him up with her ribbon. Seeing such a great victory won by such a little snake with no venom, Great Master Viper became truly happy again, knowing his legacy was secure with his daughter becoming a mighty warrior on her own terms.

It is not mentioned what became of Great Master Viper after Viper's victory.

In Secrets of the Scroll

Great Master Viper is seen when Tigress arrives at his home to recruit his daughter, Viper.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday

At the Palace Feast in the Jade Palace, Viper reminisced how she used to love cooking with her sisters for the Winter Feast, so it can be presumed that her parents had at least two more daughters.


As a kung fu master, Great Master Viper was courageous and compassionate in protecting his village. He also possessed a strong love for his daughter, though their relationship was slightly tense at first due to her lack of fangs.

Fighting style

Unlike his daughter, Great Master Viper relied heavily on his Poison Fang Technique. While this technique was undoubtedly his greatest strength, it also proved to be his greatest weakness, as shown when his fangs were destroyed and Master Viper was rendered virtually helpless.


His wife

Not much is known about their exact relationship, though it can be assumed that Master Viper loved his wife.


Finally, a little warrior to carry on my legacy...
—Great Master Viper upon first seeing Viper, Secrets of the Furious Five

Great Master Viper looking down at his newborn daughter

He first thought his daughter would carry the family legacy until he saw his newborn daughter without venom teeth. This devastated her father, as he believed that without fangs she would be unable to uphold the family legacy.

Years later as a child, Viper tried to cheer up her disconsolate father by dancing with a ribbon. While her dancing did amuse him, it never completely eased his discontent. In order to keep her father smiling, Viper continued to dance for years, eventually becoming the best ribbon dancer in the village. When he was in danger, Viper saved her father using her agility rather than her fangs. Marveling at what his daughter had accomplished, Master Viper gave her his first full smile in years, knowing that she'll continue his legacy without the need of fangs.





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Viper: “Can I help?
Great Master Viper: “ [sighs] No, little one. It is too dangerous for you.
—While depressed, Secrets of the Furious Five
Great Master Viper: “But... how?
Gorilla Bandit: “ [laughs] My poison-proof armor defies your fabled fangs!
—After shattering his fangs on the bandit's armor, Secrets of the Furious Five


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