Huli is the deliveryman for the Valley of Peace. His only appearance is in the story "Special Delivery" from Kung Fu Panda Issue 2.


In Kung Fu Panda #2

One day while making his deliveries, Huli was ambushed by a trio of crows working for the villainous Qinchu. Though the Furious Five rushed in and managed to right off the crows, Huli's mail cart was stolen, one of many that were stolen as part of Qinchu's attempts to locate the Key to Mount Penglai.

Later, a disheveled Huli made it to Mr. Ping's noodle shop and explained what happened to Po and his father. Having been waiting for a special package that had been inside the cart, Po decided to investigate the robberies.


Huli is a hardworking rabbit, who clearly mourned the loss of his cart, and was genuinely apologetic to Po over the package that was lost with it.


The Crows

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Mr. Ping

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Huli wears a dark red and brown robe and hat.


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