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Template:Character Hao Ming is a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. She is a Chinese mantis who is Mantis's ex-fiancée, but had sent an "urgent" message to him asking for him to come back home in "Hometown Hero".[1]


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As noted in Mantis's vows to Hao during their wedding in "Hometown Hero", Hao and Mantis have apparently known each other ever since their childhood. It is unknown what they had thought of each other back then, but it eventually led to the two deciding to get married. But for unknown reasons, Hao left Mantis at the altar. Mantis wanted Hao to regret breking his heart so he lied saying he was the Dragon Warrior. They have been broken apart ever since.

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Hao is the classic heart-breaker who only loves someone for the wrong reasons - She only wanted to marry her ex-finace Mantis because she was under the impression he was the Dragon Warrior. When she found out the truth, she called off their wedding (again) but got her ego bruised when Mantis said she doesn't deserve him.




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Dosu is Hao's ex-boyfriend whom she dumped after she sent an "urgent message" to Mantis to lure him back to their hometown tocourt him. She didn't really care about Dosu and even after she broke up with Mantis (again) she didn't care for him enough to take him back.



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