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Written here is the full transcript of DreamWorks Animation's full-length feature film Kung Fu Panda.

Character dialogue lines were originally written by the film's writers, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Descriptions shown between italicized brackets were written by contributors of this article.

Kung Fu Panda

[A mysterious warrior, with his identity hidden beneath a flowing robe and wide-brimmed hat, treks with his staff across a bridge above a huge lake.]

NARRATOR (PO): [In voiceover] Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend. He traveled the land in search of worthy foes.

[The warrior approaches a large tavern towering in front of him. A gang of bandits harassing the rabbit staff inside are startled when the warrior enters abruptly, and stare silently as he passes them and sits at a table. As he eats, the gang surrounds him.]

GANG BOSS: I see you like to chew. Maybe you should chew ON MY FIST! [Slams fist onto table.]

NARRATOR (PO): The warrior said nothing for his mouth was full. [He holds up his paw.] Then he swallowed. [He swallows.] And then he spoke.

LEGENDARY WARRIOR: Enough talk. Let's fight! SHA-SHA-BOOEY!

[The warrior delivers a series of punches and kicks and the whole gang goes flying in various directions.]

NARRATOR (PO): He was so deadly in fact that his enemies would go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness!

NINJA CAT: [blindly flailing about] MY EYES!


SMITTEN BUNNY: And attractive!

GRATEFUL BUNNY: How can we repay you?

LEGENDARY WARRIOR: There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness.

[One hundred assassins appear and surround the warrior. The entire bar swells, packed to the rafters with ninjas.]


[The roof explodes and the warrior with a cloud of ninjas erupts into the sky. Like a tornado, the warrior twists and kicks them away rapidly.]

NARRATOR (PO): It mattered not how many foes he faced. They were no match for his bodacity.

[Two groups of thousands of foes leap at the warrior while in the air, but with a single flashy move he sends them flying. The beaten warriors plummet into the lake like rain as the warrior treks back across the bridge.]

NARRATOR (PO): Never before had a panda been so feared... and so loved. [He looks up towards the Jade Palace, where a group of five warriors stand in various poses.] Even the most heroic heroes in all of China, the Furious Five, bowed in respect to this great master.

[The Five leap down from the palace, land in front of the warrior, and bow respectfully, before flanking in positions on both sides of him.]

MONKEY: We should hang out.


[The Five strike an attack pose, as they face an army of thousands of bandits.]

NARRATOR (PO): But hanging out would have to wait. 'Cause when you're facing the ten thousand demons of Demon Mountain[He slices off the heads of the bandits' spears with a shiny green sword and leaps into battle with the Five.] ... there's only one thing that matters. And that's—

[Freezing in mid-air, the Five talk to the warrior in a strange voice.]

MONKEY: Po! Get up!

TIGRESS: You'll be late for work!

PO: Whuh?

[The warrior suddenly falls, and Po lands hard on a wooden floor of his own room, revealing that the whole battle was actually a dream. He tries to clear his head and wake up.]

MR. PING: Po! Get up!

[Po looks around his room and see that it's filled with various kung fu posters (including a poster featuring all of the Five) and souvenirs, and a wooden version of the Sword of Heroes (the green sword). Po sighs and attempts to kick himself to his feet, but finds his belly too worthy a foe.]

MR. PING: Po! What are you doing up there?

PO: Uh, nothing! [He hops to his feet and faces his action figures.] Hi-ya! Monkey! Mantis! Crane! Viper! Tigress! Grrraahh

[Outside on the balcony of the neighboring house, a pig watering flowers stares at Po. Po tries to play it cool and then quickly ducks out of sight.]

MR. PING: Po! Let's go! You're late for work!

PO: Coming!

[He takes a ninja star from his floor and chucks it at the wall. It bounces off. He throws the star again, but it bounces off again. He quickly picks it up and heads downstairs where he trips and falls the rest of the way. He falls flat on his face on the kitchen floor. A panda-shaped shadow looms over Po.]

PO: Sorry, Dad.

MR. PING: 'Sorry' doesn't make the noodles.

[Reveals that the shadow is actually caused by a basket being carried by a small goose. Po gets to work in the shop's small kitchen.]

MR. PING: What were you doing up there, all that noise?

PO: Oh, nothing. Just had a crazy dream.

MR. PING: About what?

PO: Huh?

MR. PING: What were you dreaming about? [He puts down the basket and begins chopping vegetables next to Po as he listens.]

PO: What was I...? Uh... I was dreaming about... [He sees Mr. Ping listening expectantly, and can't bring himself to say the truth. He glances down at the bowl he's holding.] Uh... noodles.

MR. PING: [He stops chopping vegetables.] Noodles? You were really dreaming about noodles?

PO: Uh, yeah. What else would I be dreaming about?

[Po hands a bowl of noodles to a customer, then realizes his throwing star is sitting in it.]

PO: [to customer] Oh, careful, that soup is... sharp!

MR. PING: Oh, happy day! My son, finally having the noodle dream! [He begins rummaging through something and arrives with an apron and a noodle hat. He ties the apron around Po's waist and places the noodle hat in Po's paws.] You don't know how long I have been waiting for this moment. This is a sign, Po!

PO: [He looks at the noodle hat nervously.] Uh... a sign of what?

MR. PING: You are almost ready to be entrusted with the secret ingredient of my "Secret Ingredient Soup". And then you will fulfill your destiny and take over the restaurant! [He quickly runs over to section of wall with three portraits and points at them accordingly.] Just as I took it over from my father, who took it over from his father, who won it from a friend in a game of mahjong.

PO: Dad, Dad, Dad, it was just a dream. [chuckles nervously]

MR. PING: No, it was the dream. We are noodle folk. Broth runs through our veins. [While saying this, he hands two customers their bowls without even looking at them.]

PO: But Dad, didn't you ever, I dunno, want to do something else? Something besides noodles?

MR. PING: Actually, when I was young and crazy, I thought about running away and learning how to make tofu.

PO: So why didn't you?!

MR. PING: Oh, because it was a stupid dream. Can you imagine me making tofu? [He laughs at the thought.] No. We all have our place in this world. Mine is here. And yours is—

PO: I know. Is here.

MR. PING: No, it's at tables two, five, seven, and twelve. [He loads Po's arms with bowls of soup.] Service with a smile!

[A gong sounds in the distance. Po sighs and looks out the window at the distant Jade Palace.

An old red panda is playing a flute. He is surrounded by the bushes and trees that nestle between the Training Hall. From behind the bushes, stealthy dark shapes move in the foreground. He is still playing and seems oblivious. Five figures explode from the undergrowth simultaneously, diving on him. He moves like lightning, the flute now wielded like a staff. He deflects, blocks, dodges, parries, and the attackers go flying. They roll and pick themselves up, turning to face him, who is now standing—poised—ready for their next move.]

SHIFU: Well done, students... if you were trying to disappoint me.

[He uses his flute to point at the Five, who respectfully bow as their name is mentioned.]

SHIFU: Tigress, you need more ferocity. Monkey, greater speed. Crane—height. Viper—subtlety. Mantis—

ZENG: Master Shifu.

[Shifu suddenly points the flute at a scared palace goose.]

SHIFU: [impatiently] What?!

ZENG: [startled] Aah! It's Master Oogway. He wants to see you.

[Shifu looks up, concerned. He runs to the Jade Palace, which is lined with palace geese. The door bursts open. Shifu enters and comes to a halt. Candles and emerald lighting fill the room. He takes a deep breath and bows.]

SHIFU: Master Oogway? You summoned me. [He looks up, still bowing.] Is something wrong?

[He looks up at a tortoise shell perfectly balanced on a thin wooden staff. Master Oogway, a wise and elderly tortoise, emerges slowly from his meditative position and climbs down effortlessly.]

OOGWAY: Why must something be wrong for me to want to see my old friend?

SHIFU: So... nothing's wrong?

OOGWAY: Well, I didn't say that.

[Shifu looks up, concerned. Oogway opens his mouth... and blows out a candle. And another candle. And another. And another. Oogway opens his mouth to say something, then blows out another candle. Finally, an impatient Shifu uses his kung fu to blow them all out.]

SHIFU: You were saying?

OOGWAY: I have had a vision: Tai Lung will return.

[Shifu looks stricken. Quick, impressionistic images of a large, shadowy figure (Tai Lung) flash in his mind. Shifu is rattled.]

SHIFU: That is impossible! He is in prison!

OOGWAY: Nothing is impossible.

SHIFU: [He stares in horror for a second before reacting.] Zeng!

[Zeng comes flying in, and Shifu gets in his face.]

SHIFU: Fly to Chorh-Gom Prison and tell them to double the guards, double their weapons. Double everything! Tai Lung does not leave that prison!

ZENG: Yes, Master Shifu!

[The goose flies off, but then hits a column. Then he is off. Back on Oogway, as he walks away from Shifu.]

OOGWAY: [to himself] One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

SHIFU: [He rushes back to Oogway.] W-we have to do something. We can't just let him march on the Valley and take his revenge! He'll, he'll—

OOGWAY: [He looks into the water of the Moon Pool.] Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.

[Shifu and Oogway stare into the pool. Oogway settles the water with his staff, revealing the reflection of an intricately-carved dragon clutching a scroll in its mouth.]

SHIFU: [He looks up.] The Dragon Scroll...

OOGWAY: [Looking up with Shifu.] It is time.

SHIFU: [Looks at Oogway.] But who? Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power? To become... the Dragon Warrior?

OOGWAY: [A short pause.] I don't know. [He smiles. Shifu stares at him.]

[Back at the noodle shop, Po is serving the customers at their tables. However, he struggles to squeeze through the small gaps. He accidentally knocks into a table.]

PIG CUSTOMER: Hey, watch it Po!

PO: Oh, sorry. Suck it up— [sucks in stomach]

[His belly gets stuck between two tables, and in his attempt to lift himself free, Po accidentally sticks his tail puff into a rabbit family's soup bowl, making the rabbit children cry.]

PO: Oops, sorry! A thousand pardons...

[A gong sounds. Po turns, and sees a group of palace staff sticking a poster on the wall of the restaurant.]

PO: What?! [He runs over to the poster (which features the Furious Five), reads the writing, and gets very excited.] Master Oogway's choosing the Dragon Warrior. Today! [Sets down noodle bowls.] Everyone! Everyone! Go, get to the Jade Palace! One of the Five is going to get the Dragon Scroll!

[He begins ushering out the customers. Mr. Ping looks up from the counter.]

PO: [Runs over to a customer trying to quickly finish their food.] We've been waiting a thousand years for this — just take the bowl! [Runs over to a rabbit counting coins.] This is the greatest day in kung fu history! Don't worry about it, just go! [He begins following the customers out of the restaurant until—]

MR. PING: Po! Where are you going?

[Po struggles to hide his dismay as he turns back to his father.]

PO: To the... Jade Palace?... [Inches slightly out of door.]

MR. PING: But you're forgetting your noodle cart! [He rolls a heavy-looking noodle cart towards Po.] The whole Valley will be there, and you'll sell noodles to all of them!

PO: Selling noodles? [Mr. Ping nods happily.] But Dad, I was kinda thinking maybe I—

MR. PING: [smiling] Yeah?

PO: I was kinda thinking maybe I...

MR. PING: [still smiling] Uh-huh?

PO: ...could also sell the bean buns. They're-they're about to go bad.

MR. PING: That's my boy! I told you that dream was a sign! [He walks back into the shop.]

PO: [Looks down at the cart, disappointed.] Yeah, heh heh, glad I had it.

[At the Palace Arena just below the Jade Palace, palace staff are preparing for the tournament while children play and the villagers stream into the arena. The camera then moves outside the entrance doors and zooms down the thousand steps leading down to the village. It suddenly stops at the bottom where Po is staring open-mouthed at the daunting task ahead of him. He closes his mouth with a gulp, and begins to ascend the stairs, though is severely hindered by the noodle cart. Villagers move past him as he slowly makes progress. Some time later, Po is still ascending the stairs, dragging his cart behind him, exhausted. He stops for a breather and flops onto his back.]

