Jong's Land is the name given to a piece of land ruled by Jong. Jong has ruled that there shall be no trespassers, or they will "have their heads boiled with cabbage and their ear lobes stretched around their heads," as described by one of his warning signs.[1]


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The palace

The fortress has a similar design to Tsin's fortress.


In Legends of Awesomeness


Po reading the sign to Jong's Land

In the episode "Good Croc, Bad Croc", Fung tricked Po into helping him infiltrate Jong's land so that he can abduct Jong's son, claiming that he was breaking out his brother who had been arrested after accidentally trespassing while looking after some children. The two of them broke into Jong's palace, and Po held off the guards while Fung kidnapped Jong's son, stuffing him into a small box. After successfully escaping Jong's land, Po and Fung parted ways.

When Po returned to the Jade Palace, two representatives of Jong's guards were seen telling Shifu that Po had assisted Fung into breaking into Jong's castle. Shifu revealed to a stunned Po that Fung doesn't have a brother and the person that he helped Fung abduct was Jong's son. Po was arrested and brought back to Jong's land to face his crimes.

At Jong's palace, Jong was preparing the trespassers penalty while Po was chained to the wall, but then changed his mind and prepared to torture Po using a variety of cruel devices. In the nick of time, Fung in his buffalo guard disguise returned out of guilt and gave Jong his son back. Yet even Jong's son wanted Po and Fung dealt with as Jong had his guards seize them. Po and Fung managed to escape from Jong's castle, and ran out of his land screaming.



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