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The Jade Tortoise of Wisdom is a large jade bowl shaped like a tortoise that serves as one of the Training Hall's training mechanisms.


The Jade Tortoise of Wisdom is a huge hunk of jade with a hollow center and five bits sticking out, which forms the shape of a tortoise. It is Master Crane's favourite exercise.



When the great Master Oogway traveled to a lost mining village hidden in the Mystic Mountains, he was presented with the rare gift of a massive hunk of jade. Ever the humble master, Oogway decided himself unworthy of such a gift, and divided it among the villagers as a token of his respect. The remaining shell was taken to the Temple where it is used even today for the avid training of his disciples. It is said that if one listens hard enough, each ring from its lustrous surface resonates with Oogway's humble chuckle.

Master Crane is often found doing his forms on the rolling jade bowl.[1]

In Kung Fu Panda


Crane practicing his forms on the Jade Tortoise

The Jade Tortoise first appears when Po is brought into the Training Hall by Master Shifu; Crane flies to it and deflects several projectile spears before engaging Master Tigress. Po is less graceful when he falls into it and rebounds all over it before it dumps him into the next stage.

In Legends of Awesomeness

In Sticky Situation, the Jade Tortoise manages to survive Po's destruction of the Training Hall, but later becomes part of Taotie's malevolent machine.



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