PO: I'm... almost there... huh? [He sits up, and sees to his despair that he has only made it up seven steps.] No! Oh noooo!

[Two pig villagers, the Shaw brothers, pass by and meet Po on the stairs.]

K.G. SHAW: Sorry, Po.

J.R. SHAW: We'll bring you back a souvenir.

[They continue up the stairs. Po stares after them, and then makes a decision.]

PO: No... I'll bring me back a souvenir! [He casts away his apron and noodle hat, and makes his way up to the palace, leaving the noodle cart behind.]

[Up in the arena, Shifu is overseeing the preparations when Master Oogway appears, coming down the steps.]

SHIFU: It is an historic day — isn't it, Master Oogway?

OOGWAY: Yes, and one I feared I would not live to see. Are your students ready?

SHIFU: Yes, Master Oogway.

OOGWAY: Now know this, old friend. Whomever I choose will not only bring peace to the Valley, but also to you.

[Oogway walks off, leaving Shifu to ponder what this may mean. He quickly catches up with him as the crowd roars with excitement. A pig announcer approaches with a gong in his hoof.]

ANNOUNCER: Let the tournament begin!

[The pig strikes the gong as the crowd cheers. Outside the arena, Po finally reaches the top of the stairs; out of breath, but pleased with himself. His joy is cut short when he sees the entrance doors beginning to close.]

PO: Oh, no! [He sprints for the doors.] No no no, wait... I'm coming! Yes! [The doors slam shut as he slams into them.] Owww... [Po collapses. The tournament music starts up. Po quickly gets back up and bangs in the door.] Hey, open the door! [Pigs rapping on drums drown out Po's banging.] Let me in!

SHIFU: [Inside the arena] Citizens of the Valley of Peace! [Po runs up to a small circular window, jumps and grabs it, and struggles to pull himself up and see inside.] It is my great honor to present to you... Tigress! Viper! Crane! Monkey! Mantis! The Furious Five!

[Po laughs in delight as his idols leap onto the scene in a stunning display of kung fu prowess. Master Crane flaps his wings and sends a powerful gust of wind into the arena.]

PO: Oh, it's the Furious Five— [He is cut short when the wind blows the window closed, knocking Po back onto the ground.]

SHIFU: Warriors prepare!

PO: Oh, ah! Peeky-hole! [Po spots a crack in the entrance doors and peeks through.]

SHIFU: Ready for battle!

[Po sees Master Crane getting into position, facing a deadly looking machine.]

PO: Yeah! Woo! The Thousand Tongues of Fire! [He laughs in anticipation.]

PIG FAN: Whoa, look at that! [Steps in front of and blocks Po's view.]

PO: Hey, get out of the way!

[Po hears a firing sound, looks up, and sees Crane being surrounded by fireworks. He keeps backing up so he can see the spectacle, but backs up too much and tumbles down the stairs again. By the time he gets back up, Crane has defeated the fireworks and disappeared from view. Po collapses on the ground in disappointment, but then gets back up with determination.

While the crowd enjoys the tournament inside the arena, Po makes various attempts to gain access; first, he punches the doors, which causes him pain. Second, he attempts to pole-vault over the wall, but his weight bends the pole and he gets flung into the wall, cracking it. Third, he bends a tree to the ground and ties it with the plan to catapult himself into the arena. However, his weight keeps the tree bent when he cuts the rope. When he gets off, the tree springs up, whacking his nose, then springs back once to strike him on the head. In the next shot, Po is sitting at the top of the stairs, his back to the arena, apparently having given up.]

SHIFU: And finally... Master Tigress!

[Hearing this, Po once again gets up and starts looking for another plan. He sets out pulling back another, larger tree.]

SHIFU: Believe me citizens, you have not seen anything yet!


SHIFU: Master Tigress! Face Iron Ox and his Blades of Death!

[Inside the arena, Tigress prepares to face her daunting opponent. Po suddenly springs up above the arena, catapulted by the tree. Po gets a good glimpse of his favorite of the Five, but then bounces of the rooftops and crashes into a fireworks cart, just outside the arena.

Back inside the arena, Oogway suddenly closes his eyes and raises his palm. The crowd hushes and looks up at him.]

OOGWAY: I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us.

[Shifu gives a nod to the Five. Monkey, Crane, Viper and Mantis join Tigress in the middle of the arena and they quickly position themselves into a line facing the older masters.]

SHIFU: Citizens of the Valley of Peace! Master Oogway will now choose... the Dragon Warrior!

[The crowd cheers, but Po is alarmed as he hears this.]

PO: Huh? Oh no! No no no, wait! [He suddenly sees the fireworks surrounding him and gets an idea.] Yeah...

[Inside the arena, the pigs are drumming as Oogway begins to slowly approach the Five, his palm swaying in the air as he prepares to make a decision. Outside, Po ties many small fireworks to a chair, sits on it, and lights the fuse.]

MR. PING: Po!? [He appears at the top of the stairs, holding Po's apron. He sees Po sitting on the fireworks chair.] What are you doing?! [He rushes forward and attempts to blow out the fuse.]

PO: What does it look like I'm doing?! No, stop, stop! I'm going to see the Dragon Warrior!

[Oogway is now closer to the Five.]

MR. PING: But I don't understand. You finally had the noodle dream!

[This close to seeing the Dragon Warrior, Po is unable to maintain the façade any longer.]

PO: I lied. I don't dream about noodles, Dad!

[The goose's eyes widen. Po looks down and sees that the fuse is almost out. He braces himself and yells to the heavens.]


[When Po opens his eyes, he finds himself still on the ground: the fuse was a dud. He loses balance on the little chair and falls flat on his face (the chair still stuck on his rear), then begins to sniffle, defeated at last. Though sympathetic, Mr. Ping holds out Po's apron.]

MR. PING: Oh, come on, son. Let's get back to work.

PO: [He sighs.] Okay.

[Po is sadly getting up when all of a sudden, the fireworks on the chair go off, propelling Po into the arena wall.]

MR. PING: Po! [Propelled by the fireworks, Po slides along the wall on his face, wailing.] Po, come back!

[Suddenly the chair changes direction and Po soars screaming into the sky directly above the arena in a display of fireworks. Below, the crowd looks up and "Oooh" and "Aaah" at the show. As Po eventually stops screaming and the fireworks die out, the burned chair disintegrates beneath him.]

PO: Uh oh. [He plummets back to earth and lands in the middle of the arena. Everything goes black upon impact.]

[After some inter-determinate time, Po groggily wakes up. Everything is blurry in his vision.]

PO: Ugh... [He looks up, and the first thing he sees is Masters Mantis and Viper staring down at him.] What's goin' on...? [He turns his head and sees Masters Monkey, Crane and Tigress, also staring at him.] Where, uh...? [What he sees next is a quivering finger pointing straight at his face.] What are you pointing...?

[He shakes his head, and his vision clears. He finds himself lying right in front of Oogway, the one pointing at him. He realizes with a jolt that he has landed right between the old master and the Furious Five.]

PO: Oh! Okay, sorry! I just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior was.

OOGWAY: How interesting. [He still points at Po, intrigued by this unexpected occurrence. Standing right behind Po, Tigress steps forward, confused.]

TIGRESS: Master, are you pointing at... me?


PO: Who?... [Po attempts to move out of the way, but Oogway's finger follows him. Tigress's eyes widen.]


PO: Me?

[Oogway lifts up Po's arm with his staff for all to see.]

OOGWAY: The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!

PO: What?


SHIFU: What!?

MR. PING: [Entering though the doors.] WHAT!?

[The announcer strikes the gong. Shifu snatches away the mallet, but is too late as the crowd cheers wildly and confetti rains down. Po stares around him, speechless. A group of palace geese rapidly descend the palace stairs with a palanquin.]

SHIFU: Stop! Wait! Who told you to-

[The geese move straight past him, down the remaining steps, and stop right in front of Po. Shifu races down after them as the panda is hoisted up on the palanquin. The geese struggle to lift the palanquin and make their way back towards the stairs. While the Five are bowed behind them, Shifu finally reaches Oogway.]

SHIFU: Master, Master wait! That flabby panda can't possibly be the answer to... our problem! You were about to point at Tigress and that thing fell in front of her! That was just an accident!

OOGWAY: There are no accidents.

[CRUNCH! Shifu, Oogway and the Five look up, startled. Po has broken through the palanquin and is now stuck in the newly-made hole. Shifu looks at Oogway, who simply smiles. Palace pigs surround Po and lift the palanquin with relative ease, and make their way up the stairs. Shifu stares after them in disbelief, as the Five slowly approach him.]

TIGRESS: Forgive us, Master. [She kneels forward and bows. The others follow suit.] We have failed you.

[Shifu holds up a paw to stop her.]

SHIFU: No. If the panda has not quit by morning, then I will have failed you.

[Around them, the crowd continues to cheers and the confetti rains down from the sky.

Meanwhile, far away in the snowy mountains of Mongolia, Zeng the palace goose is approaching the fearsome Chor-Gom Prison. A rhino guard watches as Zeng flies past him, tired from the journey. With a cry, he crash lands on the ground outside the entrance doors, clutching a scroll. In an instant, two rhino guards thrust their spears in his face.]

ZENG: Wait, wait, wait wait! I bring a message! [The guards keep their spears pointed.] From Master Shifu! [The rhinos relax slightly. The enormous entrance doors are opened. Minutes later, Commander Vachir, the warden, is standing in front of the frightened Zeng, reading the scroll. What he reads enrages him.]

VACHIR: WHAT?! "Double the guard? Extra precautions? Your prison may not be adequate?" [He slams the scroll shut and glares down at the quaking Zeng. The guards behind the goose grip their weapons, equally outraged, and stare daggers at him.] You doubt my prison's security?

ZENG: Absolutely not. Shifu does. I'm just the messenger. [He gulps, intimidated.]

VACHIR: I'll give you a message for your Master Shifu. [He proceeds to lead Zeng along the bridge across from the doors.] Escape from Chorh-Gom Prison is impossible!

[Zeng looks in awe around the cavernous prison. He then looks over the side of the bridge into the dark and seemingly-bottomless abyss. Vachir suddenly slaps Zeng on the back, startling him and knocking a feather from his body, which floats down from the bridge.]

VACHIR: [Laughs.] Impressive, isn't it?

ZENG: [trembling] Oh yes, it's very impressive. It's very impressive!

[Vachir leads him deeper into the prison, while gloating about the security.]

VACHIR: One way in, one way out, one thousand guards, and one prisoner.

ZENG: Yes, except that prisoner is Tai Lung...

[The warden and the palace goose step into an elevator.]

VACHIR: [to guards] Take us down.

[The guards obey, and the elevator descends in the darkness towards the very bottom area of the prison. Vachir shakes the elevator to scare Zeng, and laughs at his frightened reaction. Eventually they reach the bottom. Zeng is led towards a set of heavily-armored doors, which open one after the other.]

ZENG: Oh my...

[The final door falls forward, creating a bridge towards a circular stone island in the middle of the abyss. In the middle of the island is a figure shrouded in darkness.]

VACHIR: Behold, Tai Lung.

[Zeng's eyes widen.]

ZENG: I'll, um... I'm just gonna wait right here.

VACHIR: [Laughs.] It's nothing to worry about. It's perfectly safe. [He pushes Zeng across the bridge, and follows after.] Crossbows! At the ready!

ZENG: Crossbows?!

[In sentry towers around the walls of the prison, guard train enormous crossbows on the figure on the island as Vachir and Zeng approach. Tai Lung, once a mighty kung fu warrior, is now weighed down with chains attached to enormous rocks hanging over the sides of the island, immobilized by a special stone tortoise shell on his back.]

VACHIR: Hey, tough guy! Did you hear? Oogway's finally going to give someone the Dragon Scroll and it's not going to be you!

ZENG: What are you doing? Don't get him mad!

VACHIR: What's he gonna do about it? I've got him completely immobilized. [He stamps on Tai Lung's tail, which crunches on impact. Zeng leaps back with a gasp, but Tai Lung makes no movement. Vachir laughs.] Awww, did I step on the witty kitty's tail? Awww...

