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A jiang shi (also known as a hopping ghost) is an undead corpse that arises when it has been disrespected by the living. The "hopping" part of its name comes from its movements as it tries to move around with its dead, stiff body. These creatures were featured in the episode "The Po Who Cried Ghost" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.




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According to legend, a jiang shi is formed when the living do not show proper respect to the dead. When they arise, they roam the land seeking the blood and brains of the living.

If one is bitten by a jiang shi, they will become one themselves, but only partially. The bitten victim will return to normal upon sunrise unless they devour the brains of a living victim. The bitten victim will initially, on some level, retain control and self-awareness but the control and memory of themselves will fade after a few minutes, after which they will viciously seek to devour a victim's brains.[1]

In Legends of Awesomeness


Po telling the Furious Five the legend behind the jiang shi

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A jiang shi using its breath to freeze a rabbit

The jiang shi possess special powers after being raised from the dead. They are able to fly, teleport, materialize through walls, and freeze or knock out its victims with its breath.[1]


  • The jiang shi are based off of the creatures of the same name from Chinese legends and folklore. They are the Chinese "hopping" version of a vampire or zombie described to have stiff limbs, rotting flesh, greenish-white skin, and long white hair. According to legend, they rest in dark places (a cave, coffin, etc.) during the day, and at night hop around and kill living creatures by absorbing their qi (life essence).
  • The literal meaning of the name "jiang shi" is "stiff corpse" (traditional Chinese: 殭屍?; simplified Chinese: 僵尸; pinyin: jiāngshī).




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