The Juggernaut (or Iron Ox[1]) is a machine used for skill demonstrations of kung fu students (as well as masters) under instruction at the Jade Palace. The demonstration takes place in the palace's arena during kung fu tournaments with the villagers of the Valley of Peace as the audience.


The machine itself is described to look like a giant wooden ox with four large, mechanical, axe-wielding arms. Its movements are controlled by various palace attendants.


In Kung Fu Panda

The film showed Tigress ready to fight the machine during the tournament that was held for the choosing of the Dragon Warrior. However, she was stopped when Master Oogway indicated the time was right to make the selection.

In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

Unlike the first film, Tigress was actually seen battling the machine, defeating it by dodging its blades, jumping up on its limbs and slamming down on its head several times until it collapsed.


  • The word "juggernaut" is a term often used in the English language to describe a large, overpowering, destructive, and sometimes unstoppable force or object, such as a large machine.[2][3]



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