ZENG: I'm good! I've seen enough! I'm gonna tell Shifu he's got nothing to worry about.

VACHIR: No he doesn't. [They walk back across the bridge.]

ZENG: Okay I'll tell him. Can we please go now?...

[Zeng and Vachir walk out of view. Meanwhile, Zeng's feather floats down and rests right in front of Tai Lung... and his eyes open. He whips out his tail and snatches the feather.

[Back at the Jade Palace, the crowd continues to cheer for the Dragon Warrior as the palace pigs bring Po (still in the ruined palanquin) to the top of the palace stairs and inside the main building. They drop Po to the ground and quickly exit.]

PO: Wait a second!

[The doors close, leaving Po along in the room.]

PO: Hello? Uh... I think there's been a slight mistake. Everybody seems to think that I'm, uh...

[He slowly turns around and realizes where he is. He moans in pure amazement.]

PO: The Sacred Hall of Warriors! No way! Look at this place!

[Po spots a rhino-suit of armor and runs up to it.]

PO: Master Flying Rhino's armor. With authentic battle damage! [He turns and sees another famous artifact — the green sword previously seen in Po's dream. He runs up to it.] Whoa... The Sword of Heroes! Said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by looking— OW! [He shakes his finger and sucks it. He then runs up to an apparently empty display.] The Invisible Trident of Destiny! [He looks up at a painting and gasps.] I've only seen paintings of that painting...

[Po joyfully examines other kung fu artifacts... and then spots an urn which appears to be glowing from the inside. He gasps.]

PO: [loudly] Nooo! Ohhhh! [He runs up to it.] The Legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors... said to contain the souls of the entire Tenshu Army! [He hesitates before coming close to the urn and whispering into it.] Hello?

SHIFU: [From out of view] Have you finished sight-seeing?

PO: [gasp] Sorry! I should have come to see you first!

SHIFU: My patience is wearing thin.

PO: Oh. Well, I mean, it's not like you were going anywhere.

SHIFU: Do turn around.

PO: Sure. [He turns and sees Shifu.] Hey, how's it going? [Turns back to the urn.] Now how do you get get five hund— Master Shifu!

[Startled, he accidentally knocks over the urn, and there is a ghostly wail as it shatters on the ground. Po, mortified, looks up at Shifu.]

PO: Someone... broke that. [Shifu stares at him in silence. Po attempts to pick up the pieces.] But I'm going to fix it. Do you have some glue?... [He knocks the urn's display table, and it topples on his head. Shifu continues to stare.] Ow! Ooh. Splinter.

SHIFU: So you're the legendary Dragon Warrior, hmm?

PO: Uh... I guess so?

SHIFU: Wrong! [Po stands up, alarmed.] You are not the Dragon Warrior. You will never be the Dragon Warrior until you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll. [With his staff, he points up at the ceiling at the scroll.]

PO: Whoa... So how does this work? You have a ladder or trampoline or...

[Shifu chuckles coldly.]

SHIFU: You think it's that easy? That I'm just going to hand you the secret to limitless power?

PO: No, I-

[Shifu approaches Po.]

SHIFU: One must first master the highest level of kung fu. And that is clearly impossible if that one is someone like you.

PO: Someone like me?

SHIFU: Yes. Look at you! This fat butt. [He hits Po's butt with his staff, making Po cry out.] Flabby arms! [He hits Po's arm.]

PO: Ouch! Those are sensitive in the flabby parts.

SHIFU: And this ridiculous belly! [Jabs Po's stomach.]

PO: Hey...

SHIFU: And utter disregard for personal hygiene.

PO: Now wait a minute. That's a little uncalled for—

SHIFU: Don't stand so close, I can smell your breath.

PO: [Points at Shifu.] Listen, Oogway said that I was the—

[Suddenly, Shifu grabs Po's outstretched finger and lifts his pinky. Po gasps in horror.]

PO: The Wuxi Finger Hold! Not the Wuxi Finger Hold!

SHIFU: [slyly] Ohhh, you know this hold?

PO: [slurred together] Developed by Master Wuxi in the third dynasty. Yes!

SHIFU: Oh, then you must know what happens when I flex my pinky...

PO: [gasp] No no no!

SHIFU: You know the hardest part of this? The hardest part... is cleaning up afterwards. [chuckles]

PO: Okay! Okay, take it easy!

SHIFU: Now listen closely, panda. Oogway may have picked you, but when I'm through with you, I promise you: You're going to wish he hadn't! Are we clear?

PO: Yeah. We're clear! We're clear! We are so clear.

SHIFU: Good. [chuckles] I can't wait to get started.

[Shifu leads Po into the Training Hall, where the panda is struck speechless as he sees the Furious Five combating the various deadly stages of the course. Crane is deflecting arrows while balancing on half of a jade-colored turtle shell. Then Tigress leaps onto the shell and briefly spars with him. Meanwhile, Mantis weaves his way through an army of wooden crocodile warriors. Viper evades fire spurts on the Field of Fiery Death. Monkey swings across the seven-talon rings. Tigress dodges the swinging spiked clubs on spinning serpent logs, then smashes one with her bare fists. A piece of the club strikes Po on the head.]

SHIFU: Let's begin.

PO: Wait wait wait! What? [He stares at the fearsome course in front of him.] Now?

SHIFU: Yes, now. Unless you think that the great Oogway was wrong, and you are not the Dragon Warrior?...

PO: Oh, okay. Well... I don't know if I can do all of those moves...

SHIFU: Well, if we don't try, we'll never know, will we? [He begins walking along the side of the course. Po follows.]

PO: Uh, yeah. It's just— maybe we can find something more suited to my level...

SHIFU: And what level is that?

PO: Well, ya know... I'm not a master, but uh, let's just start at zero. Level Zero.

SHIFU: [Laughs.] There is no such thing as Level Zero.

PO: Hey! Maybe I can start with that!

[Po points and runs over to a friendly-looking bandit dummy.]

SHIFU: That? We use that for training children. And for propping the door open when it's hot. But if you insist...

[At that moment, the Five gather around Po.]

PO: Whoa. The Furious Five. You're so much bigger than your action figures — except for you, Mantis. You're about the same.

[Mantis's antennae twitches as he glares. Po looks uncomfortable.]

SHIFU: Go ahead, panda. Show us what you can do.

[Po hesitates, seeing the Five watching him.]

PO: Um, are they going to watch. Or should I just wait until they get back to work or something?...

SHIFU: Hit it.

PO: [stalling] Okay. I mean I just ate, so I'm still digesting. So my kung fu might not be as good as later on...

SHIFU: Just hit it!

PO: [Pauses.] Alright... [He turns to the dummy.] Whatcha got? You got nothin' 'cause I got it right here. You picking on my friends? [He begins dancing on the spot.] Get ready to feel the thunder. I'm comin' at him with the crazy feet. Whatcha gonna do about my crazy feet? I'm a blur. I'm a blur. You never seen bear style, you only seen praying Mantis! OR... I could come at you Monkey style. [Makes monkey sounds. Monkey raises his eyebrows.] OR... I'm comin' at ya snikity-snake...

[Shifu and the Five stare at Po as he faces the dummy, and Shifu loses his patience.]

SHIFU: Would you hit it!?

[Po stops dancing.]

PO: Alright... Alright.

[Hesitantly, he very light hits the dummy with his fist. It rocks back into place.]

SHIFU: Why don't you try again? A little harder.

[This time, Po knocks the dummy all the way backwards.]

PO: How's tha—

[WHACK! The dummy rights itself and whacks Po, sending him flying backwards and knocking out a tooth. Po finds himself in the training course. The Five instinctively step forward to help Po, but Shifu holds up his paw to stop them.

Po struggles to balance on the serpent logs, and eventually ends up doing a painful split on two of them.]

PO: Ow! Oh, that hurts!

[He looks up and sees a spiky tethered ball, which hits and sends Po flying into the jade turtle exercise, where it rattles him around. The Five wince while Shifu looks on with a smile.]

SHIFU: [to the Five] This'll be easier than I thought.

PO: Feeling a little nauseous...

[The turtle spills him out and he stumbles into the army of wooden warriors, proceed to whack every part of his body.]

PO: Ow, those are hard! Ooh! I think I— [The last dummy whaps him in the crotch and everything become still.] Oooohoohoo... my tenders.

[He struggles to get on his feet, takes one step and reaches out to a dummy arm...and immediately gets pummeled all over again. Po comes out the other side battered and bruised and finds he is standing on the Field of Fiery Death.]

PO: Uh oh.

[We see reflections of fire on the Five and Shifu as well as Po's yells as he gets singed. After a while, he comes crawling into frame, dazed and charred, with the little tuft on his head on fire.]

PO: [gasping for breath] How did I do?

SHIFU: There is now a Level Zero. [He puts out the little fire with his fingers.]

[That night, the Five are walking to the bunkhouse, which sits high on a hill, led by a palace goose with a lantern.]

MANTIS: There's no words.

CRANE: No denying that.

VIPER: I don't understand what Master Oogway was thinking. The poor guy's just going to get himself killed!

CRANE: [mocking] He is so mighty! The Dragon Warrior... fell out of the sky on a ball of fire!

MANTIS: When he walks, the very ground shakes!

[Everyone laughs except Tigress.]

TIGRESS: One would think that Master Oogway would choose someone who actually knew kung fu. [She walks ahead.]

CRANE: Yeah, or could at least touch his toes.

MONKEY: Or even see his toes.

[As the others walk off, laughing, Po emerges from behind rock, who unbeknownst to them has been walking behind them this whole time, hearing everything. He attempts to look at his toes, but just sees gut. He lifts up his stomach, leans forward... leans... leans... and falls over. He gets up and watches them go inside. He sighs.

Inside, the Five blow out the candles in their rooms as Po peeks around the corner.]

PO: Okay.

[He tip-toes into the hall. SQUEAK. The floorboards strain beneath him. SQUEAK.]

PO: [whispering] Great.

[Po takes a gentle step. Cre-e-e-a-a—CHUNK! Po's foot goes through the floor. Po tries to recover. SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK! THUNK! Po rolls his ankle and stumbles through a bedroom door. He turns and finds Crane staring back at him.]

PO: Oh hey... hi. You're up.

CRANE: Am now.

PO: I was just, uh... Some day, huh? That kung fu stuff is hard work, right? Your biceps sore?

[Crane looks at his wing.]

CRANE: Um... I've had a long and rather disappointing day, so uh...yeah, I should probably get to sleep now.

PO:Yeah yeah yeah, of course. [Turns to leave.]

CRANE: [Relieved] Okay, thanks.

PO: It's just... I'm such a big fan. [Turns back.]

CRANE: [Alarmed] Oop.

PO: You guys were totally amazing at the Battle of Weeping River. Outnumbered a thousand to one, but you didn't stop, and then you just... WA-YA-HA-HA HI-YAH!

[Po does a spastic series of kung fu moves and... RIP... kicks his foot through the paper wall.]

PO: Ooh, sorry about that. [Looks through the hole to see Monkey glaring at him.]

CRANE: Look, you don't belong here.

[Po looks stung to be hearing this from one of his heroes.]

PO: I know. I know. You're right. I just— my whole life, I've dreamed of—

[Crane stops Po before he embarrasses himself even more.]

CRANE: No no no... I meant you don't belong here. I mean, in this room. This is my room. Property of Crane.

[Po is mortified, but covers.]

PO: Oh, okay. Right right. Yeah, you want to get to sleep. [Begins backing out of the room.]

CRANE: Yeah.

PO: I'm keepin' you up. We got big things tomorrow. [Begins shutting the door.] Alright. You're awesome. Last thing I'm gonna say. Okay. Bye bye.

[Po shuts the door. His silhouette can be seen standing outside, not moving. Crane sighs. The door suddenly opens. Po pokes his head in with an eager smile.]

PO: What was that?

CRANE: I didn't say anything.

PO: Okay. Alright. Goodnight. Sleep well.

[Po backs out and closes the door. Crane puts his foot on his head.]

PO: Seemed a little bit awkward...

