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The Iron Fist of Justice is a metal hand forged from the iron in blacksmith tools in means of a prosthetic to its forger, Jin Hu. It currently stands on display in the Hall of Warriors.[1]


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Jin Hu, the blacksmith ox of the village by the River of Flowers, lost his right hand trying to defend his family from the marauding bandits of Hajin Province. He melted his iron working tools down and forged himself a metal hand which he welded to his arm.

When the bandits returned, Jin Hu single-handedly defeated the raiders with his Iron Fist of Justice and drove them into the wastelands. Jin Hu, his family and the village by the River of Flowers were never troubled by bandits again.[2]

In Kung Fu Panda

After Po was declared the Dragon Warrior, he was carried to the Hall of Warriors to meet with Master Shifu. Before he did so, he gawked at all the historical artifacts on display in the sacred hall. The Iron Fist of Justice was one of many artifacts Po took a fanatical liking to.

In Showdown of Legendary Legends

The Iron Fist appears as a gameplay object in the game, where once picked up, it temporarily gives the player extra attack power. The duration is indicated by the player's character being surrounded by a red aura.


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