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Kang Zi is a character featured in the second half of season one of Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. He was the father of Xiao, the adoptive father of Shi Long, and the previous Emperor of China.


In The Paws of Destiny

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Kang Zi was the previous emperor of the Forbidden City who needed his biological daughter Xiao to continue his rule as soon as he died. He trusted Xiao to continue his legacy and protect China from its enemies. It was later revealed that Kang Zi had actually died from poison, inflicted upon him by his adopted daughter and imperial adviser Shi Long.


Kang Zi appeared as a wise leader and a loving father to his family, but very concerned when he grew ill.


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His wife

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Kang Zi loved and favored his daughter. He trusted her to carry his legacy after he died.

Shi Long

Kang Zi loves trusted Shi long as his trusted advisor for Xiao. However she secretly resented him after her sister was born. She ultimately killed him by poisoning him.


Kang Zi wore a red and gold robe and a black velvet hat.


  • Kang Zi's name and character reference the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty. He is notable for being the longest-reigning emperor in Chinese history (ruling from 1661 to 1722), as well as one of the country's greatest emperors, credited to his accomplishments during his rule that brought upon long-term stability and wealth.




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