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Hu (formally known as Constable Hu) is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a constable who made his first appearance in the episode "Present Tense", and has since made occasional appearances in other episodes.


In Legends of Awesomeness

Present Tense

Winter Festival

Hu at the Noodle Shop's Winter Festival feast in "Present Tense"

Constable Hu was present at a Winter Festival where the festivities took place at Mr. Ping's Noodle shop, and informed Po of the bounty on Shengqi. However, Po later explained that Shengqi had been wrongfully imprisoned after bringing him to the festival to be reunited with his daughter Xiao Niao. Hu was deeply touched, having not seen his own daughter in years, and promised to investigate Shengqi's case and see that he was exonerated.

Shifu's Back

Hu later enlisted the help of Po and Shifu on the visit of Superintendent Woo, upon whom he wanted to make a good impression. Unfortunately, Po's well-intentioned efforts led to the temperamental Woo shutting down the Jade Palace and firing Woo, who was then abducted by Tsao, Lao, and Bao. After getting Po and Shifu, the trio blocked the path of the three kidnappers, but then reminded Woo of his actions and indicated that they couldn't help him without breaking the law. Woo quickly reinstated them all as law enforcers at Po's suggestion-which Hu tried to enhance to get himself a raise-and they then rescued the Superintendent, allowing the Furious Five and Po to deal with threats to the valley at will.

Invitation Only

Hu was later placed in charge of a banquet to be attended by Superintendent Chang, which he barred Po from due to the Panda's lack of manners. Upon hearing that Chang's approval was needed for Hu to be transferred, Shifu willingly volunteered his services and those of the Five. However, their efforts failed to impress Chang, who later proved to get along surprisingly well with Po due to sharing his lack of etiquette. Chang then expressed his feelings that Hu was best placed where he was, thus preventing his transfer.

The Midnight Stranger

Po and Hu's next encounter was less-than-pleasant, as Hu arrested Po for using Kung fu without a permit, prompting him to use the authority granted him by the Imperial emblem to impose a Kung fu ban. Much to his consternation, a vigilante posing as the legendary Midnight Stranger began acting in the valley, defeating bandits despite the Kung fu ban. Determined to catch him, Hu called upon Po for help, unaware that Po had taken up the mythical persona. When Mr. Ping appeared in Midnight Stranger garb, Hu arrested him only for Po to reveal his role as the Stranger. However, when a group of bandits allied with Lidong thanked Hu for banning his Kung fu, the constable uncharacteristically entered battle himself. He then lifted the ban, but informed Po that it was still necessary for him to apply for a permit.

Secret Admirer

When Superintendent Woo revisited the valley with his daughter Ming, Hu brought word to Shifu of their tardiness. As the pair were transporting the Stone of Lu Mong, Hu asked for it after the pair were brought safely to the Jade Palace, only to be informed of its loss to the same pig bandits who had abducted Woo on his previous visit.

The Break Up

Hu later became involved when Po and the Croc Bandits' leader Fung stole a valuable vase in hopes of framing Fung's former right-hand man Gahri, in hopes of getting him to leave Ping's Noodle shop and rejoining Fung's gang. Hu was about to take the pair into custody when Gahri claimed that the stolen vase was in fact a worthless forgery, and was taken in by Gahri's argument. Unbeknownst to him, however, Gahri had lied, secretly wishing to rejoin Fung all along; the vase was genuine, though Gahri dropped and broke it shortly thereafter.


As a veteran officer of the law, Hu follows a strict code of conduct and organizes by-the-book procedures that later include permits. He tends to take his duty seriously, as shown when he announced that kung fu was outlawed and wouldn't adhere to any protests. However, after realizing that kung fu warriors were needed to defend against criminals, he has since tried to help Po and his friends, even working around the rules to do so.

Though Hu is loyal and has good intentions, his unnecessary presence and political interests are usually not met with enthusiasm, making him somewhat of an irritant to the warriors of the Jade Palace. In truth he has no objections to the Kung fu masters acting so long as they follow the rules, and would rather let them handle troublemakers in the Valley while he does paperwork, the one aspect of his job that he's truly passionate about.

Fighting style

Though Hu is not a warrior, as an elephant he possesses immense physical strength that aids him in a fight.




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Hu and Po in "Invitation Only"

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Superintendent Woo

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Superintendent Chang


Hu speaking with Superintendent Chang in "Invitation Only"

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  • Although Hu is credited in the cast list for the episode "Enter the Dragon", he never actually appeared in the episode.




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Why is everyone blaming me? You think I like this? Criminals running through the streets as they please! The whole thing has made me look ridiculous, but it's how HQ wants it done!
—Hu's response to the banning of kung fu, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
In the last month, you and the Furious Five have illegally used kung fu...(Pulls out a scroll and reads it)...447 times! That I know of...
—Hu speaking to Po, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness


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