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The Komodo Dragons are one of the supporting antagonists in Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game. They are a large group of komodo dragons who have been waiting years to take over Gongmen City, believing the city should belong to the strong, cunning, and ruthless. Master Storming Ox states that they are "ravagers who destroy everything they touch."


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In Kung Fu Panda 2: The Game

The Komodo Dragons first appear when Masters Po and Storming Ox are patrolling Gongmen City for remnants of Lord Shen's wolf and gorilla army. They follow one who has escaped to the city underneath Gongmen. The komodo dragons capture Master Monkey when he finds one of their secret hideouts, but are quickly defeated by Po. Later, Po and the komodo dragons' leader Zhou Dan have a short exchange of words. Po defeats his followers before escaping the hideout.

The komodo dragons are neither seen nor mentioned until later, when Shifu and Po realize that Zhou Dan has been using the chaos caused by the remnants of Shen's wolf and gorilla armies to his advantage. He has been using this as a distraction so the kung fu masters leave Gongmen City unprotected. While Po and the masters were away, the komodo dragons took control of everything. Before Po can confront Zhou Dan, he disappears into the Under-City. Po finally finds Zhou Dan in his throne room where the two face off. When Zhou Dan is beaten, the rest of the komodo dragons run away in fear.

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