[Po turns and walks down the hall to find a vacant room. CREAK-CREAK... Tigress opens the door next to him. Po winces.]

PO: Master Tigress! Didn't mean to wake you. I was just, uh—

TIGRESS: You don't belong here.

PO: Uh, yeah, of course. This is your room— [Tigress approaches and glares at him.]

TIGRESS: I mean... you don't belong in the Jade Palace. You're a disgrace to kung fu, and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do, you will be gone by morning.

[She closes the door on Po, who stares, stunned and saddened.]

PO: Big fan...

[A little later, a dejected Po is standing under a peach tree on a hill. Oogway approaches with a glowing lantern.]

OOGWAY: I see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.

[Po spins around, his arms full of peaches and his mouth equally stuffed. He drops the peaches in shock.]

PO: [with his mouth full] Is that what this is? I am so sorry. I thought it was just a regular peach tree.

OOGWAY: I understand. You eat when you are upset.

PO: [Spits out the remaining peaches and slurs words together.] Upset? I'm not upset. What makes you think I'm upset?

OOGWAY: So why are you upset?

[Po pauses, then sighs: There's no use trying to lie to Oogway.]

PO: I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu, in the history of China, in the history of sucking.

OOGWAY: Probably.

PO: And the Five... man, you should have seen them, they totally hate me.

OOGWAY: Totally.

PO: How's Shifu ever going to turn me into the Dragon Warrior? [He lifts his belly and drops it, causing it to bounce until he stops with his his paw. He sighs.] I mean, I'm not like the Five. I've got no claws, no wings, no venom. Even Mantis has those... [imitating a mantis's front legs] ...thingies. Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.

[Po sits down, his back to Oogway. Oogway look at him for a moment.]

OOGWAY: Quit, don't quit. Noodles, don't noodles. [Po looks back at him, confused.] You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There's a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

[Oogway hits the tree with his staff as he walks away, and a peach falls into Po's open paw. Po smiles as he watches the tortoise leave.

[Meanwhile, back at Chor-Gom Prison, Tai Lung is glaring intently ahead as he uses Zeng's feather to pick the lock, from the armor. When he succeeds, the accupuncture needles in the armor remove themselves from his body. He breaths out as he regains movement in his arms. All of a sudden, Tai Lung BURSTS free from his armor. The Commander runs to the ledge, the goose right behind him.]


ZENG: What's happening?!

[The goose looks over the edge and and is horrified when he sees Tai Lung at the bottom of the pit. Tai Lung struggles with his shackles, attached to the huge boulders.]

VACHIR: Fire Crossbows!

[Tai Lung dodges several of the incoming spears, and then moves himself so the next one breaks him free of one of his shackles, much to the guards' horror. With his free paw, he rips off the other one.]

ZENG: Tai Lung is free! I must warn Shifu!

[Zeng attempts to flee, but the Commander grabs he neck, preventing him from leaving.]

VACHIR: You're not going anywhere, and neither is he!

ZENG: Let go of me!

VACHIR: [To guards] Bring it up!

[The winch turns and the elevator starts to rise. A rhino guard tries to reach it, but just misses.]

RHINO GUARD #1: Wait! Bring it back!

[The rhinos begin to attack Tai Lung, firing spears at him, one of which he redirects into the crossbow, destroying it, and the rest he kicks back up into the walls, creating a makeshift staircase. He begins making his way up the spears, towards the elevator.]

ZENG: He's coming this way!

VACHIR: He won't get far. [To guards] Archers!

[Leaping across the spears, Tai Lung catches the elevator, hiding under it as the volley of arrows flies down past him. The guards cut the rope and the elevator crashes back down to the bottom of the pit. The guards celebrate for a second before Tai Lung swings up from the bottom of the elevator house and catches the guards by surprise. He grabs the chain and jumps over the edge and swings around, launching himself up to the next tier, disappearing into the shadows. Tai Lung lands on a bridge, fights his way through hundreds of guards, finally reaching the top tier where the Commander (still clutching Zeng) and the rest of the rhino army await.]

ZENG: We're dead. So very, very dead.

VACHIR: [Laughs] Not yet we're not! Now!

[A archer fires a flaming arrow upwards and sets off charges on the ceiling. Massive stalactites crash down and the bridge begins to crumble. Tai Lung leaps across the crumbling debris and attempts one last huge jump towards the Commander. But he falls short, claws scraping and sparking against the rock wall. The Commander laughs maniacally. On his way down, Tai Lung looks up and sees a fuse burning down to the last group of explosives. He leaps across the raining debris up to the ceiling of the cavern. Grabbing a hold of the dynamite, Tai Lung falls towards the army.]

ZENG: Can we run now?

VACHIR: [Sobs in terror.] Yes.

[Tai Lung flings the dynamite... KA-THOOM! The door blasts open and Rhinos go flying everywhere. WHUMP. The goose hits the ground among them. He coughs out some smoke and is startled when the commander's horn prosthetic falls in front of him. Suddenly, Tai Lung's paw closes around his throat.]


[Tai Lung lifts Zeng and looks at him for a moment. Then he sighs.]

TAI LUNG: I'm glad Shifu sent you. I was beginning to think I had been forgotten. [With a creepy tenderness, Tai Lung smooths the goose's ruffled feathers. Then he learns closer to Zeng.] Fly back there and tell them... the real Dragon Warrior is coming home.

[Zeng nods in terror. Tai Lung throws the goose into the air and he flutters off. Lightning strikes in the sky.
[Back in the Valley of Peace, the morning gong is rung in the bell tower. The second it rings, Shifu enters the hallway of the bunkhouse. The Five burst out of their rooms and stand outside their doors, ready for inspection.]

FURIOUS FIVE: Good morning master!

[One door remains closed.]

SHIFU: Panda! [No answer] Panda, wake up!

[He slides open Po's door. Then he chuckles: the room is empty.]

SHIFU: [Satisfied] He's quit.

[Shifu walks with a bit more energy as he and the Five approach the training hall courtyard. Tigress looks equally pleased.]

VIPER: What do we do now, Master? With the panda gone, who will be the Dragon Warrior?

SHIFU: All we can do is resume our training and trust that in time, the true Dragon Warrior will be revealed.

[Shifu opens the courtyard doors, only to find himself face-to- face with Po's butt. Shifu and the Five are taken aback.]

SHIFU: What are you doing here?!

[Po is in the middle of the courtyard, his legs spread wide apart on two training horses. Po looks back over his shoulder to see Shifu and the Five staring at him.]

PO: Hey! Huh... Good morning, Master! I just thought I'd warm up a little. [He tries to lift one leg, but fails.]

SHIFU: You're stuck.

PO: Stuck?! Whaa? Pfft... stuck... does this look stuck to you... Yeah, I'm stuck.

SHIFU: [To Crane] Help him.

CRANE: Oh dear.

[Crane approaches, gingerly grabs Po's waistband and attempts to pull him up by flapping his wings.]

PO: Maybe on three. One. Two-

[Crane pulls him up and Po flops onto his back.]

PO: [Gets to his feet.] Thank you.

CRANE: Don't mention it.

PO: No really, I appreci—

CRANE: Ever.

[Po falls silent as Crane returns to stand by the group.]

SHIFU: You actually thought you could learn to do a full split in one night? It takes years to develop one's flexibility... [Shifu flings two boards into the air, and Tigress steps forwards.] and years longer to apply it in combat.

[Shifu snaps his fingers. Instantly, Tigress leaps up and executes a perfect split kick. Po is awestruck. Tigress lands, glares at Po and returns to Shifu's side. The broken chunks of board land all around Po, a large one knocking him on the head. Po picks up the piece of splintered board and hides it behind his back.]

SHIFU: Put that down! The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones.

PO: Yeah, excellent! [He chucks away the chunk.]

SHIFU: Let's get started.

[Shifu snaps his fingers. The Furious Five gather in a line in the courtyard and Viper and Po face off.]

VIPER: Are you ready?

PO: I was born ready—

[Viper lashes out with her tail, flings Po into the air and brings him crashing back down on his head.]

PO: OW! Oh...

VIPER: I'm sorry, brother! I thought you said you were ready!

PO: That was awesome! Let's go again. [salutes]

[Irritated, Shifu snaps. Monkey twirls a bamboo staff. He lunges at Po (also wielding a staff) who takes a comical beating. Po and Crane prepare to spar atop the turtle bowl. CRASH. Po falls in and is tossed around like a sack of soup. Crane hovers above the bowl and looks to Shifu. Angered, Shifu snaps. At this time, the sun is setting. We see a series of shots of Po falling on his face at the work of some invisible opponent, who turns out to be... Mantis. Shifu smiles. Flat on his back, Po manages a salute. This time, Shifu has had it.]

SHIFU: I've been taking it easy on you, panda, but no more! Your next opponent... will be me.

PO: Alright! Yeah, let's go!

[The Five exchange worried looks. Po and Shifu face off.]

SHIFU: Step forth.

[Po doesn't even finish the step as Shifu whirls him around with no effort and and throws him to the floor pinning his arm behind him.]

SHIFU: The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness and make him suffer for it.

PO: [In pain, but delighted.] Oh ho, yeah!

[Shifu throws Po around again.]

SHIFU: To take his strength and use it against him. [Shifu kicks Po repeatedly in the face. He throw him to the floor again, and grips Po by the nose.] Until he finally falls, or quits.

[Po is totally inspired.]

PO: [Nasally] But a real warrior never quits. Don't worry, Master, I will never quit!

[At his breaking point, Shifu flings Po into the air and then leaps at him with a flying kick. Po crashes out of the door and tumbles down the steps. The Five walk outside and watch him fall.]

TIGRESS: If he's smart, he won't come back up those steps.

MONKEY: But he will.

[Tigress walks back inside.]

VIPER: He's not gonna quit, is he?

MANTIS: He's not gonna quit bouncin', I'll tell ya that.

[He begins laughing, but Viper silences him with a stern hiss. Po yells in the distance as he continues to tumble...
[In his bunkhouse room that evening, Po is still yelling in pain.]

PO: Aaaoo...whoohoo...EEEee...hee- hee... OW! I thought you said acupuncture would make me feel [Mantis pops us from behind Po holding a handful of needes and sticks him again.] better!

MANTIS: Trust me, it will. It's just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this...

PO: Fat?

MANTIS: Fur, I was going to say fur. [Removes the needle and moves to another part of Po's back.]

PO: [Skeptical] Sure you were.

MANTIS: [Adjusts a needle and taps Po's back for nerves.] Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size? I mean... look at me.

[Po looks for Mantis...]

MANTIS: I'm over here.

[...But Mantis is now on his other shoulder. He jabs another needle into Po.]


VIPER: Maybe you should take a look at this again.

[Viper, who is also in the room, is holding a diagram of acupuncture meridians (onto which someone has overlaid a drawing of a panda.)]

MANTIS: [looks at the diagram] Oh! Okay.

[Meanwhile, Monkey is meditating in another room.]

PO: Ow! Don't... [laughing]

[Monkey opens his eyes. Annoyed at the disturbance, Monkey sticks his fingers in his ears. In another room, Crane is doing calligraphy.]

PO: Stop it, stop... YOW!

[Startled, Crane accidentally smears the paper. Back in his own room, Po settles down.]

PO: I know Master Shifu's trying to inspire me and all, but if I didn't know any better... I'd say he was trying to get rid of me.

[Po chuckles. The others look at each other and smile awkwardly. Po notices their expressions and his chuckle fades.]

MANTIS: I know he can seem kind of heartless...

[He violently jabs another needle in Po.]

PO: Ah!

MANTIS: But, you know, he wasn't always like that.

VIPER: According to legend, there was once a time when Master Shifu actually used to smile.

PO: No...

[Outside, Tigress is walking down the hallway when she overhears them talking. She stops outside their door.]

VIPER: But that was before... [She hesitates]

PO: Before what?

[Tigress enters.]

TIGRESS: Before Tai Lung.

[Crane's shadow is silhouetted on the wall.]

CRANE: Uh, yeah, we're not really supposed to talk about him.

TIGRESS: Well, if he's going to stay here, he should know.

