The Jade Orb of Infinite Power is a large, spherical orb seen in the episode "Sticky Situation" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. It is presumed it contains "infinite power" in that it cannot run out of energy. It is considered sacred and only to be used for emergencies.[1]


The orb is made of jade with gold carvings of a Chinese dragon on it. It is larger than Po's head, but light enough to carry. When its power is being used, it glows a bright greenish blue.


In Legends of Awesomeness

When Taotie was a student at the Jade Palace, he decided he would use his brilliance in mechanics to make up for his poor Kung Fu skills. Taking the sacred Jade Orb of Infinite Power, he made a giant weapon in the shape of a wooden warrior, fueled by the Orb, devised to make up for all of his weaknesses. Oogway and Shifu were horrified, saying the machine sullied the purity of Kung Fu. As a result, they took back the Orb and dismissed Taotie from the Palace.

In the episode "Sticky Situation", after Po accidentally broke the equipment in the Training Hall with sticky dumplings, he called on Taotie after seeing the warthog's mark in the Hall, along with Shifu's. Eager for revenge on the red panda, Taotie agreed to come and repair the Training Hall, his son accompanying him. Po then snuck him and Bian Zao inside the Hall, avoiding Shifu and the Furious Five, and before he began, Taotie claimed to need "special tools". He asked Po to give him the Jade Orb, a request which Po fulfilled before leaving to guard the entrance.

Once he had rebuilt his mechanical warrior out of a combination of the Training Hall equipment, again fueled by the Orb, Taotie emerged from the Hall and fought Shifu and the Five. Taotie's many dangerous functions proved a challenge for the Kung Fu warriors' attacks, and all were eventually stopped. Shifu was also overtaken, and Taotie tried to finish him off.

But Po soon arrived, armed with a bowl of sticky dumplings, and was able to hold off the machine and use the dumplings to glue its parts together, which resulted in it breaking down. With his invention destroyed, Taotie escaped with Bian Zao and vowed revenge, and the orb was once again reclaimed.




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