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This better be good. I was having a really fun nightmare.
  —Jing to Nu Hai, Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny  

Jing is a young panda. She and three other panda children (Bao, Nu Hai, and Fan Tong) are the main protagonists of the Amazon Prime series Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.[1]


In The Paws of Destiny


Jing is a little offbeat and unconventional, but these qualities can come in handy for a kung fu warrior. ... Jing absorbs the chi of the White Tiger, a healing chi that also teaches her the power of kindness over aggression.[1]

Jing has the heart of a soldier and is always on alert, ready for any situation. She's lovably odd and most likely to say something completely out of left field, and sometimes her offbeat way of looking at the world can even come in handy. Although she has a hard exterior, and a one-woman-army mentality, she learns to rely on others and trust her friends.[2]

Fighting style and abilities

Jing has White Tiger chi and is a master in modified tiger style kung fu. Her chi power specifically allows her to heal others and to pacify others of aggression.


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Jing wears her version of a homemade military uniform, complete with hand-made medals and badges.[3]






Yo, snaggletooth! Soon as these goons let me go, I'm gonna pop you right in the mouth!