PO: Guys, guys. I know about Tai Lung.

[Tigress looks at Po.]

PO: He was a student, the first ever to master the thousand... scrolls of... kung fu... [Tigress gives him a piercing stare. He nervously trails off.] and... then he turned bad... and... now he's in jail...

TIGRESS: He wasn't just a student.

[FLASHBACK. A younger Shifu steps out of the Training Hall Courtyard and finds a baby leopard cub on the steps, swaddled in cloth.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): Shifu found him as a cub. And he raised him as his son.

[While being fed, baby Tai Lung yanks off some of Shifu's whiskers.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): ...and when the boy showed talent in kung fu... [A slightly older Tai Lung approaches the training dummy. He kicks it across the floor, and it hits the wall, knocking a spear from the weapons rack. Shifu approaches, impressed, and Tai Lung nudges him affectionately.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): ...Shifu trained him. [Shifu teaches Tai Lung how to punch.] He believed in him. He told him he was destined for greatness.

[Tai Lung faces a wooden warrior.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): It was never enough for Tai Lung.

[Cut to a full grown Tai Lung demolishing the warrior while Shifu looks on with intense pride. Master Oogway is also watching, but does not look impressed.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): He wanted the Dragon Scroll. But Oogway saw darkness in his heart and refused.

[An enraged Tai Lung rampages through a village.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): Outraged, Tai Lung laid waste to the valley.

[Tai Lung returns to the Jade Palace and crashes through the doors into the Hall of Warriors, where Shifu and Oogway are waiting for him.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): He tried to take the scroll by force. And Shifu had to destroy what he had created.

[Shifu leaps at Tai Lung to deliver a kick. However, at the last second he sees only baby Tai Lung running towards him.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): But how could he?

[Shifu pulls his kick short. Tai Lung counters with a devastating strike and Shifu crashes to the ground with a broken leg. Tai Lung leaps for the scroll, but Oogway intercepts him with lightning speed strikes at his pressure points. He falls to the ground in a heap. Shifu stares at what has become of his beloved student with sadness and disbelief. He crawls toward Tai Lung, but is ultimately unable to touch him.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): Shifu loved Tai Lung like he'd never loved anyone before...

[Some time later, young Tigress in the training hall strikes the dummy in the same manner as Tai Lung, but this time, the spear in the reack spins rather than topples. Shifu corrects her form. Nothing more. Young Tigress looks crestfallen.]

TIGRESS (V.O.): ...or since.

[The sad, young Tigress cross-dissolves to adult Tigress. Everyone is quiet in the moment.]

TIGRESS: And now he has a chance to make things right, to train the true Dragon Warrior. And he's stuck with you... a big, fat panda who treats it like a joke.

[Suddenly, Po makes a googly-eyed face and he freezes.]

PO: Doieeeee...

TIGRESS: [At that, Tigress loses her temper and raises her fist.] Oh, that is it!

[Mantis pops up on Po's face and halts Tigress.]

MANTIS: Wait! My fault! I accidentally tweaked his facial nerve.

[Po falls face first to the floor, revealing his back is covered with needles.]

MANTIS: And may have also stopped his heart.

[Mantis tentatively pokes Po's face: his eyes twitches.]

[In the Training Hall, Shifu is sitting in meditation, surrounded by candles. His inner turmoil causes him to fidget incessantly.]

SHIFU: Inner peace... inner peace... i-in... in-in...inner peace.

[A very faint flapping sound in the distance does not help matters. Eventually, he turns around.]

SHIFU: Would whoever is making that flapping sound, quiet down!

[Silence. Satisfied, Shifu resumes his meditation.]

SHIFU: Inner...

[WUMP. A goose drops in from the open ceiling. Scowling, Shifu gets up, but smiles when he sees who it is.]

SHIFU: Oh, Zeng. Excellent. I could use some good news right now.

[Zeng hesitates. He has anything but good news.]

ZENG: Uh...

[Minutes later, Shifu is rushing up Peach Tree hill. Oogway stands under the tree, slowly performing Tai Chi movements, blossom petals floating elegantly from the branches.]

SHIFU: Master! Master!


SHIFU: [out of breath] I have... it's... it's very bad news.

OOGWAY: Ah, Shifu. There is just news. There is no good or bad.

SHIFU: Master, your vision...your vision was right! Tai Lung has broken out of prison! He's on his way!


OOGWAY: That is bad news... if you do not believe that the Dragon Warrior can stop him.

SHIFU: The panda? Master, that panda is not the Dragon Warrior. He wasn't even meant to be here... it was an accident!

OOGWAY: There are no accidents.

SHIFU: [Sighs.] Yes, I know. You've said that already. Twice.

OOGWAY: Well, that was no accident either.

SHIFU: [Holds up three fingers.] Thrice.

OOGWAY: My old friend, the panda will never fulfill his destiny, nor you yours, until you let go of the illusion of control.

[Shifu is incredulous and confused.]

SHIFU: Illusion?

OOGWAY: Yes. Look at this tree, Shifu. [Oogway looks up at the tree's branches, where blossom petals continue to fall.] I cannot make it blossom when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before its time.

SHIFU: But there are things we can control!

[Shifu kicks the tree and a hundred peaches fall to the ground. Oogway gazes at him in silence.]

SHIFU: I can control when the fruit will fall!

[A peach falls on his head: he growls and Oogway chuckles.]

SHIFU: And I can control...

[Shifu tosses a peach in the air, leaps up, and splits it with a chop, freeing the seed.]

SHIFU: ... where to plant the seed... hi-yah!

[Shifu punches the ground, creating a small hole. The seed falls into his paw.]

SHIFU: That is no illusion, Master!

[He tosses the seed into the hole.]

OOGWAY: Ah, yes. [Oogway steps forwards while Shifu begins pacing in frustration.] But no matter what you do, that seed will grow to be a peach tree. You may wish for an apple, or an orange... but you will get a peach.

SHIFU: [Stops pacing and turns to Oogway.] But a peach cannot defeat Tai Lung!

OOGWAY: Maybe it can. If you are willing to guide it, to nurture it. To believe in it.

[Oogway covers the seed with dirt.]

SHIFU: But how? How? I need your help, Master.

OOGWAY: No, you just need to believe. [He leans in towards his friend.] Promise me, Shifu. Promise me you will believe.

[Shifu hesitates.]

SHIFU: I... I will try.

[Oogway smiles.]


[Oogway glances up at the starry sky. The petals begin rapidly falling from the tree as the wind picks up.]

OOGWAY: My time has come.

[He turns back to a confused Shifu.]

OOGWAY: You must continue your journey... without me.

[He hands him his staff.]

SHIFU: What are you..? What...?

[Oogway begins walking to the cliff's edge. Shifu realises what he's doing and runs after him.]

SHIFU: Master! You can't leave me.

[The petals surround Oogway as he stops at the cliff's edge and turns back to Shifu.]

OOGWAY: You must believe.

SHIFU: Master!

[Oogway is engulfed by peach blossoms as he begins glowing with a lovely blue light. As the winds settle, Shifu stands at the edge of the cliff, clutching Oogway's staff, staring after the mass of petals as they float up into the sky. Oogway is gone.
[We look down from the sky to the bunkhouse, that same night.]

PO (O.S.): ...So I'm like, fine, you may be a wolf, you may be the scariest bandit in Haijin Province...

[In the kitchen, Po is cooking for the Five, who are all sitting at the table. He chops a radish mid-air and the slices fall into the pot. Viper, Monkey, Mantis and Crane are listening to Po's story with amused skepticism, but Tigress ignores him completely.]

PO: ...but you're a lousy tipper.

CRANE: [Incredulous] Really? So... how'd you get out of there alive?

PO: [Falters] I mean, I didn't actually say that, but I thought it... in... in my mind.

[Po flips some bowls and expertly lines them up on his arm. He ladles soup into them.]

PO: [Covering] If he... could read my mind, he'd have been like, "What?" [then] Order up!

[Po slides out the bowls of noodle soup to the Five (minus Tigress, who already has a plate of tofu).]

PO: Hope you like it.

MANTIS: [Takes a sip.] This is really good!

PO: [Bashful] No, c'mon. You should try my dad's secret ingredient soup. He actually... knows the secret ingredient.

VIPER: What are you talking about? This is amazing.

CRANE: Wow, you're a really good cook.

MANTIS: I wish my mouth was bigger.

MONKEY: Tigress, you've got to try this.

[Tigress picks up her plate and picks up a piece of tofu with her chopsticks, ignoring the noodles.]

TIGRESS: It is said that the Dragon Warrior can survive for months at a time on nothing but the dew of a single gingko leaf and the energy of the universe.

[There is silence as everyone realises that Po has been put down yet again. Then Po shrugs.]

PO: I guess my body doesn't know it's the Dragon Warrior yet. I'm gonna need a lot more than dew. And, uh, universe juice.

[He picks up his bowl and takes a giant gulp. When he lowers the bowl, we see a noodle hanging from his face... it looks like a long moustache. Mantis snickers.]

PO: What?

MANTIS: Oh, nothing... Master Shifu!

[The rest start laughing. Po realizes he's wearing a noodle moustache. He plays it up, picking up a chopstick and pretending it's Shifu's staff.]

PO: [Imitating Shifu] You will never be the Dragon Warrior, unless you lose five hundred pounds and brush your teeth!

[The Five laugh. Tigress, however, stays silent.]

PO: What is that noise you're making? Laughter? I never heard of it! Work hard, Panda. And maybe, someday... [He picks up two empty bowls and holds them up like ears.] ... you will have ears like mine!

[This gag has the Five in near-hysterics. Suddenly, they stop laughing. Reveal Shifu has entered behind Po, who is still holding up the 'ears'. He is holding Oogway's staff, and has one heck of a scowl on his face.]

PO: [Normal] Ears. It's not working for you? I thought they were pretty good.

[Po looks at the stone-faced Five.]

MONKEY: It's Shifu.

PO: Of course it's Shifu. What do you think I'm doing?

[Gaping, Monkey points while Viper, Mantis, and Crane shift their eyes to something behind him. Po turns and finally sees Shifu standing there, doing a slow burn. In mortification and shock, he slaps the bowls to his chest.]

PO: Ooh! Master Shifu! I...

[Po slurps up the noodle moustache and lowers his arms... the bowls stick to his chest like a bra. The Five burst out laughing.]

SHIFU: You think this is funny?! Tai Lung has escaped from prison and you're acting like children!

PO: What?

SHIFU: He is coming for the Dragon Scroll, and you are the only one who can stop him!

[The bowls fall off, and clatter on the floor. A beat as this sinks in... then Po starts to laugh.]

PO: And here I am saying you got no sense of humor. I'm gonna... stop Tai Lung...

[Shifu just stares at him, deadly serious.]

PO: What, you're serious? And I have to... uh... Master Oogway will stop him! He did it before, he'll do it again.

SHIFU: [Snaps] Oogway cannot! [He softens as he looks down at Oogway's staff.] Not anymore.

[The Five look up in shock, realising what this means. They are saddened by the news.]

SHIFU: Our only hope... is the Dragon Warrior.

TIGRESS: The panda?

SHIFU: Yes, the panda!

[Tigress pushes the chair back as she stands up.]

TIGRESS: Master, please! Let us stop Tai Lung, this is what you've trained us for!

SHIFU: No! It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung. It is his!

[He dramatically points at Po... but Po is gone.]

SHIFU: Where'd he go?

[Outside, Po is screaming at the top of his lungs as he races down the stairs in total panic. He is almost to the top of the stairs leading down to the village when Shifu suddenly jumps in front of him out of nowhere. Po skids to a stop.]

SHIFU: You cannot leave! A real warrior never quits!

PO: Watch me!

[He tries to maneuver around Shifu, but is redirected back.]

PO: Oh come on! How am I supposed to beat Tai Lung? I can't even beat you to the stairs.

SHIFU: You will beat him because you are the Dragon Warrior!

[Shifu pokes Po in the belly with the staff, keeping him back.]

