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Po: What's the deal with the green guys?
Tigress:  [She punches a jombie and pulls her paw back, wincing.] Some kind of jade zombies.
PoJade zombies?
Po and MonkeyJombies! [They point at each other.] Jinx!
  —While fighting the jombies, Kung Fu Panda 3  

The jade zombies, or "jombies",[1] are the secondary antagonists of Kung Fu Panda 3. They are the legion of jade minions controlled by Kai, who stole the chi of their respective kung fu masters and used it to do his bidding.


These are all kung fu masters who had their chi stolen by Kai, and then was later used as a jombie. While every master that Kai encountered was enslaved to become one of his minions, not all masters were used as a jombie.


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The jombies are created from the chi of kung fu masters that Kai has collected, and are utilized by him in "as both a physical force and his extended realm of vision." When he has no need for a particular master's chi, he transforms it into a jade amulet that he hangs on his belt as a trophy.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda 3

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Jombies of the Badger Twins

After returning to the mortal world, Kai summons several of the jade zombies to find Oogway's students and bring them to him, this leads to them finding Po, Shifu, and the Five, and Kai discovering them by seeing them through his minions eyes, after which, he recalls them back.


Jombies fighting Shifu and the Furious Five

Crane and Mantis are sent to investigate, and run into Master Bear, Master Chicken, and Master Croc, who's villages were also attacked. They confront Kai, but are defeated and turned into jade zombies. Later, Kai and the zombified Crane and Mantis attack the Jade Palace, and Kai steals the chi of the rest of the Five and Shifu, turning them into jade zombies, except for Tigress, who is sent away by Shifu to warn Po.

Later, when Kai arrives at the secret panda village, he summons his minions to attack, but they are held at bay by Po and the other pandas. After Kai's defeat, they all have their chi restored and are reverted back to normal.

In Showdown of Legendary Legends

Jombie versions of the playable characters are available as bonus DLC. Those included are Shifu (PlayStation only), Oogway, Monkey, Crane, Croc, Chicken (PlayStation only), Bear, and Porcupine (jombie only).

Fighting style and abilities

As they are created from the chi of kung fu masters, each jombie battles with their own fighting style and techniques. As a whole, their movement is staggered due to their stone bodies. "They zip from one side to another around their opponents in a disorienting way," says film animation supervisor/fight choreographer Rodolphe Guenoden. Animation-wise, frames are skipped while they move and fight to create a rigid feeling that directly contrasts the Furious Five's natural fluid movements.[1]

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They also serve as Kai's scouts and messengers where Kai is able to see what his jombies see along with how Kai is able to speak through his jombies. The drawback is Kai is able to feel any damage that is inflicted on his jombies, which is a major flaw despite their numbers.


  • Character designer Nico Marlet had designed scarab jombies to act as sidekicks to Kai, "some with flame designs and ribbons like Chinese dancers," in addition to some other creatures that eventually did not end up in the final film.[1]
  • Chinese jade has been traditionally associated with heavenly properties and indestructibility.[2] These qualities later caused it to be associated with Chinese conceptions of the soul and immortality.





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