Hajin Province (also spelled "Haijin") is a territory within China. It is one of many bandit-infested territories outside the Valley of Peace.



The legend of the Iron Fist of Justice says that Jin Hu, the blacksmith ox of the village near the River of Flowers, lost his right hand while battling against marauding bandits noted to be from Hajin Province. Upon their return, however, Jin Hu had constructed a metal fist which he used to single-handedly defeat all the bandits.[1]

In Kung Fu Panda

While Po was preparing noodle soup for the Furious Five in the dining hall, he briefly mentioned this province. He was in the middle of a story that mentioned him talking to bandits from Hajin Province and calling them "lousy tippers", most likely used as an in-battle comeback threat. Crane then asked him how he got out of there alive, to which Po replied that he didn't actually say the comeback, but just thought about it in his mind. The story was mostly likely one of his fantasy adventures as the Legendary Warrior.


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