PO: Ow! You don't believe that! [Shifu hits him again.] Ow! You never believed that! From the first moment I got here, you've been trying to get rid of me!

[Po attempts to maneuver again, but Shifu sweeps his legs from under him, causing him to fall on his back. Shifu points the staff at his face.]

SHIFU: Yes! I was! But now I ask you to trust in your master as I have come to trust in mine.

PO: You're not my master. [He shoves the staff away.] And I'm not the Dragon Warrior.

SHIFU: Then why didn't you quit?! You knew I was trying to get rid of you, and yet you stayed!

PO: Yeah, I stayed.

[Po gets to his feet.]

PO: I stayed because though every time you threw a brick at my head or said I smelled, it hurt... [Shifu stares at him.] but it could never hurt more than it did every day of my life just being me.

[Po pauses. Shifu is in a stunned silence.]

PO: I stayed because I thought if anyone could change me... could make me... not me, it was you! The greatest kung fu teacher in all of China!

SHIFU: But I can change you! I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! And I will!

PO: Oh come on! Tai Lung is on his way here right now! And even if it takes him a hundred years to get here, how are you... gonna change this... [indicates belly] ...into the Dragon Warrior?! Huh?

[Shifu opens his mouth... and freezes.]

PO: How... how?

[Shifu closes his mouth, still speechless.]



[Shifu yells out the answer in frustration. Then he sighs deeply, realizing what this means.]

SHIFU: I don't know.

[Po's anger changes to sadness. He also sighs.]

PO: That's what I thought.

[Shifu walks away, leaving the path open to Po.
[Above them, Tigress stands in the moonlight on the edge of the palace roof. She has seen what just transpired between Shifu and Po. She turns away, a look of resolve on her face... and LEAPS. She flies through the air, towards the village in the valley below. At the last second, she slides down a pagoda roof and lands safely on the rooftop. She looks up at the horizon, then back up at the palace.]

TIGRESS: This is what you trained me for.

[She takes off across the rooftops. The other four are right behind her, having suspected what she would do.]

VIPER: Tigress!

[Tigress looks back and sees that they have followed her. She keeps going and they give chase.]

TIGRESS: Don't try and stop me!

[The chase continues through the village.]

VIPER: We're not trying to stop you!


VIPER: We're coming with you!

[Then...the others join her. Monkey gives her a thumbs up. Tigress smiles. The Furious Five leap off into the night.
[Night dissolves to dawn. Shifu sits under the peach tree with Oogway's staff, deep in thoughy. He has probably been siting there all night.]

VOICE: [Faintly in the distance.] Yah! Hai!

[Shifu stirs, his ears prick as he hears kung fu noises in the distance. He goes to investigate, going to the place you would usually expect to see kung fu: the Training Hall. Shifu looks inside... it's empty. The noises continue from somewhere else... the bunkhouse. Inside the bunkhouse, as Shifu turns the corner, he sees Po's shadow as he performs some amazing kung fu.]

PO: Hai...yah! Wai-ya!

[Entering the kitchen, Shifu finds Po punching through a cupboard door with his bare fist, coming out with food and proceeding to stuff his face. Seeing Shifu, he stops mid-munch.] In silence they eye each other. Shifu surveys the room... broken lock, smashed doors, unhinged cabinets... the supposedly useless panda has completely trashed the kitchen. Po belches, bringing Shifu's attention back to him.]

PO: [Annoyed and with his mouth full.] What? I eat when I'm upset, okay?

[Shifu gets a glimmer in his eye. He has an idea.]

SHIFU: Oh, no need to explain. I just thought you might be Monkey. He hides his almond cookies on the top shelf.

[Shifu calmly exits and hides just outside the doorway, waiting to see if his hunch is correct. We see Po look to the shelf, smile, and sneak out of sight. KLUMP! KLONK! THUNK! Shifu rushes back inside and is amazed find Po perched atop the high shelves, jamming cookies from a jar into his mouth, his legs in a split. Shifu's disbelief turns into a wise smile. Po spots him and stops eating.]

PO: [Mouth full] Don't tell Monkey.

[Shifu steps forward.]

SHIFU: Look at you...

PO: Yeah, I know. I disgust you.

SHIFU: No no, I mean... how did you get up there?

PO: I don't know. I guess I— I don't know. I was getting a cookie...

[He looks at the cookie and then can't help but eat it.]

SHIFU: And yet you are ten feet off the ground... and have done a perfect split.

PO: No, this... this is just an... [Po's eyes widen as he begins to slip.] accident.

[WHOOMP! Po slips and crashes to the kitchen floor. A cookie rolls over to Shifu. He picks it up.]

SHIFU: There are no accidents. Come with me.

[Po picks himself up from the pile of pans and stares as Shifu walks off.
[High up in the Wudang Mountains, Shifu leads Po, who is weighed down with a large backpack and breathing hard, up a rocky path.]

PO: [Panting] I know you're trying to be all mystical and kung fu-ey, but could you at least tell me where we're going?

[Shifu just continues walking. Later, Shifu is sitting on a rock in front of a still pool, morning mist partially obscuring the immeditate area. Winded and wheezing, Po staggers his way next to Shifu, collapses to the ground and discards the backpack. Shifu breathes in the morning mist, his eyes closed, as Po crawls towards the pool in disbelief.]

PO: [Panting] You... dragged me... all the way out here... for a bath?!

[Sighing, Po begins to pat his armpits with water.]

SHIFU: Panda, we do not wash our pits in The Pool of Sacred Tears.

[Po quickly stops. Realizing.]

PO: [In awe] The pool of...

[Shifu jumps off the rock as the mist begins to thin.]

SHIFU: This is where Oogway unravelled the mysteries of harmony and focus. This is the birthplace... of kung fu.

[In pure amazement and disbelief, Po slaps a paw on his heart as the sunlight shines through and the camera pulls over them to reveal they are standing on rock shapes that resemble a yin yang symbol. As the camera pulls further out, it pulls back through a vision of a younger Oogway doing kung fu moves on a rock. FLASH FRAME—Shifu leaps atop one of that same rock and looks down at Po.]

SHIFU: Do you want to learn kung fu?

PO: [Awestruck] Yeah...

SHIFU: Then I am... your... master!

PO: Okay!

[Tears of joy well up in Po's eyes.]

SHIFU: Don't cry.

PO: [Sniffs] Okay.

[Po wipes his nose and smiles.]

[Shifu and Po face each other an open field of green grass.]

SHIFU: When you focus on kung fu... when you stink.

[Po's face falls.]

SHIFU: But perhaps that is my fault. [Po looks up] I cannot train you the way I have trained the Five. I now see that the way to get through to you... is with this.

[Shifu produces a bowl of dumplings.]

PO: Oh great, `cause I am hungry.

[He reaches for the bowl. Shifu chuckles and pulls it out of his reach.]

SHIFU: Good. When you have been trained, you may eat.

[Po scowls as Shifu eats a dumpling and walks off.]

SHIFU: Let us begin.

[Po's training unfolds over the next several days... He does sit ups while dangling on a tree branch by his legs, a long drop below him and Shifu with a bowl of dumplings above: the branch snaps partially. Po nearly falls but manages to rescue the dumplings. Then the branch breaks and Po falls out of sight, while Shifu rescues the dumplings himself... Later, in a clearing, Shifu gives Po a bowl, but seconds later attacks him with a staff. Po manages to fend him off for three seconds before Shifu smashes the bowl...
[Later, in the grass field, Po lunges at Shifu for an elusive dumpling which the master keeps tossing out of his reach... Then Po is forced to do push ups above a bed of hot coals while attempting to reach a bowl of food with his tongue each time he lowered himself... Then Po and Shifu are standing on rocks while Po is balancing several bowls of soup on his body... Back in the clearing, Po sneaks towards a large pot. Shifu is nowhere in sight. Just as Po reaches into the pot with a bowl, Shifu leaps out of nowhere and attacks him with his staff. Po manages to block Shifu several times, but is unable to stop him from smacking the bowl from his paws. Balancing on the pot with his staff, Shifu proceeds to slurp the soup. Po tries to knock the staff from under him, but it smacks his nose and returns to its position.
[As his training progresses, Po steadily becomes efficient at kung fu, able to mimic Shifu's elaborate kung fu moves, push up with one finger, and block all of Shifu's attacks.
[One day, Shifu sets a bowl of dumplings and two empty bowls on a boulder. He picks up a pair of chopsticks.]

SHIFU: After you, panda.

[Po stops short, suspicious.]

PO: That's it? No situps? N-no... no ten mile hikes?

SHIFU: I vowed to train you... and you have been trained. You are free to eat.

[Still suspicious, Po sits down opposite Shifu. He cautiously picks up a pair of chopsticks, and grabs a dumpling.]

SHIFU: Enjoy.

[Po smiles, and raises the dumpling to his mouth. WHOOSH! Shifu snatches the dumpling away and eats it himself.]

PO: Hey!

SHIFU: I said you are free to eat. Have a dumpling.

[Po reaches again. Shifu leaps across the table and kicks the dumpling into the air.]

PO: Hey!

[Shifu eats it and Po scowls. The two glare at each other... it's on now.]

SHIFU: You are free... to eat!

PO: Am I?!

SHIFU: Are you?!

[Po and Shifu ready their chopsticks. Po slams the table and sends the bowl of dumplings airborne. Shifu jumps up and eats all of them except one. Back and forth, Po and Shifu spar, vying for the dumpling. Until there is only one Shifu tries every trick to keep the dumpling away from Po. He hides it underneath one of the bowls.As Shifu puts the other two bowls down, he turns the array of overturned bowls into a shell game, sliding the bowls around at top speed to hide the dumpling. When Shifu finished his hiding, Po found the right bowl.] PO: WHOO! [Shifu uses his chopsticks as weapons to smack Po's chopsticks away. He attacks Po with his bamboo staff. But Po skillfully manages to best Shifu for the final dumpling, using his belly to bounce the dumpling away from Shifu and nab it in his chopticks.
[Shifu smiles. Po has passed the final test. Shifu gestures silently... now Po is free to eat. But then Po tosses the dumpling into Shifu's open paw. Shifu looks up at him, surprised.]

PO: I'm not hungry.

[Shifu smiles and tosses the dumpling away.]

PO: Master. [He salutes.]

[Master and Po bow to each other.
[Meanwhile, the Five race toward the Thread of Hope, a rope bridge stretched between mountain peaks above a huge abyss shrouded in mist. Tai Lung is racing across the long bridge. Both sides stop at opposite ends of the last section of bridge, and eye each other. Tai Lung ROARS and races across the bridge towards the Five.]

TIGRESS: Cut it!

[The others slash at the ropes securing the bridge to the mountain. Tai Lung is almost upon them when Tigress cuts the final rope. But Tai Lung is too close—Tigress must launch herself into him, kicking him back. The two felines end up in the middle of the bridge just as it starts to tumble into the canyon below. The Five grab support ropes and hold on for dear life. While Tigress maintains a combative pose, Tai Lung casually leans on one of the ropes.]

TAI LUNG: Where's the Dragon Warrior?

TIGRESS: How do you know you're not looking at her?

[Tai Lung laughs.]

TAI LUNG: You think I'm a fool? I know you're not the Dragon Warrior. None of you!

[Tigress growls, her bluff foiled. Her comrades exchange quick, worried looks. Tai Lung walks along the rope without effort.]

TAI LUNG: I heard how he fell out of the sky on a ball of fire... that he's a warrior unlike anything the world has ever seen.

[The Five exchange quick, confused looks.]


TAI LUNG: So that is his name... Po. Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

[Tigress charges at him. The battle begins. Tigress and Tai Lung exchange blows as they hang from the bridge. Tigress puts up a very good fight, but soon Tai Lung begins getting the upper hand.]

MONKEY: We've got this. Help her! [Crane and Viper hand over their ropes.]

[Tai Lung kicks Tigress, sending her slamming through dozens of board before stopping. While she is stunned, Tai Lung grabs the robes and twists them. The ropes close on Tigress's throat and she chokes. At that moment, Viper lunges at Tai Lung, which causes him to let go of the ropes. Tigress is freed, but plummets down into the gorge... but Crane manages to catch her. Viper wraps herself around Tai Lung's neck and wrist and punches him repeatedly with his own fist. Tai Lung manages to get a paw around Viper's 'throat'.]

VIPER: [Choked] Monkey!


[Monkey hands over his rope and joins the battle, leaving Mantis to hold up the bridge and its occupants all by himself.]

MANTIS: Ack! What was I thinking?!

[Monkey leaps into action, kicking Tai Lung in the chest away from Viper and sending him crashing onto the slats. Mantis groans as he fights to keep a hold of the ropes. Tai lung gets back to his feet and starts running back to them, switching between ropes. Crane flies up with Tigress dangling from his legs.]

TIGRESS: Mantis!

[Mantis whips his end of the rope, sending a sine wave shooting toward Tai Lung. The rope whips Tai Lung in the face and he gets stunned. The Five see their chance.]


[Working as a team, the Five kick Tai Lung's butt every which way. Then Crane wraps Tai Lung in one of the ropes, and Tigress finally slashes the last rope holding him up. He plummets down... down... disappearing into the mist. A distant crunch implies that he has crashed into the far mountain. Mantis whips his end of the rope, returning his buddies safely to the mountain. The Five look breathless, but relieved. But the relief is short-lived... Tigress notices that the other end of the bridge is circling the far mountain peak. Her eyes go wide with dread. The rope whips up. But Tai Lung isn't there. With a crash, he suddenly appears behind the Five. They whirl around, startled.]

TAI LUNG: Shifu taught you well...

[Tai Lung strikes Monkey in the chest, who instantly freezes and collapses. The Five gasp in horror.]

TAI LUNG: But he didn't teach you everything.

[Tai lung lunges toward the rest...
[Later that day, Shifu and Po return from the mountains, entering the palace courtyard. Po has an easy spring in his step.]

SHIFU: You have done well, Panda.

PO: Done well? Done well?! I've done awesome!

[He swings his belly around and knocks Shifu off balance, though he quickly regainins his dignity.]

SHIFU: The mark of a true hero is humility. But have done...

[Shifu playfully punches Po in the side hard enough for him to stagger.]

SHIFU: ...awesome.

[Their chuckles falter when they hear an approaching flapping sound. An indistinct figure appears in the clouds behind them... it's Crane.]

PO: Huh?

[Crane carries the five to the palace grounds, crashing in a heap. His paralysed comrades are scattered in the middle of the courtyard. Shifu is speechless.]

PO: Guys? Guys!

[Po throws his backpack aside and runs over to them.]

PO: They're dead?! No, they're breathing! They're asleep?! No, their eyes are open...

[Crane is exhausted, his feathers ruffled.]

CRANE: [Out of breath] We were no match... for his nerve attack.

SHIFU: He has gotten stronger...

[Shifu presses some pressure points on Mantis's chest, freeing him.]

PO: Who? Tai Lung? Stronger?

[Shifu starts freeing Monkey while Po leans over them. Monkey releases suddenly from his paralysis... and delivers a punch to Po's head.]

MONKEY: He's too fast! [He slowly realizes where he is.] Sorry, Po.

[Shifu kneels before Tigress and works to free her. She revives with a gasp.]

TIGRESS: [Ashamed] I thought we could stop him.

SHIFU: He could have killed you.

MANTIS: Why didn't he?

SHIFU: So you could come back and strike fear into our hearts. But it won't work.

[While he says this, he frees Viper.]

PO: Uh, it might... I mean, a little. I'm pretty scared.

SHIFU: You can defeat him, panda!

PO: Are you kidding? If they can't... [Around him, the Five are exhausted and beaten.] They're five masters. I'm just one me.

SHIFU: But you will have the one thing that no one else does.

[Po's eyes widen.
[Inside the Hall of Warriors, the Dragon Scroll rests in the mouth of the golden dragon on the ceiling. Po stares at Shifu... then looks up at the Scroll. Then back at Shifu...]

PO: You really... believe I'm ready?

SHIFU: You are... Po.

[They look at each other. This is a big moment.
[Oogway's staff hangs in a rack surrounded by candles. Above the staff is a portrait of Oogway performing his usual Tai Chi beneath the peach tree. As Po and The Five stand by, Shifu carries the staff over to the reflecting pool. Shifu bows his head, then, eyes still closed, he raises the staff up above his head. Po and the others watch, expectantly. Then Shifu whirls the staff. The peach blossom petals rise in a flickering, spinning cloud up from the pool. The gentle tornado rises up around the ceiling carving that holds the Dragon Scroll. The petals loosen the scroll from the dragon's mouth and it falls. At the last second, Shifu reaches out with the staff to catch the scroll on the end of it. He turns to Po, holding it out.]

SHIFU: Behold. The Dragon Scroll... It is yours.

[Po reaches for the scroll, but hesitates.]

PO: Wait... what happens when I read it?

SHIFU: No one knows, but legend says you will be able to hear a butterfly's wing-beat.

PO: Whoa! Really? That's cool.

SHIFU: Yes. And see light in the deepest cave. You will feel the universe in motion around you.

PO: [Gets overexcited.] Wow! Can I punch through walls? Can I do a quadruple back flip? Will I have invisibility—

SHIFU: Focus... focus.

PO: Huh? Oh, yeah... yeah.

SHIFU: Read it, Po, and fulfill your destiny. Read it and become... the Dragon Warrior!

PO: Whooaa!!!

[Po takes the scroll. Then he grasps the tube and tries to pull the top off it. It doesn't budge. He strains at it.]

PO: It's impossible to open.

[He strains again. He tries to bite it off...]

PO: Come on baby. Come on now...

[Shifu holds out his paw. Po passes him the scroll. Shifu pops the end off effortlessly and passes it back to Po.]

PO: Thank you. I probably loosened it up for you though... Okay, here goes.

[Po starts to unroll the scroll, the golden light bathing his face. Across the scroll we see Shifu, excited that he is witness to history... On Po's face as he finishes opening the scroll... then...]


[Shifu and the five are startled. Po looks utterly terrified.]

PO: It's blank!

SHIFU: What!?

PO: Here! Look!

[Po tries to show Shifu the scroll. Shifu covers his eyes and turns his head away.]

SHIFU: No! I am forbidden to look upon...

[But he can't help himself. He takes a peek. Then he grabs it off Po. He turns it around, then upside down. He closes it and opens it again, astonished.]

SHIFU: Blank? I don't...I don't understand.

[Shifu turns away, contemplative. What can this mean? Meanwhile, Po is deeply disappointed.]

PO: Okay. So like, Oogway... was just a crazy old turtle after all?

SHIFU: No. Oogway was wiser than us all.

PO: Oh, come on! Face it. He picked me by accident. Of course I'm not the Dragon Warrior. Who am I kidding?

[Po sits heavily on the floor, dejected.]

TIGRESS: But who will stop Tai Lung?

CRANE: He'll destroy everything... and everyone.

[Shifu gazes down at his reflection in the moon pool for a long moment, then puts the scroll back in its container and seals it. He looks oddly calm as he turns around.]


[Shifu hands Po the scroll.]

SHIFU: Evacuate the Valley. You must protect the villagers from Tai Lung's rage.

TIGRESS: What about you master?

SHIFU: I will fight him.

[Po stares at him.]

PO: What?

SHIFU: I can hold him off long enough for everyone to escape.

PO: But Shifu... he'll kill you.

SHIFU: Then I will finally have paid for my mistake.

[The Five and Po look devastated.]

SHIFU: Listen to me, all of you. It is time for you to continue your journey without me. I am very proud to have been your master.

[Shifu salutes them, and they salute back. Po is heartbroken as Shifu turns away. Crane steps forward and kindly puts a wing around Po, pulling away. Po resists for a moment, then reluctantly leaves with the Five.
[That night, the Five arrive at the base of the stairs, where the villagers are already scrambling to get out of the valley.]

TIGRESS: We've got to get them out safely.

[Monkey picks up a small child.]

MONKEY: Come, little one. Let's find your mama. [Leaps away.]

TIGRESS: Viper, gather the southern farmers. Mantis, the north. Crane, light the way.

[Tigress passes Crane a lantern; they split up and begin helping the villagers evacuate. Po is left by himself. He slowly makes his way through the bustling town. Two pigs trying to carry a stone dragon spot him as he passes.]

JR SHAW: [Skeptically] Look, it's the Dragon Warrior.

[Po glances at the pigs as he approaches the Noodle Shop. Inside, Mr Ping is preparing to leave.]

PO: Hey, Dad.


[Seeing Po, Po's father hurries over and wraps his arms around his son. Po bends down to reciprocate the hug, as Po's dad pulls away, having fastened an apron around Po's waist.]

MR. PING: Good to have you back, son!

[Mr Ping goes back to packing things up.]

PO: [Listlessly] Good to be back.

MR. PING: Let's go, Po.

[Mr Ping struggles to pull the cart full of belongings. Po takes the burden for him, and they both leave the shop, possibly forever. Po glances back at the palace.]

MR. PING: So for our next shop, it's time to face it... the future of noodles is dice-cut vegetables, no longer slices.

[Mr Ping starts to walk off, unaware that Po is slowing down.]

MR. PING: Also, I was thinking, maybe this time we'll have a kitchen you can actually stand up in. Hmm? You like that?

[He turns and notices that Po has stopped following. He walks back to his son sympathetically.]

MR. PING: Er, Po... I'm sorry things didn't work out. It just... wasn't meant to be.

[Po slumps against the cart.]

MR. PING: Po, forget everything else. Your destiny still awaits. We are noodle folk... broth runs deep through our veins!

PO: I don't know, Dad. Honestly, sometimes I can't believe I'm actually your son.

[Mr Ping is taken aback.]

MR. PING: Po, I think it's time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago...

PO: [Looks up] Okay...

[Mr Ping pauses dramatically...]

MR. PING: The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup!

[Po feigns excitement.]

PO: Oh.

MR. PING: C'mere! The secret ingredient is... nothing!

[Po is taken completely by surprise.]

PO: Huh?

MR. PING: You heard me. Nothing. There is no secret ingredient!

PO: Wait wait's just plain old noodle soup? You don't add some kind of special sauce or something?

MR. PING: Don't have to. To make something special, you just have to believe it's special.

[Po looks at his father with dawning realization. He picks up the Scroll and looks down at the golden reflective surface. For a moment, Po stares at his reflection on the scroll, then his eyes widen. He gets it now.]

PO: There is no secret ingredient...

[Po looks at his confused father, and then turns back to look at the palace as thunder clouds gather.
[At the top of the stairs outside the Hall of Warriors, Shifu looks upon the valley, awaiting his fate. In the valley below, the lights from the evacuation make their way out of the valley. In a blink of Shifu's eyes, Tai Lung appears before him.]

TAI LUNG: I have come home, Master.

SHIFU: This is no longer your home. And I am no longer your master.

TAI LUNG: Yes. You have a new favorite. So where is this... Po? [Chuckles] Did I scare him off?

SHIFU: This battle is between you and me.

TAI LUNG: So... [Tai Lung turns his back on Shifu.] That is how it's going to be?

SHIFU: That is how it must be. [Puts himself in a kung fu position.]

[Tai Lung looks back at him... and then attacks. The two battle. Tai Lung punches Shifu clean through the doors of the Jade Palace. Shifu recovers himself quickly and faces his former student. Tai Lung enters, his face a mask of pure fury.]

TAI LUNG: I rotted in jail for twenty years because of your weakness!

SHIFU: Obeying your master is not weakness!

TAI LUNG: You knew I was the Dragon Warrior! You always knew...

[Dissolve to FLASHBACK. In the Hall of Warriors, Shifu presents Tai Lung to Master Oogway. Both a slightly younger Tai Lung and Shifu look expectant. Oogway gives Shifu a look. Shifu is dismayed.]

TAI LUNG: But when Oogway said otherwise, what did you do? What did you do?!

[Tai Lung looks to Shifu who averts his eyes and the past dissolves into the present.]


SHIFU: You were not meant to be the Dragon Warrior! That was not my fault!

TAI LUNG: [Points at Shifu] NOT YOUR FAULT?!

[Enraged, Tai Lung knocks over the kung fu artifacts and throws them at Shifu.]


[Shifu dodges each attack. Tai Lung kicks a sword at him, and Shifu counters it and redirects it into the floor.]

SHIFU: It was never my decision to make!

[Tai Lung growls and leaps for the next artefact. He pauses as recognises Oogway's staff. Realising what this means, he picks it up and faces Shifu.]

TAI LUNG: It is now.

[Angered, Shifu finally goes on the offensive. They fight. Tai Lung pins Shifu down with the staff by the throat.]

TAI LUNG: Give... me... the scroll!

SHIFU: I would rather die!

[They struggle for a beat until finally, the staff snaps in half. Shifu looks back at the pieces and a flutter of peach tree petals fly by. Caught off guard, Shifu gets kicked by Tai Lung into the wall. Shifu leaps from column to column, pursued by Tai lung. Shifu eventually jumps to the rafters and Tai Lung follows and sends them both crashing through the roof. Lightning flashes. Grappling in mid-air, Shifu briefly gets the upper hand before Tai Lung gets his paws around Shifu's throat as they crash back through the roof. They kick apart. Shifu crashes into a column, falls to the floor and lands hard. Tai Lung bounces off the wall, knocking a lantern to the floor. Blue flames go everywhere. Tai Lung's arms are aflame as he charges at Shifu with a roar. Shifu struggles to block his punches.]

TAI LUNG: All I ever did, I did to make you proud! Tell me how proud you are, Shifu! Tell me! TELL ME!

[THOOM! A fiery punch sends Shifu skidding across the floor and crashing against the reflecting pool. The flames extinguish and Tai Lung stalks forward. Shifu weakly lifts himself slightly.]

SHIFU: [Weakly] I... have always been proud of you. From the first moment, I've been... proud of you.

[Tai Lung stops in his tracks.]

SHIFU: And it was my pride... that blinded me. I loved you too much to see what you were becoming. What I... was turning you into... I'm... I'm sorry.

[Tai Lung hesitates. Shifu waits. After a long moment... Tai Lung's expression goes cold. He grabs Shifu by the throat.]

TAI LUNG: I don't want your apology... I want my scroll!

[He lifts Shifu up to the ceiling. Tai Lung looks up towards the scroll... and finally sees that it is missing.]


[Tai Lung slams Shifu to the floor with enough force to crack the stone.]

SHIFU: [Strangled] Dragon Warrior has taken scroll halfway across China by... now. [Coughs] You will never see that scroll, Tai Lung. [Tai Lung unsheathes his claws.] Never! N-never...

[Shifu begins to pass out. Tai Lung snarls, ready to strike Shifu. Suddenly...]

PO (O.S.): Hey!

[Tai Lung turns to find Po standing in the doorway, gasping for breath.]

PO: [Out of breath] Huff... huff... huff... Stairs... huff...

[Tai Lung stares at the panda.]

TAI LUNG: Who are you?

PO: Buddy... I... am the Dragon Warrior! [Exhales hard] Huhhh...

[Tai Lung is in amused disbelief.]

TAI LUNG: You?! Him?! [To Shifu, who he casts aside.] He's a panda. [Back to Po] You're a panda. What are you gonna do, big guy? Sit on me?

PO: Don't tempt me. Haha. No. I'm gonna use this!

[Po holds out the Dragon Scroll.]

PO: You want it? Come and get it.

[From out of nowhere, Tai Lung punches Po across the room, grabbing the scroll knocked from Po's paws.]

TAI LUNG: Finally... AH!

[Po bounces off a nearby pillar and slams back into Tai Lung, sending him flying into a column. Tai Lung recovers, astonished. Surprised that he had actually landed a blow, Po puts on a brave face and strikes a pose. Tai Lung charges at him on all fours. Po turns to run.]

PO: [Slow-mo] Oh... WOW!

[Tai Lung quickly catches up and they both sail off the palace steps. Po clings to the scroll as Tai Lung delivers a punch and sends him crashing onto the arena rooftops below and bouncing off into a tree. Tai Lung roars and pounces; Po rolls down off a tree and uses the recoil to whip back and smash Tai Lung. He briefly skids across the rooftop and comes right back at Po. He knocks Po down the long flight of stairs, and chases after him.]

TAI LUNG: That scroll is mine!

[Down the stairs, Po and Tai Lung grapple for the scroll. Po is oblivious to the effects of crashing down stairs and in slow motion, his voluminous butt presses down on Tai Lung's head. As they crash through the gateway to the village the scroll is knocked loose. Po is seperated from Tai Lung and crashes into a noodle cart. Tai Lung goes for the scroll but Po snatches it away using a noodle lasso. The scroll flies towards him and bounces off his head. Tai Lung leaps for it, but Po grabs his tail and pulls him back down onto a cart which see-saws Po into the air. In mid-air, Po slurps the noodle.
[Up and over the rooftops, Po lands in a grove of bamboo trees and into a nearby wok shop. The scroll lands inside a lantern, tumbles out and rolls to a stop in the street. As Tai Lung makes his move on the scroll, Po sents a wok into his face, and turns the array of overturned woks into a shell game, sliding the woks around at top speed to hide the scroll.]

PO: Lightning! Whoo!

[Tai Lung growls. He knocks the woks away and exposes the scroll.]

PO: Ahhh!

[Po uses his bamboo stilts to block Tai Lung as tries to grab the scroll. The leopard swipes out the stilts and grabs the scroll... bringing Po down on top of him as the scroll is knocked out his paws and rolls down the street. Po gets thrown into a fireworks booth as Tai Lung chases down the scroll. Then...]


[Po comes speeding up on the cart, propelled by a motherlode of fireworks. He slams through Tai Lung, grabs the scroll... and crashes into a rock wall. The scroll flies out of his paw and lands in the mouth of an ornamental rooftop dragon. He looks back at Tai Lung, who sees where the scroll has landed and restarts his pursuit. Via the magic of cookie- vision (He envisions the scroll as a cookie), Po effortlessly scales the building. Tai Lung is shocked.]

TAI LUNG: The scroll has given him power! NO!

[Enraged, he takes a giant leap and kicks the wall of the building, causing it to crumble. Po struggles to reach the scroll as he is chased by Tai lung, though manages to keep the leapord at bay by kicking dozens of roof tiles into his face. Amazingly, Po skips across the falling roof tiles to reach the scroll in mid-air and grabs it... just as Tai Lung leaps up behind him and unleashes a punishing blow that sends Po smashing into the ground outside Mr Ping's noodle shop. As Tai Lung lands, he delivers a final devastating punch, sending up a huge mushroom cloud.
[As the dust settles, Tai Lung is looming over a stunned Po in the impact crater. He picks up the scroll. He relishes at having the secret to limitless power in his grasp at last.]

TAI LUNG: Finally... oh yes... the power of the Dragon Scroll... is... MINE!

[He opens the scroll... and his triumph turns to horror as he stares at the blank surface.]


[Po slowly gets to his feet, wincing.]

PO: It's okay. I didn't get it the first time either.

TAI LUNG: [Disbelief] What?

PO: There is no secret ingredient.

[Tai Lung tosses down the scroll in anger. Po looks down at the scroll and gazes at his reflection.]

PO: It's just you.

[Tai Lung looks at the scroll... then snarls and lunges at Po.]



[Tai Lung strikes Po's nerve points in a last effort borne out of frustration. Po collapses to the ground... and begins giggling. Tai Lung looks down at his paw in confusion and strikes Po again. And again... and again... Po's body fat is keeping Tai Lung's nerve attack from having any effect except to tickle him.]

PO: Stop! Stop it! I'm gonna pee! Don't! Don't!

[Frustrated, Tai lung delivers a double-fisted punch to Po's belly. The shockwave ripples through Po's entire body and his arms come back and strike Tai Lung, sending the leopard crashing back into the noodle shop. Po looks at his paws, amazed at what he just did.
[Tai Lung rises from the rubble and runs at Po again. But Po strikes back, using an unorthodox panda-style technique, even getting Tai Lung to chomp down on his own tail. Po gives Tai Lung a butt bump that sends him crashing into a building. Tai Lung emerges and now really mad, attempts one more lunge at Po. But Po prepares... and Tai Lung is swiftly met by Po's IRON BELLY! He is launched into the air and disappears into the clouds. Po waits... and waits... until finally, Tai Lung reappears in the sky and crashes into the ground.
[Tai Lung climbs out the leopard shaped hole, battered, but still defiant. He staggers toward Po.]

TAI LUNG: [Heavy breathing] You... can't defeat me... you... you're just a big... fat... panda!

[Tai Lung lunges at Po one last time... SCHWING! Po grabs his finger. Tai Lung's eyes go wide.]

PO: I'm not a big, fat panda... I'm THE big, fat panda!

[Po's pinky pops up. Tai Lung gasps.]

TAI LUNG: The Wuxi Finger Hold!

PO: Oh, you know this hold?

TAI LUNG: You're bluffing... you're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that!

PO: Nope. [Tai Lung looks hopeful.] I figured it out. [Tai Lung's eyes widen.]

[Po flexes his pinky...]

PO: Skadoosh!

[An explosion of golden, rippling energy flows through the Valley of Peace, sweeping past the Furious Five and the fleeing villagers. Astonished, they look toward the village in the distance.
[Sometime later, the villagers return to the village, which has been englulfed in a cloud of golden dust. Then one of the pig villagers spots a figure in the distance.]

KG SHAW: Look! The Dragon Warrior.

[Approaching the crowd is an onbscured figure who looks very much like the warrior from Po's dream. When he nears, we see that it is Po: his hat is an upside down wok and his scarf is a torn apron. Po coughs, and removes the apron. The villagers stare at Po for a moment... then CHEER the Dragon Warrior. Po's father emerges from the crowd as the villager try and fail to lift Po on their shoulders.]

MR. PING: That's my boy! That big, lovely kung fu warrior is my son!

[Father and son run to each other and hug.]

PO: Thanks, Dad.

[The wok falls off Po's head and rolls on the ground until Mantis appears in frame and stops it. The rest of the Five are with him. They are no longer staring at him with disdain. Po takes notice.]

PO: Hey, guys.

[Tigress steps forward.]

TIGRESS: Master.

[Tigress bows, and then smiles at Po. Her comrades and then the villagers follow.]

ALL: Master.

PO: [Modest, but secretly pleased.] Master? [Then, remembering...] Master Shifu!

[Po races past the villagers toward the Jade Palace. He climbs the steps. Then more steps. Po arrives breathless at the Jade Palace. Shifu is still lying in the scroll room, his eyes closed. Po rushes to his side.]

PO: Master! Shifu! Shifu! Are you okay?

SHIFU: [weakly opens eyes] Po... you're alive... [darkly] Or we're both dead.

PO: No, Master, I didn't die. I defeated Tai Lung!

SHIFU: [Astonished] You did?

[Po smiles and nods. Shifu smiles as he becomes filled with inner peace.]

SHIFU: Wow... It is as Oogway... foretold. You are... the Dragon Warrior. You have brought peace... to this Valley... and... and to me. Thank you... thank you, Po... thank you... thank you... thank...

[Shifu closes his eyes and becomes still. Po stares at him for a long moment and starts freaking out.]

PO: No... Master! No, no, no! Don't die, Shifu, please...

[Shifu's eyes snap open.]

SHIFU: I'm not dying, you idio... ah... Dragon Warrior. [Shifu closes his eyes and smiles serenely.] I'm simply... at peace. Finally..

PO: [Relieved.] Oh... So, um, I should... stop talking?

SHIFU: If you can.

[Po lies down and meditates next to Shifu. Master and pupil lie next to each other. Then Po starts fidgeting and tries to keep from saying something to Shifu, but finds it difficult. He opens his mouth like he's about to say something, but he stops himself. He fidgets for a moment before eventually...]

PO: You wanna get something to eat?

[Shifu opens his eyes and sighs deeply. For a long moment he says nothing. And then...]

SHIFU: Yeah.

[End of transcript]
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